How long can powder be kept dry?

How long can powder be kept dry?

Just wondering.

Dramsey | 2017年2月19日

Pretty much as long as you want, with proper storage.

Efontana | 2017年2月20日

Thank you. The caveat helped a lot.

mntlvr23 | 2017年2月20日

Some of the powder, that has very effectively been kept dry, will be spent on Wednesday. The keepers of the powder will be expected to report on the general quality and quantity of powder, now and through the end of 2017.

Then, as traditionally is the case with powder in the US, the keepers will be expected to "blow the wad" on the 4th of July (which might just be slang for March 31st) - leaving little of the stockpile to even keep dry.

But then, with all good powder keepers, will start a time to stockpile and hide and keep dry newer and better and even larger quantities of powder - to be blown sometime next year ... and the cycle will continue.

djharrington | 2017年2月20日

What about hydrophobic powders? | 2017年2月20日

And what has this to do with Tesla? Perhaps a better question for Google?

Dramsey | 2017年2月20日

Seriously? This forum is rife with bizarre topics, frequently political, that have nothing whatsoever to do with Tesla. Some forum members seem to consider it mandatory to post utterly inane topics at random intervals. | 2017年2月20日

@Dramsey - Sad, but true. I was hoping for a little more mental thought before creating such a thread.

mntlvr23 | 2017年2月20日

@TeslaTap & Dramsey -
It relates to an Elon quote at the recent gigafactory event. Keeping powder dry = withholding and protecting important information until the right time.

rxlawdude | 2017年2月20日

I thought this was about Takada air bags.

Silver2K | 2017年2月20日

I would start snorting it right away and not take any chances!

NKYTA | 2017年2月20日

I thought this was about the new snow in the Sierra's.

Mike83 | 2017年2月20日

Unfortunately the snow recently is very wet due to climate disruption.

Dramsey | 2017年2月20日

Is _that_ why snow is wet now? I never knew!

Wonder what caused the wet snow I remember playing in as a kid back in the early 1960s...

Mike83 | 2017年2月20日

Eskimos have a hundred names for snow, We get tiny particles, big flakes, a mix of rain and snow and other mixes.

Some interesting info:

We have warmer oceans which put more moisture in the atmosphere which seems to cause all this heavy rain, dams overflowing and breaking, and other climate disruption issues.

bigd | 2017年2月20日

Bighorn I have come to expect nothing but myths from him.

Mike83 | 2017年2月20日

I like this one:
tlalman = snow sold to German tourists

SCCRENDO | 2017年2月20日

@Mike. I am with you on this one. Thanks for the info.

Bighorn | 2017年2月21日

I believed it too when I learned about it in the 80s, but I've since been disavowed of the notion based on the arguments. They have a "word" for a large reindeer with one testicle as well. So there's that.

Haggy | 2017年2月21日

When you keep your powder dry, it's available for immediate use. We do have a word for that in English. Actually we have 100 names for that but it depends on context. English is full of words for things people encounter every day, such as aglet and philtrum, even if people have no idea what either one is called. But we have no words for some things. There's no word for gas can, or can opener, or beer mug, while there are in other languages. We have a word for rice and a word for coffee but we use the same word for raw and cooked rice, and the same word for ground beans and a hot liquid beverage. Other languages have different words for each. Imagine the confusion if you use the wrong words in another language and ask for a bowl of rice and a cup of coffee.

Efontana | 2017年2月21日

Without using at least some of it...

Tesla will set a record of human nature, almost a year.

Pretty amazing discipline. I am impressed.

Efontana | 2017年2月22日

Even longer. I liked the mention of employee sales first.

Efontana | 2017年2月23日

Maybe it will be a slow burn. Not a fissile, but more like fertilizer or seeding Net Promoter behavior with real people in neighborhoods... Reaches a different audience to create new demand.