Service for my Tesla

Service for my Tesla

I live in a Iowa, area where the closest Tesla Dealership will be a minimum of 5 hours away.
What if I have problems and cannot drive it to one of the Dealerships? Will Tesla pick up the car or provide a loaner or any other options?
I see there is tesla Dealerships in Minneapolis, Kansas City and Chicago and possibly one coming to Omaha.

andy.connor.e | 2017年3月19日

Although my distance is 2 hours and not 5, this is something that i also worry about.

Carl Thompson | 2017年3月19日

I'm fortunate in that both my home and office are about 15 minutes from service centers.

But Tesla _does_ have a loaner program though from the reports of owners on this forum it isn't great.


I've had to get a loaner from BMW a few times and they made it much easier. They just just gave me the keys to one of the loaner BMWs sitting on the lot with very minimal hassle. I'm sure Tesla will improve the experience so it's more in line with that.


Innkeep | 2017年3月19日

Although there are no service centers in Indiana, there are "ranger" technicians who rent space in Indianapolis. Perhaps there are rangers close to where the OP lives.

stevenmaifert | 2017年3月20日

"For vehicles that are not drivable due to a vehicle malfunction, and the vehicle malfunction is due to a warrantable issue, transportation services are covered by Tesla for the first 500 miles (800 km) to the nearest Tesla Service Center."

jordanrichard | 2017年3月21日

steve, while your concern is valid, your assumption is that by the time the Model 3 is out and being produced at full steam, that there won't be a store closer to you.

topher | 2017年3月21日

Have you called you state representatives?

Thank you kindly.

El Mirio | 2017年3月21日

Tesla won't leave you hanging. They have Tesla Mobile Servcie Rangers which will come to your house and service your car, also they are expanding aggressively certified body shops.

Rocky_H | 2017年3月21日

@steve, A couple of things, first off, yeah, listen to @jordanrichard. You're way premature to worry about this yet.

Secondly, I live in a state with no Tesla presence, and the nearest service center is 340 miles away. They handle it with service ranger visits, and it has been fine. Call the service center near you and ask how they are handling service in your region.

Badbot | 2017年3月21日

I think that the rangers will come to you for your service is you are too far from a shop.
Planned service you could just blow it off as it will NOT void your warranty.