Modular designed battery pack

Modular designed battery pack

What we are sure of is that the largest battery pack as of this writing will be less than 100kwH. The sizes 60,75,90wH has been mentioned in other posts, and I will use these as the examples. What if Tesla configures the battery packs to be made in a 60kwH size and then 15kwH size increments. If you order the base Model3, you get 1 battery pack. If you order the 90kwH, the car is fitted with 3 battery packs. Tesla is offering Roadster owners a battery upgrade, but from what I read it is a complete replacement. People who are stretching to purchase a Model3(or deem that 60kwH was enough at the time of purchase) can decide in the future to book a servicing and add 15wH more for a price plus install. Would that be viable, or are current owners wanting a brand new battery pack, and not interested in adding a new smaller pack to their older battery?

EaglesPDX | 2017年2月26日

"What if Tesla configures the battery packs to be made in a 60kwH size and then 15kwH size increments."

Tesls stated that the T3 will have "less than 60 kWh" battery pack. 15 kWh increments sounds reasonable, about 50 miles a step.

Frank99 | 2017年2月26日

In the vast majority of places that use battery packs, having "unbalanced" cells causes big problems. If your battery-powered drill dies, and you break open the pack, find a couple of bad batteries and replace them with new, your rebuilt pack won't last very long - the imbalance in capacity between the new and old cells will cause both to degrade quickly.

That said, the Tesla battery pack isn't a run-of-the-mill design. The Battery Management System can measure each group of batteries, as well as each module (composed of a number of groups), allowing it to detect higher and lower capacity modules and adjust for them. I'm guessing that your approach could be made to work, and is a reasonable approach to adding capacity. I don't think Tesla built in this capability. For example, I believe that the packs "know" what size they are and report that to the BMS, and don't currently have a way to detect a couple extra modules and adjust their report.

Red Sage ca us | 2017年2月26日

luwong.8888: I believe the upcoming 'Tesla Killer' vehicles from Faraway Future are expected to use those types of 'modular batteries'. Thing is? Tesla already uses a modular battery pack design. The modules are simply hidden within a commonly sized/shaped aluminum case... Instead of having different physical sizes.

ir | 2017年2月27日

The battery frame is also a key structural member of the car. 25% of the battery's weight goes to the frame / housing. Breaking it into smaller modules would require redesigning the entire line of cars (S / X / Roadster).

At best, that might happen in the distant future. But current owners are SOL.