Finally a true competitor - Lucid Motors

Finally a true competitor - Lucid Motors


I don't want to debate about what car is the best since I already plan to buy a Model 3 in a couple of year, but it's great to see a real competitor coming into the market.
Lucid Motors look really nice.

What do you think?

DTsea | 2017年1月23日

is there any 'there' there? or just a cool website?

rgrant | 2017年1月23日

No factory = no competition.

They're a tech demo company hoping to be bought by one of the ICE makers I reckon.

radami2 | 2017年1月23日

No prices or performance stats. Pretty design. More info with less gingerbread on Wikipedia.

David N | 2017年1月23日

"What do you think?"
I think it's a pie in the sky dream.
All talk no action.
Don't get too excited.

codyb12889 | 2017年1月24日

They seem to be very focused on creating a premium riding experience inside of a self driving car which gets my interest.

Frank99 | 2017年1月24日

Too soon to tell. They have a prototype that looks nice, but they don't yet have a factory (though they've negotiated for government subsidies to build one), and they haven't revealed their charging solution. They've apparently decided to use a Tesla-like 21700 based battery system, so that's promising, but they're dependent on Samsung to build their batteries which may limit their future growth. If they can negotiate the tough path from prototype to production, they'd be a welcome addition to high-end BEVs IMHO. I haven't seen their secret master plan, so it's hard to tell if they plan on staying high-end, or expanding to the mainstream like Tesla.

Maxxer | 2017年1月24日

I feel pity for a company that start with 8 years of delay compared to Tesla.
However they can use their patents so that's some saving.
Where do their fundings come from?

ibord7 | 2017年1月24日

Wow, the design actually looks great, I really like how it looks

rxlawdude | 2017年1月24日

"we are under no obligation to deliver a Lucid Air to you. If and when we notify you of the availability of a Lucid Air..."


nadurse | 2017年1月24日

I dont know if I would call them a true competitor just yet. Just because they have a flashy prototype doesnt mean they are ready to offer a competitive or compelling option to Tesla.

djharrington | 2017年1月24日

I think of Lucid (and Faraday) as cargo cults, trying to
replicate the Tesla story.

SUN 2 DRV | 2017年1月24日

Lucid has been around longer than you might think, previously they were known as Atieva, founded in 2007. They have hired some senior ex-Tesla talent and they have access to some deep Chinese pockets.

I know some of the folks that work there and they're quite serious about their goal and mission.

Yes it's far too early to call them a Tesla competitor, but it's also too early to count them out... let's just see how it plays out. If they have a car when you need to buy your next one, I'd recommend evaluating it just like any other alternative and choose the one that best suits your needs and budget.

Tesla is amazing but eventually there will be viable options.... and that's a good thing for everyone involved....

hcwhy | 2017年1月24日

Why buy a knockoff when you can get the original for less?

djharrington | 2017年1月24日

@SUN- yes, WHEN there are viable options, then there is competition

petero | 2017年2月12日

This morning I got a chance to look at an alpha Lucid Air, a very nice looking vehicle. I am told it will launched in 2018, manufactured in Arizona, come in various performance and range models, and be priced competitive with the Model S . I was not able to sit in it but it seemed well appointed. It did seem to be more interior spacious. I saw it drive twice and it was as quiet as a Tesla.

The competition is coming …

Efontana | 2017年2月12日

They have decent management with a luxury vision that could be realized with the money they can raise.

Not sure if the design is less customer focused. It seems to have more ego and less customer. Might work in the luxury market.

Lots I don't know.

carlk | 2017年2月12日

All I can say is making mass production cars is very hard Even Google and Apple gave up on that after serious try. That Tesla succeeded does not make it any easier.

