What would it take to sell your Model 3? How much $$$$

What would it take to sell your Model 3? How much $$$$

So here is an interesting question......Obviously interest in the Model 3 is sky high and I'm sure there are some well to do people willing to pay way over list price. If someone approached you to sell your brand new Model 3 (after you got it and got to drive it some of course) how much would it take (over the price you paid?) The reason I'm bringing this up is a co-worker sort of jokingly asked if I would sell my model 3 if he paid me $10k over what I paid for it (I thought about it for a second and said no way).

Let's assume the $7500 tax credit was not in play......(i.e. the Federal tax credit had expired and you were paying the full list price with NO rebate)....How much would it take for you to sell off the Model 3 you have been waiting patiently for --- for almost 2 years....

I'm not sure I would sell.....but....

AJPHL | 2017年7月14日

I'd probably be seriously tempted at $20K over whatever I pay. I don't intend to actively offer it for sale though.

minervo.florida | 2017年7月14日

You cannot keep the tax credit if you sell the car, not sure how long you have to keep it before selling, I heard 1 year.

stevenroglen | 2017年7月14日

I'd trade straight up for an S

Cheerio | 2017年7月14日

Enough to buy a brand new, fully optioned X, of course.

noleaf4me | 2017年7月14日

I'm with you Steven -- I would need to be able to get a S 100D

noleaf4me | 2017年7月14日

minervo.florida - I said assume the credit was no longer in play (it had been trumped...)

joachim | 2017年7月14日

for me, enough to buy an S or X (depending on how much I liked the buyer) with at least as much range.

stevenroglen | 2017年7月14日

@noleaf I wouldn't even need that. Id take an S with under 30k miles preferably a 75D. I'm a simple man lol and definitely not a robot.

Manuelramirez42 | 2017年7月14日

10k over the price I bought it for.

bmalloy0 | 2017年7月14日

Fully-loaded Midnight Silver Model S P100D

nadurse | 2017年7月14日

10k minimum over total out the door price I paid, I would have to consider it at that point though I'm not sure if I would take it. I could do alot with that 10k including wait another year or so.

nadurse | 2017年7月14日

Sorry, to clarify it would be $17,500 factoring in the tax rebate I would be giving up by selling. So lets call it an even 20k lol.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 2017年7月14日

Enough to buy 12 of them fully loaded. That is, enough to buy four of them, with money left over for another eight. Yeah.

$900,000 should do the trick.

I'd have to change the license plate to 'RED6AGE' for my new one, though...

andy.connor.e | 2017年7月14日

I'd sell it for the exact value of another identical Model 3, so that i wont have to finance it.

Rutrow | 2017年7月14日

For $10k I'd get back in line.

noleaf4me | 2017年7月14日

andy.connor.e = So you would be willing to wait almost 2 years for basically nothing?

bricha55 | 2017年7月14日

I'm betting the serious answers here are really low balling what someone might be willing to pay for a 3 this year. If someone on July 28th watches the reveal event, gets really excited and puts down a deposit they are going to be waiting at least 2 years (IMO) before they get their car. If that person has the means I don't see 20k being a big deal to get it 2 years early, I bet some would go 30-40k to be able to own a model 3 early, or even more.

Me if I was going to be one of the first ones getting the car I would sell it for 50k over what I paid.

macgyver45 | 2017年7月14日

I would sell mine for minimum $8k profit and use my next reservation to buy one with more options.

SUN 2 DRV | 2017年7月14日

I reserved two. So I'd take $10k to part with the second car, but the new buyer would have to factor in the loss of my tax credit and cover paying the sales tax twice. So that works out to quite a bit bigger than $10k mark up for him...

bj | 2017年7月14日

As they say in the business, everything is for sale, it's just a question of price. My price would be pretty high though.

LA-Fohlen | 2017年7月14日

OK, I ask for $20,000 and then go to Rutrow and offer him the 10k.

mntlvr23 | 2017年7月14日


Tesla2018 | 2017年7月14日

I cant believe that people will pay crazy amounts over list price. I remember the idiots that paid $30000 for the PT Cruiser that listed for anout $17k when it first came out and also the people that were paying 20K for a 10K Miata. But the craziest is the rapper that offerred 900K over list to someone for a LaFerrari whrn they first came out. But now they are going for about 4 million over list!!! But for a regular car I cant see paying over list. But then I have heard that GM and the other manufacturers pay crazy amounts to get early cars from competitors to try and reverse engineer them.

jamilworm | 2017年7月14日

To be perfectly honest, I'm in the ~$10k boat too. If I declined that I would basically be willing to pay $45,000 for the car (mine will likely be base). And I don't think I would pay 45k for it. So I would sell for 10k profit, and immediately put in a new reservation. Maybe lease a Bolt until then.

batmanasb | 2017年7月14日

Honestly, the wait is already killing me but for 15k over what I bought it for, I can't seriously refuse :(

bernard.holbrook | 2017年7月14日

I'd trade it for a used AWD Tesla S because of how great the S is.

noleaf4me | 2017年7月15日

LA-Fohlen - love the answer!

It seems as if between $10-20k would do the trick for most on this thread.....interesting. It would be tough for me to part with the Model 3 - especially if you only got to use it briefly. But the more I think of it maybe take the profit - do a short 2-year lease on a Bolt or maybe the Gen 2 Leaf -- then wait for the Model Y.....

EVolution | 2017年7月15日

I won't need the 2nd Model 3 I reserved,

I don't know if I will lease it on Turo or sell it yet. Still have to decide what is the market here for a brand new unused Model 3 here in Canada.

carlgo2 | 2017年7月15日

A would keep his place in line and order the options that B wanted after B signed an agreement and fronted the money to buy it. There would be in place a legal agreement that B would hand over the bonus amount that was agreed to when the title was transferred from A to B.

