I broke my trunk shelves, any ideas on how to fix?

I broke my trunk shelves, any ideas on how to fix?

Hi Folks,
I need some suggestions. I put too much weight on the shelf in the trunk that goes behind the 3rd row and covers the bottom storage area and the plastic shelves on the sides that hold it up broke off. It was A LOT of weight, all my fault, I'm an idiot. I tried using Epoxy to fix it but it didn't hold strong enough as the surface area of the parts are pretty small about just a 1-2mm perimeter that mate with one another. Anyone have any other suggestions?

Model X - 6 seater

William9 | 2017年3月27日

Just take it to a SC and say WTF. They'll replace it I bet. My latch handle snapped off and they replaced the entire shelf.

michelcub | 2017年3月27日

phazor tell us the weight you put on the shelf to give an idea on the limit not to reach.

cica3838 | 2017年3月27日

Just tell them it broke on it's own! You never touched it! LOL

phazor | 2017年3月27日

I won't lie to the SC, they've been too good to me. I put about 250lbs on the shelf and hit a bump on the road before they broke.

DaddyP713 | 2017年3月27日

That's good to know, thanks for the update. Was the weight focused on a small area of the shelf, or was it spread out and evenly distributed?

phazor | 2017年3月27日

Spread just about evenly. The board itself didn't break just the plastic pieces on the side of the car that hold the board/shelf up

ratchet | 2017年3月27日

phasor, sorry to hear about your limit test on the shelf brackets. Seems to make the case for placing heavy items in the storage well instead of up on the shelf. Hopefully, the SC will take care of you.

MyXinTx | 2017年3月27日

If they won't generously replace it for you, either for free or at a wholesale price, there is always DIY. Who knowns, your may turn out to be far superior fit and finish.

Vawlkus | 2017年3月28日

ok, so I should not sit on one of those :P

shkvalu | 2017年3月28日

I have a 5 seater so this may not work. the first thing I did was get rid of those shelves. then I took a piece of plywood and cut it I think 29 X 20. fits perfectly. I'm going to contact tesla about some carpet but this fits in between the sides lower then the other one t. his effectively makes for a small hidden trunk space and a large open level cargo area for which totes fit nicely. I don't know how to post pics but I'll email to whomever wants. if there was say a vision screen to stop people from seeing in at xmas time, disco. the only thing those shelves are good for in the 5 seater would be to make a level place to lay 6ft +/- flat material because of the rear seat height. short of that you could also use that shelf to support the upper cargo area still having a "hidden" trunk for all that stuff you need but never use.

mbirnie51 | 2017年3月30日

@shkvalu; I'd be interested in seeing your home made cargo floor...we have two standard poodles and getting them just a few inches more for head room was my idea for making one myself, along with the weight issue. Please send photos to Thanks...MHB

Saxman | 2017年3月31日


I would also like to see your photos.


yli078 | 2018年6月10日

Did you go to SC to fix that?
How much they charge you?

interbay | 2018年6月12日

Tesla's own YouTube page has a customer story called "The 8 Keg SUV" in which the founder of Gordon Biersch Brewery shows him loading 8 full kegs of beer in the car (I only see 6 kegs, but he says 8 will fit) . . . . . and this _must_ weigh well over 250lbs. More support that they are likely to fix the broken fins, even if you tell them what you were hauling.

jpcollins9 | 2018年6月13日

Wait! Does the five seater come with a trunk shelf? Mine was delivered in March and doesn't have one. I thought it curious but really can't see in the tunk anyway so didn't think anything of it until now. I owuld like to have one to not expose the trunk to back sheet passengers.

liftsrock | 2018年6月13日

Page 175 of the MX Owners Manual says, "Caution: Never load more than 175 lbs (80 kg) on the rear load floor (above the lower trunk compartment) or more than 130 lbs (60 kg) in the lower trunk compartment. Doing so can cause damage."

@phazor, 250 lbs. would certainly overload the "floor" shelves or their supports.

I am thinking about how I could make a "drop-in" frame to support the shelf in addition to the OEM shelf supports just in case we throw a heavy suitcase in . . . I'd rather not break off those OEM plastic supports.

