Supercharger occupation realtime

Supercharger occupation realtime

It was time ago reported that It should be possible to see the occupated supercharger Stalls in realtime in your screen in the car. This will be in my opinion a very useful feature, especially when Model 3 and much more Teslas will be in the streets. Does anybody know if It is realized already?

KP in NPT | 2017年5月9日

It is - but it isn't always accurate. There seems to be a lag of about 15 minutes (according to other's observations.)

I drive by a couple of superchargers on my commute that are visible from the highway. I've checked their status as I drive by and find that at times it says stalls are occupied when they are actually vacant, or they show vacant when there are stalls occupied. I guess we're hoping it becomes more accurate with an update.

PhillyGal | 2017年5月9日

As @KP said - it's there but as yet imperfect. I imagine the data traveling from the SC to Tesla's HQ then to your car's dash takes a while. And in that case, it's not the most perfectly useful thing because supercharger turnover is intended to be fairly quick. If there are 8 cars actually charging when you're 15 minutes away, there's almost no chance that those same 8 cars are still charging when you arrive.

Now checking a charger regularly over the course of a few hours before you approach and seeing it full constantly, which is rare, may give you an idea that you should be prepared for a short wait. As of today though that is not an issue for the vast majority of SC locations.