Model X is not an SUV. It just looks like one.

Model X is not an SUV. It just looks like one.

Is it just me? I was a Ford Explorer owner for 12 years. I carried a lot of stuff on the roof. Bikes, skis, kayak, a cargo basket, and even plywood. The "U" in SUV stands for Utility. If you can't put a roof rack on it, it lacks utility. The Model S has more utility than the Model X because I can put a roof rack on it.

Personally, I wish they would offer a version of the Model X with standard doors. Allowing people to have a choice never hurts. I love the SUV form factor but, with Falcon doors, it's just a car with an SUV look.

I don't know, maybe it's just me.

lilbean | 2017年2月25日

Yes. We have choices. Ford, Kia, Honda, etc. The doors are what makes the Model X unique. Peace.

poloX | 2017年2月25日

Even with standard door in place of FDW, you would have a hard roof of ~3ft. Not going to be able to give you much hard roof area for you to put anything on it. And if you did, you would risk breaking the windshields (both front and rear). You can wait for the model Y.

Saxman | 2017年2月25日

I've owned "traditional" SUV'S since the early 90's. Personally I rarely used the roof rack (except for skis). To me the cargo area and back in the old days, FWD (four wheel drive) was what typified these SUVs.

I'm with you lilbean, call me an exhibitionist, but I love my FWD (falcon wing doors)


Triggerplz | 2017年2月25日

No it's not just you, there are 2 or 3 others :-) plywood and a 55 inch tv from Costco has been mentioned before

poloX | 2017年2月25日

55" TV, OK, I understand. Plywood? I would rent a truck. :o) Not using my X for that. :o)

mbirnie51 | 2017年2月25日

It's just you....if you didn't notice that the MX had falcon wing doors precluding roof rack utility...oops on you. After some time with the vehicle, I'm hoping that the electric vehicle experience overshadows what is in my opinion a small lack of utility...MHB

lilbean | 2017年2月25日

Me too, saxman! People think I'm a celebrity! Lol!

Saxman | 2017年2月25日

Can't wait to see you on the Runway tomorrow.

Please tell all your Forum Fans, what your gown looks like, so we'll recognize you.

Saxman | 2017年2月25日


I didn't say I didn't notice that roof rack wasn't an option, I meant to imply...I no longer cared!

There's a difference, and to each their own.


Triggerplz | 2017年2月25日

@saxman I said a 55 inch tv from Costco because that MX basher who goes by dorctor who doesn't own a MX and is always at his neighbors house who has a MX said a 55 inch tv from Costco wouldn't fit in a MX

lilbean | 2017年2月25日

I sure will, Saxman! I'll be the one carrying my own umbrella. Oh, wait...

Saxman | 2017年2月25日 I remember that!

Triggerplz | 2017年2月25日


Saxman | 2017年2月25日

I would of expected no less of don't impress me as the PAMPERED POODLE type.

Triggerplz | 2017年2月25日

@Saxman Oops it was PoloX that I meant to explain my reference to a 55 inch tv

lilbean | 2017年2月25日

Nope! Not me. I was on set and I helped the caterer set up tables and clean. The makeup artist could not believe it. I carried my own chair and the crew could not believe their eyes. Needless to say, they all loved me!

Triggerplz | 2017年2月25日

Yea lil bean likes hanging with the big dogs not the big horns :-)

lilbean | 2017年2月25日

Hahahaha! That means laughing. LOL = laughing out loud.

PedanticOne | 2017年2月25日

We all realize this thing can tow, right?

info | 2017年2月25日

The answer to your Delma is to but a 12 year old Yukon Denali XL for $3500.00 and use it when you need to haul stuff. You'll have the best of both worlds. You'll even get a multi car discount on your insurance. Makes sense.

info | 2017年2月25日


info | 2017年2月25日


X Red 5 | 2017年2月25日

We like the roomy inside and high seating of our MX that drives like a sports car. Most trips to Costco the MX cargo space is satisfactory. For items like the 75" TV, plywood or smelly plant food we drive my husband's Toyota Highlander. We have not used a roof rack since our 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Model_D | 2017年2月26日

We have decided the 6 seat Model X is a raised, AWD 3 row hatchback. (A tall model S, which is exactly what it is) Twice now we have had to use the Ford Focus Electric to carry long bulky items that wouldn't fit in the X. I also brought home a 55" TV in its box in the Focus. However, I can barely fit 4 adults in the Focus. It is my wife's favorite car she ever owned. Her second was a Fusion Energi with backup sensors and Nav as the only options and third was a fully loaded Lexus HS250h.

poloX | 2017年2月26日

I think you all are wrong. wanna know what it is? its the Tesla Model X, period!!!