Coldfire73 | 2018年6月14日

@jpcollins9 - Its the floor shelf that you lift up to expose the deep trunk/boot well in the floor. Not one that is near the tops of the seats that extends to the rear which is what is sounds like you mean. You don't get one for a 6/7 seater either though :)

jpcollins9 | 2018年6月14日

Thanks. After I looked at my trunk there isn't a ridge to carry a trunk lid like there is in the S. Besides the glass is dark enough no one can see in from the outside.

Uncle Paul | 2018年6月15日

Alternative to loading heavy stuff on the shelf is to simply remove the shelf and place the heavy stuff (kegs of beer) directly on the metal floor.

That wood like shelf is designed to provide a fold flat surface when folding down the middle row of seats. It provides a place to lay down and take a nap if necessary. Not designed to carry heavy loads.

It also provides a protected space underneath to keep items out of sight.

Sn0wride | 2018年9月6日

I had the same problem some weeks ago, i'm a 1m94 guy and putting heavy stuff under floor level is just killing my back when i have to lift it out again so loaded 4 plastic bags of sand evenly (that's about 80 Kg's )over the shelf and the right support broke off when the last (wet) sand bag slipped out of my hand and dropped from circa 30 cm's of height onto the shelf. I love my Tesla x ( coming from a BMW X5 which also had a stowcompartiment under the floor) but this would never happen with my old car. For an SUV that shelf needs to hold at least 150 Kg's (3 large cement bags ),hence the weight it should be able to support should be double ( as one can hit a speed bump with the load onto the shelf adding inertia during the sudden up - down - stop movement ). Called Tesla service ( as i'm up for a maintenance schedule anyhow and they will replace although not sure if under warranty or not) . The problem is they will replace with the same and i really don't want to treat an SUV vehicle of this level like something fragile. So instead i started sanding (took some patience to get that fitting snug) a wooden inner core that fits very tight but perfectly into the broken piece and in the hole-support in the side (wich is now visible due the broken of support). whilst the wood piece and the outside piece (ornament) + the inner piece ( that broke off) i drilled a small hole through and through in my workbench. in the hole i fitted a long dry wall anchor . ( i think that's what they are called) . The dry wall anchor need the anchors removed when you mount outer ornament + inner broken off support + wooden inner then put the anchors back on , Then i pushed ( again very tight ) they wooden support entirely into the whole at the side and screwed it together whilst the anchors latch at the inner side. Pretty happy now and you can't tell the difference besides the head of the dry wall anchor drawing attention due to the silver color and i believe it will hold more then it was supposed to hold .... but i will not test until breaking point , well no deliberatly:-). if you feel up to doing the same, make sure you make the wooden inner a bit cone , so that it fits snug but you will have some space between the wooden inner piece and the spot where the ornament has to snap into place, otherwise you have drill / sand / file that spot to create room for the Snap-in. (also don't forget to make the outside drillhole a bit cone so that the drywall head screw sinks in nicely ( some black paint on the dry wall anchor which i omitted , and nobody sees it).

i used some standard wood which is easy to sand ( don't use hardwood as it will split ), i believe the wooden core will be better in absorbing load bursts then ABS plastic. and as the inner wood core rests on the side inner structure the weak point at the edges of the ABS (where it broke) are now eliminated, i believe it's a design flaw , they should have made that inner core filled with fiber and resin. Also when looking at the broken off edges , they look brittle ( like some unwanted mini gas bubbles where formed during manufacturing). That having said i also believe one can do even a much better job when you have enough time and tools ( ie make a mold by making a positive with some clay from the broken of piece then 3D scan it , edit it for the dry wall anchor hole and print a full core ... would be an easy aftermarket fix ;-) anyone with a 3D scanner and printer ?? ;-)

PS: i do NOT recommend to start drilling into the side under or above the supports for re-inforcements nor due use wood screws ... as i could see wiring running on the side.

don't now if the explanation made any sense , picture would make it more clear.

forgive any typo's , English is not my mothers tongue.

Hope this helped some people, or spurred any ideas ...


