100D Scratches and Flacon Wing Door Noise

100D Scratches and Flacon Wing Door Noise

My family just got our 100D yesterday. Love it so far. Though after a few hours noticed a few issues. There are scratches on the passage side third row seat's headrest. Didn't notice because the deliver specialist folded done the third row during delivery. Also noticed that the driver side falcon wing door when opening and closing makes a noise. A loud creaking noise. It's a bit annoying to have a brand new car and already have to call the service center. Also noticed where the noise is coming from the hinge which is a different color(bluish) then the other three. I know plenty of people have had quality issues with their Model Xs. Thought most were ironed out by now. Anyone with these specific issues, and what do you recommend?

rich.j | 2017年4月2日

The best thing to do is thoroughly check the vehicle at delivery. If there are issues don't take delivery.

rich.j | 2017年4月2日

The best thing to do is thoroughly check the vehicle at delivery. If there are issues don't take delivery.

inconel | 2017年4月2日

Tesla SC will take care of these issues, make an appointment and bring the car back to them for fixing.

dortor | 2017年4月2日

Welcome to Model X ownership - design issues are rarely "ironed out" without a change to the design.

cmc5dc | 2017年4月2日

I had the loud creaking sound on the FW, they came out and fixed all of my concerns. The FW just needed lubrication.

IgnoranceBliss | 2017年4月2日

Agree with @inconel, just start making a list of all the issues needed attention (best to use a pre-made checklist available on forums) and make an appointment after a month or so of delivery.

I had a similar defect on an internal liner, almost like it was sliced with a knife and the white below was exposed.... fully replaced.

Also, my FWD now creaks, well known issue, expect they will lubricate that for life since such a design-related issue. If not, I will learn to lube it myself.

msr | 2017年4月2日

Thanks for the information.

mhkeyemd | 2017年4月2日

I hear people talking about thoroughly checking out the car when you're picking up your Tesla. I think Tesla is like buying a brand new home. You will be calling the builder for next several months to fix minor to major problems until your 1 year warranty expires. Luckily, you have 4 year warranty with Tesla. Just call the service center and give them the list of the problems that you have for now. Trust me, you will get more problems in next several months to years. They will try to address most of your concerns. However, there will be things that they can't fix at this moment because of the design shortcomings. Your problems don't seem that bad compared to mine. I think they will help you out. This is my personal experience.

ChargeMe45 | 2017年4月16日

I had no issues at delivery but a few months later the passenger falcon wing door started to creak. I called the service center and they said it just needed an adjustment. I couldn't help but to thing about the doors flapping with the Christmas easter egg and wondering it that was too much on the doors. I put it in the shop for that and a couple other items. When I picked up my car they said everything had been fixed so I left. Got home later that evening and the first time the kids got in the door still creaked. Have to put it back in the shop. Not sure if they didn't fix it or it didn't hold.

steilkurve | 2017年6月25日

@ ChargeMe45 Did you get your creaking noise fixed? I too had it and had it fixed, only to have it come back a few days later. Just curious how they addressed yours before bringing mine back in again.

betty_yee | 2017年6月25日

I also had no issues at delivery but a few months later the passenger falcon wing door started to creak. So I drove down to Fremont, CA Service Center and had them fix it. LOL the truth is that we had a factory tour so since we were coming down for that we just had the service dept. at the mother ship fix it, so far the noise has not come back.

HadoukenZR | 2017年6月25日

Its very disheartening to hear all these issues with the Model X for a potential buyer. So much so that I wonder if theres any X owner that DIDNT have issues? Or anyone purchasing a new X now is in for the same path. Not to mention long service times of 2wks + to have simple issues fixed.

zanegler | 2017年6月28日

On balance, the joy of owning and driving a Model X far outweighs a few issues as minor as the door creaking. It happened to mine after several months and they fixed it pronto. It has not returned.

One obvious tip to @ChargeMe45. Confirm each item is resolved when you pick up your MX from the service center. I think the door creak takes less than 5-minutes to fix. Just to confuse the matter, I was told it was an adjustment not just a lube.

Not pointing any fingers, but I smell a short. It is 'disheartening' to see them still trying. It would be easier to step in the path of a speeding locomotive. Like I said before, Telsa shorts would be better off shorting the coal industry. Sorry for the brief hijack.

lou.secco | 2017年7月26日

I also had and have paint issues. Before bringing it in open all doors and go over the whole car checking for touch up paint, gouges and small chips. I have had all 3. I just found a gouge, yes a gouge on the RH FWD jam. Have no idea how it could get there but it's there. Now I have to call them tomorrow yet again. Probably best to have someone else look the car over also. Ugh!