lilbean | 2017年2月26日

Yes! It's a one of a kind.

carlk | 2017年2月26日

Yawn. A slow learner has just posted.

poloX Yes it's exactly that. The X is not like any other car and no other car is like it either. Should this be made by BMW or Mercedes a new description instead of SUV would be assigned to it. Tesla just does not have the need to do that since there is one and only one Model X.

ir | 2017年2月26日

The "X" in Model X is for "crossover" stilly! Never intended as a SUV in the first place.

lilbean | 2017年2月26日

Ah, that makes sense! :)

oragne lovre | 2017年2月26日


According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, an "SUV" is "a rugged automotive vehicle similar to a station wagon but built on a light-truck chassis." The earliest example of SUVs, the Chevrolet Carryall Suburban, dated back in 1935. As such, SUV is an 80-ish year-old reality. Your assumption that if a car cannot accommodate a roof rack, then it lacks "utility," thus not an SUV, is just your personal opinion.

Tesla X is a modern car, as old as 17-month, and does not need to conform to antiquated perception. Why a dust-catching roof-top cargo basket if we put clothes in a frunk to keep cleaner? Why skis or bikes on top if we can put them on a rear rack that is more aerodynamic? When is the last time you see an "SUV" with a sliding door?

The X stands on its own and defines a new car concept. Applying nostalgic wish on the X will disappoint you.

IgnoranceBliss | 2017年2月26日

Until the 5-seat option was available, the Model X was just a crossover, since every other SUV in the world has the ability to fold the 2nd row seats.

So now you can load cargo in the X, more cargo space than any other SUV with a similar wheelbase.

And it can tow a trailer.... Sounds like an SUV to me.

carlk | 2017年2月26日

oragne lovre

I have owned the first gen Ford Explorer. That and the Jeep Grand Cherokee started the SUV craze. Then came the M Class and RX350 but many "SUV guys" didn't think they are SUV. Anything that does not have a locking transfer case can not be qualified as an SUV. Almost all SUV/CUV on the market today are not SUV if you go by that. Like you said anyone can make his/her own definition of what is an SUV but trying to stick to an antiqued definition is just silly.

AlMc | 2017年2月26日

The 5 seat edition of the X fits my definition of an SUV roof rack or no roof rack.

Saxman | 2017年2月26日


dortor | 2017年2月27日

I agree the X is NOT an SUV - perhaps the confusion comes from Tesla attempting to market this turd as one...

Model X is the safest, fastest and most capable sport utility vehicle in history. With all-wheel drive and a 100 kWh battery providing 295 miles of range, Model X has ample seating for seven adults and all of their gear. And it’s ludicrously fast, accelerating from zero to 60 miles per hour in as quick as 2.9 seconds.
Model X is the SUV uncompromised.

Disectecting the above statement will only lead to pain and suffering.

RGH | 2017年3月20日

Well it is an SUV to me...... Super Unique Vehicle ;-)

oragne lovre | 2017年3月20日


Super Unique Vehicle - that's quite creative a name for SUV. You should tweet this idea to Elon :)

MyXinTx | 2017年3月20日

Agree that until the 5-seat option, it was just a crossover. In my 6-seater, I could barely load the box that the HPWC came in.

The lack of a roof rack doesn't bother me now, but there was a time when every other SUV I owned was periodically fitted with a Thule SpaceCase loaded with skis and camping equipment.

Also, most SUVs seat 5-7 standard adults (especially males) comfortably, IMO every MX configuration only seats 4 adults for a long trip, if ya ain't got little ones, then those 3rd row and middle seats are essentially worthless.

However, the towing option is a definite plus, is you use a utility trailer,while hauling a boat or heavy camper does limit your range.

Oh well, you can spend over $80K, as much as $150K, and still not have it all

Uncle Paul | 2017年3月20日

5 seater is a fantastic SUV.
The emphasis, however, is more on the Sport than the Utlity.

Using a roof rack or case is a huge hassle, especially on such a tall vehicle.
Using a rear bike rack or hitch mounted cargo carrier is much easier, and more efficient as well.

All the utility, but you just gotta think differently.

It drives like no other.

TSammy | 2017年3月23日

Take your Model X to a good, hand wash car wash.

Try to talk your way out of the SUV up-charge.

They sure are convinced that the Model X is an SUV.

btw...I have owned at least a dozen ICE type SUVs: Explorers, Cherokees, Escapes, Suburbans,etc. and I find they are all different in their capabilities and features. My most recent: a Lincoln MK series would NOT accommodate a roof rack.

SUN 2 DRV | 2017年3月23日

Get over the stereotypes and preconceived ideas, evaluate the vehicle for what it is and does.
What difference does it make what it's called?
Look forward not backwards...

