2016 Used Model X Market

2016 Used Model X Market

I am currently getting ready to buy a Model X. A couple things have caught my attention.

1) When looking at the Autotrader website, there are 17 used 2016 Model S listings vs. 55 used 2016 Model X listings. I don't know how many of each of these models were sold in 2016, but this gets me a little concerned how many people are leaving the Model X so quickly. Thoughts?

2) I've seen lots of range information about the Model X. I live in a condo building in Santa Monica with no access to charge overnight or while home. I will have to rely solely on the Supercharging and public EV charging systems in the area. I drive up to 250 miles per week. Is this doable?

Thank you all in advance!

PedanticOne | 2017年1月11日

Here we go again. Red. Red is the best.

Red. Is. Best.


(but the blue w/white is pretty nice, too). :-)

burdogg | 2017年1月11日

Hey Pedantic - don't rain on my parade :)

See, I told you everyone has their own preference :) It is nice to get to see the color combinations though. (So Pedantic, where is your red pictures, interior? what color there?)

PedanticOne | 2017年1月11日

Oh don't you worry, when I get my car, you will be drowning in pictures.

Red/Tan. Classic. Like me.

burdogg | 2017年1月11日

Nice - I forgot you don't have it yet :)

I had tan in my expedition.

I grew up loving blue and my high school colors were blue and white, almost exactly like my car. So yeah, i am a little biased.

You can be classic - I will be....priceless :) (Trigger, no, don't bring that up again on questioning my priceless :)

Darryl | 2017年1月11日

Tesla first sends out warning when owners use their local Superchargers with notify users additional steps will be taken.

burdogg | 2017年1月11日

Darryl - I know they sent out an email well over a year ago that outraged some - I have not heard anything though that came of that - is there somewhere this is stated, or that this is indeed happening? (ie steps etc... for local supercharging? All I have heard is the idle fee situation)

Triggerplz | 2017年1月11日

@burdogg lol 2 million to paint it white? :)

burdogg | 2017年1月11日

Trigger - I SAID do NOT bring that up, grrr. Let me sleep on it, if you have the 2 mill, I just might, MIGHT (but then I would have to retract my priceless, so that is a tough one, I mean, eating my own words???)

Triggerplz | 2017年1月11日

@burdogg Oops my bad, it's all good :-)

burdogg | 2017年1月11日

@Trigger - hmm, I was hoping to make a quick 2, oh well, at least I don't have to eat my own words :)

So, yes, blue on white is for now still....priceless :)

campari200 | 2017年1月13日

@burdogg Just test drove the Model S P100D in Ludicrous+ mode... Oh WOW!!! The car was red with a black interior. It was like getting shot out of a cannon!!! As much as I want the Performance... the 90D will be fine... for now ;)

burdogg | 2017年1月13日

I have not had that luxury but really really would love to just for the fun of it (my S is a 70D, my X is 90D). The cost difference is huge. I struggled with my first decision on the 70D or the 85D at the time. At first after getting the 70D, I kept thinking, I wish I had that faster time (52. vs. 4.2). As time went on though, I realized I rarely floored it (just occasions here and there) and was glad I did not spend the extra $10,000. I am really glad now as it was money saved to be able to buy a second Tesla :)

Again, while really fun and crazy - I don't think all the trade offs in cost is worth it to me (others completely disagree :) - Not only is there a $40,000 price difference (at least for the X) but then add higher insurance premiums, faster wear on the tires, and less mileage, therefore more money to charge it :)

Anyway, sounds like you had fun and now I am a little jealous. Are you going with the S or the X?