MyXinTx | 2018年9月8日

We still talking about this????

When I sat on mine and broke it, the local Service Tech provided the same response as all of the other issues I have with my MX, including the shuddering on acceleration, excessive vibration of my A/C condenser felt;heard inside the cabin, wind and road noise at highway speeds causing those in the car to have to almost yell to converse, my cargo door vibrating/wiggling sideways upon unlatching,....

He said "it performed as designed, and is well within manufacturers' specifications and parameters"... No Charge...

I am sorry, I never broke that cheap piece of crap, as least so far... the rest unfortunately is all true.

Lower Your Expectations!!!

PawelSokolowski | 2018年9月8日

I broke one too.
Unfortunately my SC did not manage to get the part for my appointment, 4 weeks notice.
They sent me the part for DYI repair.
The part I got does not fit, and I am waiting 2 months for another one.
Maybe making it by myself of wood is not such a bad idea.

joe | 2019年1月7日

Does anyone have the part # for the replacement part? Mine has broken more than once now and I am thinking I might just go get one made out of metal. This is clearly a design flaw on Tesla's behalf. I've been thinking about this for a while now, and don't want to go back to the SC to replace this part, yet again. I don't understand why they used a piece of plastic for load bearing that is so weak. Makes no sense.

If someone has the part #, please post it here so I can try to find a schematic and get it custom-made out of metal or carbon fibre or something of the sort.

andugandusagar | 2019年1月7日

Hello & if there was say a vision screen to stop people from seeing in at xmas time, disco. the only thing those shelves are good for in the 5 seater would be to make a level place to lay 6ft +/- flat material because of the rear seat height. GoToMeeting short of that you could also use that IrfanView shelf to support the upper Town of Salem cargo area still having a "hidden" trunk for all that stuff you need but never use.

stathy.white | 2019年6月22日

I recently broke one of the plastic supports on my Model X cargo shelf. I put a couple of boxes of ceramic tiles on it. I went to my Tesla service rep two months ago and he has been no help. First of all he said the warranty will not cover it because I put too much weight on it and I bear the responsibility. Next, he said there is no part replacement because plastic piece is part of a larger metal bar connected to the rear end and the repair involves taking the whole rear end of the car apart. Two months and waiting, and my $100,000 car looks like a junk heap with a broken back cargo area. This is clearly a design flaw in my opinion, to have a plastic support in the cargo area of an SUV. With no help from the local service center, I am wondering what to do next.

lilbean | 2019年6月22日

Can a metal piece be welded on?

KurtX | 2019年6月22日

I broke one side trunk shelf support and put an order in for ranger service, no problem, part is just back ordered.

stathy.white | 2019年6月23日

That’s interesting, because my service rep said there was no part to order as it was part of a much larger assembly. According to him, they are trying to figure out how to repair the support as replacing it involves taking the whole back part of the car apart. The car will be one year old in August. Where did you call for “ranger service”? I am not quite sure what that entails. I obviously must look elsewhere for help as the local Tesla service center is unresponsive.

KurtX | 2019年6月25日

I used the Tesla app to make the ranger service appointment. I used the interior and exterior trim option. I had the trunk support and replace the plastic trim around the driver front wheel well. It was just over 1 week for appointment, they showed up to replace the wheel trim on the appointment, said the trunk price was backorder and they would call when in to schedule appointment. I showed the mobile tech, and he said it common. So I am expecting it to go OK.

john.d.kinton | 2019年9月24日

@KurtX - Where are you located? Mine broke off last weekend.

hoffenberg | 2019年9月25日

Same issue, have ranger appointment next week. Will post my results. That little piece of plastic is inappropriate IMO for this car

phazor | 2019年10月1日

They fixed it for me, cost was about $250, honestly I expected it to cost a lot more considering the work involved, it's been perfect ever since.

hoffenberg | 2019年10月2日

Did a ranger fix it?

hoffenberg | 2019年10月2日

Did a ranger fix it?

hoffenberg | 2019年10月14日

Update...ranger came, fixed it in 10 minutes, no charge at all!!!!!