PXChanel | 2017年4月4日

If you're considering it so much, don't get it. Perhaps you have hard core utility needs. MX is not for everyone. I am a "soccer/dance mom" and don't haul plywood. Better for us MX owners. We'll be more unique.

PXChanel | 2017年4月4日

MyXinTx your comment reminds me that 50% of adults in US are overweight. My parents and I fit easily in our MX's third row seats. Perhaps you may be right that very tall or obese individuals don't fit in the third row, but they don't fit easily in many places, planes coach seats, for example. Rather than thinking this as a design flaw of the Model X, I would think that MX is designed to fit tall and obese people in the front or second rows. Good enough for the other 50% of the population.

TDinDC | 2017年4月5日

I think the MX is the world's sexiest minivan. And I'm fine with that.

I have never understood people who refused to drive minivans. They are designed to meet specific needs, and they meet those needs extremely well.

I have sports cars. I used to race cars. But I care not a whit what anyone thinks about me based on what I drive. We used to have a minivan in the stable of cars for many years, and I liked it. It was luxurious, it carried many people very comfortably, and it had loads of room for luggage. My only complaint was the brakes, but that was likely my fault for seeking to drive the minivan like the other cars in the stable.

I would say, also, that it is far more fun to misbehave in a minivan than it is in a 911. If you misbehave in a 911, you are nothing more than an @hole, and everyone expects it. If you misbehave in a minivan, you are insane, and insanity is much more entertaining pastime than @ssholery. Once I was driving next to a guy in an alpha romeo convertible who was driving very, very badly (and aggressively) on a Sunday morning when few were on the road. It was far more fun pitching the white minivan into a four-wheel drift next to him than it would have been to do the same in a 911. And the tires howled more. ha ha.

In fact, I wish there were a hologram function where you could hide your identity and the identity of your car. I would set mine to be a nondescript 55 year old man or woman driving a beige 80sToyota Camry. Only I need to know -- and enjoy -- the fact that I am driving a 911 Turbo S.

I don't drive enough to care too much about driving an EV (i.e., less than 5 miles a day). I bought the MX solely because it was the most sporty vehicle on the market that seats 7.

COrich | 2017年4月5日

Well, I just took a look at the 2017 Ford Explorer specs and they seem to be pretty close to those of the X. In fact, the X has more leg room and hip room in the third row than the Explorer. It would appear that the only difference is that the Explorer can handle a roof rack. Seems that its being a bit picky to complain about a roof rack as the definition of and SUV.

Roof racks have a very significant impact on wind resistance. You might not really notice this with a vehicle that only gets 24 mpg on the highway (note that the eco-boost 2.3L can only tow 2000 lbs). But, I'm sure we would all complain about a drop in range of upo to 50 miles on a charge just to get that roof rack as unacceptable (I wouldn't ever consider putting a carrier on the roof without a factory installed rack, I don't want the potential damage to the roof).

So as others have already stated: Don't complain about the X, and try to convince others that you are right. If it doesn't suit your needs, just don't buy one.

poloX | 2017年4月5日

Again, it's NOT an SUV, NOT a MiniVan, NOT a Cross Over anything like those. Regardless what you call it, it's a Tesla Model X period!!!

COrich | 2017年4月5日

Man, I need to be a bit more careful with my typing.

COrich | 2017年4月5日

poloX, I think this whole thing got started because Tesla does call the X a sport utility vehicle. The text on the X home page: "Model X is the safest, fastest and most capable sport utility vehicle in history." It's just that some people want to nit pick on the definition of SUV. The X certainly is "S"porty, it does have "U"tility for me and it most undoubtably is a "V"ehicle, so SUV is fine with me.

poloX | 2017年4月6日

@Corich, yes it is way more Sporty than any SUV out there but just a tag less Utility (no roof rack). But I will trade the roof rack for the FDWs ANY Day. Agree it is an SUV to me too.

carlk | 2017年4月7日

poloX Yes it's more sporty than any SUV, and even many non-SUV, out there. Last weekend I won, and won huge, on a stop light race where two lanes merged into one with a first gen NSX. Wife was shouting look out for that sports car but it got absolutely no chance. I know the first gen NSX is not super fast but no one can deny it's a real sports car. Matter of fact my XP90DL likely will win similar races with the new NSX and all but a handful of Porsches, Ferraris and Lambos out there. That would be pretty embarrassing for those high end pure bred sports cars.

A friend took his new "lowly" X75D to highway 17 over the mountains and he was ecstatic that he could easily pass any car he wanted. That's the same highway he drove often with his previous cars which include Mercedes SL and BMW 650i.

And guys this is an SUV?