$5000 to install wall outlet?!

$5000 to install wall outlet?!

Just had an estimate in south Tampa for a wall outlet to be installed. They said the normal cost is $850 but we need higher amps and it's going to be over 5k!

We have a new home built in 2016 and the panel is in the garage. How can it cost that much?

Any other recommendations? The trickle charger is killing me.

PhillyGal | 2016年12月20日

How many amps? Maybe that quote is for 80, which can only be handled by a car equipped with optional dual chargers.

40 is plenty. ~29 miles per hour. A full charge is easily done overnight.

jessicapearce1 | 2016年12月20日

I just want the normal nema outlet but they said it's over 5k to install because we need a whole new box. Does that sound right?

PhillyGal | 2016年12月20日

No, it doesn't sound right.

"New Box" meaning panel? I had m NEMA 14-50 installed off my 30 year old 100amp panel. Surely you have a bigger panel and clearly, brand new.

How far from the actual breaker in the garage will the outlet be? Copper is a real cost so the further away, the more expensive. Also, what's the condition of your garage? Are you expecting the walls to be fixed, plastered, painted? Our tiny garage isn't fancy so our installer just cut a long channel of drywall and placed it back. No plaster/paint.

jvmendoza72 | 2016年12月20日

I needed either a new panel or to add another sub panel, i opted for adding a sub panel which only cost $600.

jessicapearce1 | 2016年12月20日

He said our house will only hold a certain amount of amps and that the extra 50 will put us over code and they won't install it unless all permits and codes are right.

In order to do that it's 5k. He basically said I would have to find someone willing to install it without a permit. What do I do?

PhillyGal | 2016年12月20日

This place has a price list which lists a 30 amp outlet installation with a 15 foot run for only $175.

That being said, even at 5 times more expensive for the 40 amp, it's under a grand.

BigD0g | 2016年12月20日

I have a 200 amp breaker, and was quoted $414 for a 100 amp circuit, $315 for a 60 amp circuit, your getting jacked, or you need an entirely new panel. Perhaps no more open slots for a new circuit?

PhillyGal | 2016年12月20日

Get a second and third opinion. I don't see how your brand new house is already too full for code.

Especially if you said it's for a Tesla, I wouldn't be surprised if the contractor is yanking your chain for an upsell.

Pack Mule | 2016年12月20日

What exactly is the work they quoted you 5K+ to do? Are they upgrading your panel to a higher (amperage) service? What is your current service to the panel? Did they do a load test and tell you that you don't have sufficient capacity to run 50A circuit for charging (assuming your are installing a NEMA 14-50 outlet)? What exactly did you ask them to do? How far from the panel are they proposing to put the outlet? Sorry for all the questions, but I think a bunch more info is needed to provide much advice. That said, it does seem to be a bit strange for a new construction home, with the panel in the garage, to require that much work.

jessicapearce1 | 2016年12月20日

They did a load test and said that according to codes, our panels can only hold 200 amps and that he would have to install another panel in order to pass inspections when he installs it?

All I asked him for was a 50 amp outlet for my tesla charger and he ran a bunch of tests. He was recommended by tesla.

I don't know anything about this stuff but that's how he explained it to me. I told him I didn't want to pay that much and he said he won't write up the proposal so it doesn't sound like he really cared. I have another estimate scheduled for next week but of course they are charging me to come to the house. I'm nervous they will say the same

d-clark | 2016年12月20日

I had NEMA 14-50 installed in my garage at the same time as the solar went on the roof. The main service panel was upgraded 100 to 200 amps, the cost for that was $2000. They added $650 to run the 50 amp line to the garage, about 100 feet. The prices may be somewhat low since there was a crew here for a week doing the solar installation anyway. $5000 for a bigger panel sounds crazy. Gt another bid.

Pack Mule | 2016年12月20日

Wow, I'm a slow typer, lots of repsonses in the time it took me to type mine.
+1 to PhillyGal and the others that you may be getting yanked around. Get a second opinion. What is the amperage of your service and are all of your ampliances electric, suggesting maybe you are close to max load?

jessicapearce1 | 2016年12月20日

Yea all of our appliances are electric and we are close to max load

jessicapearce1 | 2016年12月20日

We are also currently adding a pooland he said if we add the outlet we could fail the next inspection for the pool.

tezzla.SoCal | 2016年12月20日

Don't tell them it's for a Tesla, tell them you're adding a 50amp welder.