SCCRENDO | 2017年2月12日

I think I am just going to plunk down $25,500 deposit without knowing anything about the car. Looks like they are trying to knock off the Model 3. Guess it will sit nicely next to the bridge I just bought.

carlk | 2017年2月12日

I'd do the same but I first need to withdraw $25,000 of my money fron the Madoff fund. | 2017年2月13日

@carlk - Don't do it! Where else can you get a guaranteed 10% rate of return every year? That fund is gold or was that goil foil chocolate coins - I get the two confused.

rxlawdude | 2017年2月13日

"[gold] foil chocolate coins"
Hanukkah gelt?

codyb12889 | 2017年2月13日

They should put the car on a third party dyno with plenty of spectators and show the 1000 hp. Not because I want a 1000 hp electric car but I want to see if they have a habit of expanding on the truth.

They should announce a fairly firm launch price.

They should show how they intend to hit their launch date. Building schedules, sourcing being done / is done, and financing to cover all of that.

If all of that was done or even close to done and if it was in the price range of the model S as some one else said above I would probably be willing to put in the small deposit, NOT the insane $25,500 deposit for the special edition.

I feel like no matter what a second company focused purely around BEVs showing some ability to sustain itself is a great step for all of us. That would make it nearly undeniable to anyone and everyone that the market demand for dumping BEVs exists. This would make investors in the big boys nervous pushing them to actually focus on BEVs instead of focusing on compliance cars.

If that is Lucid then good for them. If not then someone really needs to come on and do it to keep the momentum up on disrupting ICEs.

Remnant | 2017年2月13日

@Nic727 (OP, January 23, 2017 )

<< Finally a true competitor - Lucid Motors >>

Beside the alleged 1,000 HP, do you have any info on the power train?

SCCRENDO | 2017年2月13日

@Remnant. Sounds like an ideal car for you. Trump said that buying it would be good for the economy.

rgrant | 2017年2月13日

I'm more excited about Proterra. Their buses seem to be taking off!

jordanrichard | 2017年2月14日

rgrant +1 Now there is a situation where Tesla and their urban bus plans would make them late to the party. Not only is there Proterra, but there are other outfits that essentially restore older city buses and convert them to EV.

pnajar | 2017年2月14日

On the plus side Lucid has a very elegant car with a promise of technology marvel, and promise of fun. On the negative side there is a lack of infrastructure to support the car beyond the initial market introduction area. Until high speed charging becomes more ubiquitous beyond the Supercharger network these new introductions, Lucid and others, will be limited to islands of infrastructure. At this point they all become glorified grocery getters or expensive commuter cars with a back up in the garage.

carlk | 2017年2月14日

jordan Proterra is electric but it's not self driving. Only self driving electric bus will really disrupt the industry. Tesla is not late to the game.

rxlawdude | 2017年2月14日

On the more negative side, it's vapor.

codyb12889 | 2017年2月14日

@carlk Not working on self driving technology right now is hardly a disadvantage. Waymo (Google), Uber, and several others are focusing their systems around being able to drop into any vehicle designed to accept their controller hookups, sensor mounts, wiring, and so on. Sure they will not be as profitable due to paying a licensing fee but at the same time they will also not incur 100s of millions in R&D costs followed by continuous software upkeep.

Those potential profits from licensing and maintenance is why the autonomous arms race is so hot right now. Google and Apple seem like the only ones building specifically for licensing while Uber wants to use only for their rideshare network and the manufacturers do not want to fall behind and be stuck with paying ongoing licensing for an initial roll out of vehicles with some one else's tech in it.

Supposedly Waymo paid out such large bonuses to get to where they are that they are having trouble keeping employees once they get rich but I feel like there is some major sensationalization going on in those claims.

Google: Waymo employees paid too much to work

Seriously Tesla can we get rid of Mollom in favor of even the most basic open source forum software that actually works?

AEdennis | 2017年2月19日

If they do launch and get funding and the like, they will definitely be competing in the luxury market.

Last weekend, they took the Lucid Air down to Southern California to "meet the public". Teslarati wrote an article on this visit -

I saw the car first at Cars and Coffee in Aliso Viejo on Saturday -

And then got to ride in the car as part of the lucky few invitees on Sunday (at a private residence in Newport Beach -