In this way B would be more inclined to agree to a larger bonus because the car would be optioned exactly as desired.

keydiver | 2017年7月15日

I'd take $10,000 over my cost, then get back in line and use the $10k to get more options!
BTW, I don't think what soneone said about having to keep the car for 1 year is correct for the Federal tax credit. It does apply though to most state rebates.

Shock | 2017年7月15日

I won't get it for another 18 months I assume. In this theoretical I'd happily sell it for $5k more.

ken | 2017年7月15日

I would sell mine for 5k over cost. IM me if you're interested, i will get one more MX.

rxlawdude | 2017年7月15日

@Minerva, you are in error about the Fed tax credit. The first owner placing the M3 into service gets and keeps the tax credit.

Second and subsequent buyers get bupkis.

daverileyak | 2017年7月15日

Interesting that you "assume the $7500 tax credit was not in play......(i.e. the Federal tax credit had expired and you were paying the full list price with NO [tax credit] )"

By the time there is no tax credit, the likelihood of a buyer wanting to pay a big premium is near zero. That's discounting noleaf4me's joke, which was clever.

Real world and with the tax credit in play, it would be folks who took delivery by probably the end of February 2018 who might have a chance to sell for a sizeable premium over list. And assuming the buyer's tax status entitles them to the full federal tax credit, the opportunity to gain is there. The tax code simply says that the purchase must be for the purpose of driving the car to qualify the purchaser for filing for the credit. It does not set any minimum time of ownership. These are givens.

In answer to your question, my price would be $4,500 over list, with the buyer accepting a pre-owned car with 4 thousand gentle miles on it.

I would even agree to discuss allowing the 2nd owner to option the car, though ostensibly there may be very few options available. Anyone with a reservation over #200,000 might want to think about it and contact me. Try gmail. Especially if you happen to have $4k to pay to be an early adopter and have already decided that for whatever reason you would not be getting the tax credit.

mbcaffe | 2017年7月15日

I would sell mine 5K over what I paid including tax.

cmiller2 | 2017年7月15日

Is there any way to sell your spot in line versus placing an order then selling the car? I will not be needing my reservation for another couple of years.

cmiller2 | 2017年7月15日

Is there any way to sell your spot in line versus placing an order then selling the car? I will not be needing my reservation for another couple of years.

ken | 2017年7月16日

you can not sell your spot,

ReD eXiLe ms us | 2017年7月16日

daverileyak contributed, "The tax code simply says that the purchase must be for the purpose of driving the car to qualify the purchaser for filing for the credit. It does not set any minimum time of ownership."

Federally, perhaps. But you leave out the part where it says it also cannot be for the purpose of resale. There may not be a time frame given, but something tells me that if you were to transfer Title to another person within 24 hours of taking Delivery, that would raise a red flag. In fact, I would suppose that red flag might be waving even if you sold the car to someone else within 30 days. Or, someone could count on the inherent inefficiency of government bureaucracy to simply 'not notice' or 'not bother' to audit their tax return. Those of us who have found they can't even get away with doing the 'right thing' in our lives may choose not to take such a risk. Plus, you have to hope the other guy would not be stupid enough to try and put the same car on their own tax return.

If there are State level rebates or incentives for EVs though, you should check the fine print... Because those may require a minimum two or three year continued residency and registration of the vehicle in question under the name of the applicant.

Massachusetts -- Register the new vehicle with the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles for a minimum of 36 consecutive months for use in Massachusetts.

warren_tran | 2017年7月16日

I will sell it for $10k plus my purchase price. I can wait for 1 more year to get another 1.

SamO | 2017年7月16日

Sorry Red. But that's not the way the tax code (or enforcement) works.

You can't buy for resale but you can change your mind and sell. Someone can make you an offer after the fact.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 2017年7月16日

SamO: OK. I hereby change my mind and won't sell my Model ☰ unless someone offers me $900,001 as a minimum.

mntlvr23 | 2017年7月16日

I hate scalpers, if you are considering doing something like this - realize that you have added no value to society in your transaction - and you are hampering the Tesla mission (which is trying to get affordable sustainable transport into the hands of people who really want it, for a fair price)

ReD eXiLe ms us | 2017年7月16日

mntlvr23: The biggest 'scalpers' are the 'independent franchised dealerships' (AKA, 'stealerships') that would undoubtedly charge at least $60,000 for what Tesla will offer as a $35,000 vehicle.

mntlvr23 | 2017年7月16日

Agreed, dislike at all levels

AlMc | 2017年7月16日

To give the concept some credibility: I was offered $20K for my SigX. The person wanted me to order it as they wanted it and then resell it to them.

I declined.

There are people out there that will pay a premium for a '3' and not have to wait 2 years for one.

ir | 2017年7月16日

If you are actually serious, consult a tax accountant as you'll have to pay short term capital gains on the profit unless you play shell games for trading up to another car.

noleaf4me | 2017年7月16日

I'm sure there are people who buy cars all the time and then change their mind. I work with a guy who has driven 4 different cars in 5 years.....

But of course, most of the time a loss is taken -- but it does happen.

Garyeop | 2017年7月16日

Do we know how long a current order would take? I don't expect mine until almost 2019. If an order today means getting a Model 3 in 2020, then no way. If it means waiting 3 months, sure I would for $10k. Any idea how long an order today will wait?

mntlvr23 | 2017年7月16日

@Garyeop -

Of course no one really knows. The old note on the website that said mid-2018 was verbally superseded to be likely into 2019. After the 28th, I would think that it would get longer.

What I think is interesting, is that the wait for the pre-reveal reservers will likely be 18-24 months from reserving, and I would expect that 18-24 months is likely a reasonable timeframe for those reserving today and the next few weeks.