Pack Mule | 2016年12月20日

Am I correct in assuming that you have separate electrician sub-contracted to work on the pool install? If so, I'd consult him (and maybe the general contractor running the pool install). There's nothing Tesla-specific about installing the outlet, so if you've got someone you are already working with on another project you should be able to trust them.

PhillyGal | 2016年12月20日

Yes on the pool installer! They'll have to run electric for your pump and such so the cost for them to throw in a 14-50 in the garage should be minimal.

Take your time though. Get a few more estimates. Most contractors will come out for free though.

mdmgso | 2016年12月20日

Get another estimate from someone not recommend by Tesla. With a new house, it shouldn't cost more than $600 to $1000 depending on how long the wire run is. the good news is you get a 30% tax credit if you have it installed by Dec. 31, 2016

eye.surgeon | 2016年12月20日

Your quote is way too high and some of the comments prices are laughably low. $175?? The heavy gauge wiring for a short run costs more than that alone. Expect to pay $500-900 dollars for a typical installation, more if you have a long run or an old house.

lilbean | 2016年12月20日

Gotta love the Tesla special prices. Reminds me of the special wedding prices. Jack up the price tenfold.

p.c.mcavoy | 2016年12月20日

Prices can vary greatly by location, so be cautious about comparing costs from someone in one are to your situation. Also, as it is difficult for any of us on the forum to know exactly what your situation is, our views of you not being able to add a NEMA 14-50 outlet being "easy" could also not be totally spot on.

While you do not know much about such things, have you asked around to some of your friends, or even other Tesla owners in the area you might know to get their input? They'd be in a much better situation to help you first hand understand if input from electrical contractors is reasonable. It is unfortunate, but some people will try to take advantage of folks that may not realize what's involved and sense you can afford it.

Just for comparison, my garage is on the opposite side of my house from my main panel. That meant doing a run across my finished basement to my garage. I actually have 400 amp service to my home (two 200 amp panels), so adding a new 100 amp subpanel in the garage did not require an upgrade to my overall main feed. However, running a 100 amp line 60 ft across the house, a new subpanel in the garage, a 50 amp breaker and 14-50 outlet in the garage totaled about $1,800. That did not include about $450 I paid separately to a drywall contractor/friend I know that patched my basement ceiling (my joists unfortunately run 90 deg to direction wire needed to be run, so while initially thought we could do it without tearing into the ceiling, had to cut about a 20 ft path across one section).

skip8jones | 2016年12月20日

There is no need to marry yourself to a 50 amp circuit. Our service is only 70amp and we opted for bids for either a 40 amp or 30 amp service, either at 240 volts. That would get us 32 amps continuous, about 24 miles /hour or 24 amps continuous, about 18 miles / hour. We purchased the Tesla wall connector and set the dip switches for 32 amps which was accepted by the city inspector. Works great and we never worry about leaving the Tesla universal cable that comes with the car at home. Further, using the wall connector eliminates one connector from the system.

The car is easily charged over night.

JoeBiker_S75 | 2016年12月20日

I had a Tesla certified electrician give me a range from $2500 to $5000! I found a highly rated licensed electrician on Yelp who did the install for $675. I went down to the city hall and got a permit for $110 and passed the inspection with flying colors a week later.
Shop shouldn't pay more than $1000 at the high end.

rpiolends | 2016年12月20日

SE Florida. I got 100amp install for $1400. No panel/service upgrade. If the inspector determines an upgrade is needed with will be 2700.

tes-s | 2016年12月20日

I can see where a 200amp panel in an all-electric house with a pool in Tampa would not be adequate to add a 50amp EV charging circuit. The way to tell is a load analysis.

Get another electrician and see what they say.

akikiki | 2016年12月20日

philly gal is right. p.c. mcavoy is right. lots of people here are correct.
You said yourself you are close to max load.

I was too. I had 100 amp service. I had to upgrade my townhouse to 200 amp service for the 50 amp circuit. That service upgradecost was $3,000 My service box is a dual because my neighbor is 50% of it. She didn't need it, so it fell to me to pay for all of it.

Your requirements are growing with your car and your pool. Your house was not equipped to support that.

I agree with phillygal, get more quotes - even if you pay for them. and p.c.mcavoy is correct, it varies by location.

I don't mean to be disrespectful of anyone answering here. But we can't judge jessicapearce1's situation in her behalf. Its like we can't judge how much should be charge to cut the grass on someone's property without knowing how large, how high, how hilly or gulches. YMMV is key here.

I would recommend that if you are paying for these quotes anyway, you should tell them you want a detailed explanation on the quote because you intend to compare quotes side by side. But if someone sounds too cheap after you have heard this high one, be afraid of that guy.

I wish you well. I hope you will tell us what happened. Remember, this is your house. Safety first.

tes-s | 2016年12月20日

BTW, your title is wrong. The electrician said $850 for the outlet. The higher cost is for a panel upgrade.

Rocky_H | 2016年12月20日

Owner: "I want to get an RV outlet put in."

Electrician: "Oh, OK, that'll be about five hundred."

Owner: "Yeah! I want to charge my Tesla!"

Electrician: "Sorry, did I say hundred? I meant thousand."

Sorry, but that is frequently life. What may be going on, though, from what you mentioned is that you may have enough electrical use from the various circuits, and there really isn't capacity to just add another 50A circuit. There are online tools for what is called a "load calculation". Check them out. You describe and add up the various electric circuits you have, and it will show how much will be allowed on your main electric service.

So, I concur with @skip8jones' recommendation. If 50A is just a little over and wouldn't be allowed, and would cost a few thousand to do the upgrades to make that possible, it's not worth that. You may be able to fit a 30 or 40A circuit in. Get a Tesla wall connector on that, and it will be plenty for overnight charging at home.

freeewilly | 2016年12月20日

You are getting a Tesla price. Don't mention it's for a Tesla, you price will be a lot cheaper.

DLebryk | 2016年12月20日

Get another estimate, but be certain you are comparing apples to apples. Make sure that other estimate is equally qualified and does good work. Personally, I'd rather spend more with an electrician that has done this kind of work a lot and is well known to do a good job. Tesla approval goes a long way with me.

And $5,000 may or may not be out of line. Since you don't understand these things, there might be a ton of work you don't understand. Maybe your community doesn't require conduit. So they have to rip into walls to pull the larger new feed wire. Maybe they have to bury wire to do the work. Maybe you have something unusual about your wiring. And you said it yourself, with all electric appliances you are highly likely at the limit of your service, and do require an upgrade. Your pool with without question put you over.

Since you don't know, and nobody here knows either - there is not good way to tell if you are being taken to the cleaners or that is a totally fair price for a high quality job. Estimates by other high quality well regarded electricians is the only way to figure that out.

sp_tesla | 2016年12月20日

freeewilly | December 20, 2016
You are getting a Tesla price. Don't mention it's for a Tesla, you price will be a lot cheaper."


funcc | 2016年12月20日

Get a 2nd and 3rd bid and don't go back to this electrician. My sub-panel cost under $500 - time and materials.

christophe | 2016年12月20日

Our work was up there in price (around $5K) but our panels were replaced inside and out and all new breakers installed, plus I upgraded from 150A to 200A coming in to the house--new breaker for the generator inlet, new breaker and conduit for the sprinkler pump and for the HWPC. Our stuff was way out of code and they spent about 3.5 days doing work.

Mathew98 | 2016年12月20日

200 Amp panel is plenty. You don't run all your appliances 24x7, do you? Do you run all appliances simultaneously otherwise?

If you schedule to charge your MS in the middle of the night while everyone else is asleep, then 50A is the only load running to charge the car. There's still plenty of juice to run the dish washer, the AC, and that jacuzzi in your sleep if you choose.

Get a second and third opinion from experienced electricians and they will tell you the same story.

Did the first guy try to sell you snake oil from the back of his truck too?

TM21 | 2016年12月20日

Cancel the guy who wants to charge you to come out.
I had the hot tub electrician install mine for $400.
Definitely have the pool electrician do the job.
All of the appliances don't go on all at the same time. Especially the Tesla charger that goes on in the middle of the night.
I can't imagine 200 A is not enough.

SbMD | 2016年12月20日

I agree with the rest, and would add one other data point: I found a reputable, "non-Tesla listed", licensed and bonded electrician to do the work in our area. We live in a place that tends to get price gouging, so that phenomenon is very familiar to me.

However, I found an honest electrician, who was licensed, bonded, insured. Proper permits pulled, and done the right way. They ran a very long line of high quality wire from our service panel out to our detached garage, with a separate sub panel and breaker, and installed a NEMA 14-50. They buried the line under our porch and stone steps which were dug up and being installed.

It was more than a full day's work and cost $1900. Had we needed a new panel, that would have cost about $1000 more.

So, definitely get another estimate. Don't let them cut corners or circumvent proper permitting for your area.

jessicapearce1 | 2016年12月20日

Thanks everyone! I have someone I found on google coming out tomorrow to have a look (free estimate woo hoo) I'll let you know the outcome.

billdonati19 | 2016年12月20日

You are getting riped of. I had a 100 amp installed off a 200 amp panel in Tampa area for 800.00. Call Holiday electric in Holiday,fl they have installed many.The problem a lot of electricians are not sure what you need for wall outlet.

jackan | 2016年12月20日

No way in hell. Call anybody else.

Silver2K | 2016年12月20日

I have all electric in my home except for the furnace and water heater on a 200 amp panel and also have a pool. I had a 14-50 nema installed right next to the panel without issues. I don't have any load issues either

Mathew98 | 2016年12月20日

Do you have any loads left?

Bada bing!

Silver2K | 2016年12月20日

no comment!

Silver2K | 2016年12月20日

look for an ass print! :)

bill | 2016年12月20日

I would definetly get several quotes. Also call you local electrical inspector and tell him what you want to do and ask him if it would put you over code. He will want to know what size your current service is. In a new home it should be 200 or 300 amp either of which should be large enough. Most of the other questions he will ask you should know (do you have electric heat, electric stove, Electric Dryer ...)

Most local electrical inspectors are pretty friendly and will be happy to help you out.

My install cost me $3,500 and I will try to give you enough detail for you to compare without going overboard.


Two 100 amp meters feeding 2 100 amp panels.


Replace the two 100 AMP meters with 1 300 amp meter.
This involved replacing the aluminum feed from the mast head with heavy gauge copper so it could fit in the existing 2" conduit. That was about 10 feet of copper wire times 3. The meter socket for a 300 amp meter is very expensive. I did some research and the best price I could find on a used one was $800. The price above included a new one.

Upgrade my ground rod from one to two with separate rods 50 feet apart.

Add a third 100 amp panel to feed the Tesla charger

Wire the Tesla charger that I provided.

It took the Electrician and a helper 2 full days to do all the work except install the charger. It took me and the electrician about a half a day to install the charger.

jordanrichard | 2016年12月21日

Tell them it's for a Nissan Leaf.

I am in CT and paid all of $250 to have my 14-50 outlet put in. This required a dedicated breaker, and about 18 feet of wire, a conduit to house the wiring, drilling a hole through the wall that separates my basement from the garage and of course the outlet.

SUN 2 DRV | 2016年12月21日

I hate to say this but it might be a gender-bias issue too...

$5,000 might be appropriate if there's a huge amount of work needed. But it's very very high for the average install. The key issue is whether your whole panel and service entrance really need to be upgraded beyond your current 200 amp service.

Your service and panel upgrade would be several thousand, if needed.

Installing a 50 amp circuit to charge your car should be around $500 on average...with permits included.

Getting multiple estimates is the best way to figure out your options. (And personally I'd have a Tesla Wall Connector installed and not just a 14-50 outlet)

PhillyGal | 2016年12月21日

@Sun 2 Drv - I didn't want to say that but I certainly thought it.

Let's just say that last contractor who said to me "honey, do you have a boyfriend or husband who can show you where the shut off valve is?" got an earful of R-rated words.

Silver2K | 2016年12月21日

don't be messin' with no Gal from Philly! :)

Silver2K | 2016年12月21日

that electrician pulled your chain so hard, I felt the tug in upstate NY

Mathew98 | 2016年12月21日

@Silver - Please leave you pets out of the conversation!