why do you want the 1st gen of this car??

why do you want the 1st gen of this car??

Just curious. It seems it wont even be released with full option choices or battery size from all the hoopla here. Even though you may be in line with a reservation will some of you just wait another year?

jp | 2017年7月21日

I currently plan to take whatever is offered first. I have been waiting a while and have been wanting an electric vehicle. I have an electrician coming on Monday to install a 240 circuit.

Further, since it was announced that CURRENT tesla owners will get the chance to order before non-owner reservation holders. I figure I can trade in/up in the case another comes along that is worth such a trade.

But... totally depends on the options I guess. Right now, no plans to say no.

hsuru4u | 2017年7月21日

who would trade a model s in on a model 3?

ddrmadness | 2017年7月21日

I was never planning on getting many, if any, options. The only thing I was thinking of was getting the 4 wheel drive but not because I needed it. With the confirmation that it was coming later that decided for me that I wouldn't get it. I am hoping though that autopilot (the software) is an option or included. I think it should be since it doesn't really affect production.

hsuru4u | 2017年7月21日

I would want all wheel drive and ap2....but if you are in cali awd isnt needed i guess.

KP in NPT | 2017年7月21日

His posting history across these forums means he does not deserve a response.

ddrmadness | 2017年7月21日

Yeah I'm in California so I don't need it. I was considering it because it provides slightly better range and acceleration and I heard it helps the tires wear more evenly. It will still be plenty fast and go plenty far though, and it's not difficult to rotate tires

Iwantmy3 | 2017年7月21日

by the time I get mine, they will be on Gen 2. :-(

lilbean | 2017年7月21日

+1 KP

CalabasasKid | 2017年7月21日

Personally, I don't. My plan is to get a fully loaded model 3 P75D with every option available. Seeing as I already have a model X and a BMW i3, I figure I can wait until next spring when I anticipate delivery of those cars on the West Coast.

Atlanta09 | 2017年7月21日


noleaf4me | 2017年7月21日

It's just my way of ushering in the FUTURE.....(plus the $7500 tax credit....)

tstolz | 2017年7月21日

Because it is what you want and because it is the best car on the market.

carlk | 2017年7月21日

Because I will be driving one and you will be not..

topher | 2017年7月22日

Tesla has shown themselves to be very proactive and reasonable in fixing issues with new models.

On the other hand, they have also shown themselves to keep adding cool new things to subsequent models.

Pays your money, takes your choice.

Thank you kindly.

carlk | 2017年7月22日

"On the other hand, they have also shown themselves to keep adding cool new things to subsequent models."

But that would be the same whether you buy the first gen, second gen or third gen cars. Another way to look at it is if you buy your first one sooner you will be in position to buy you second one sooner too and beat the guy who bought his a year or two after you did. Pretty much what everyone who owns an iPhone knows.

Nguyenning | 2017年7月22日

$7,500 tax credit is the primary reason... for me anyway.

reynolds5677 | 2017年7月22日

The reason i am jumping in is the same reason I bought solar panels in 2008. I can get the same solar installation for less than half if I had waited until now but I helped the industry make gains into the market which lowered the price for us all. By buying Tesla now, we will all benefit from their success for everyone in the future.

janendan | 2017年7月22日

Lease is up at the same time as M3 is available, and my FPL electricity comes from non-carbon fuels.

kkchan67 | 2017年7月22日

Why do you want your iPhone 1? Because some one has to buy it!!!

JeffreyR | 2017年7月22日

Remember that this is the third car Tesla has designed from the ground up. They had to deal w/ a huge learning curve at every iteration:

Roadster: We can take an existing platform and slightly modify it to fit our needs -> Nope. Something like 90% of the Lotus needed to be modified.
Model S: We can build these for $50K and get a completely new car done quickly -> Nope. MS-40 started at $60K and you could not get one until well over a year after the MS-85 (which was also late).
Model X: We can quickly design, build and supply the most complex rear doors, novel seats, and largest windshield in history -> Nope. Took them about twice as long as they hoped.


Tesla has learned many, many important lessons along the way. They have hired many more people. So they have increased their capacity at every level of the company.

So don't be as concerned about the hiccups that each of their new cars have had.

Unlike the Roadster, Tesla will not be re-using components even from themselves, MS/MX. The Model 3 uses new cells, new BP, new screen, and new drive units. But they have learned BP Management, Autoplilot, Traction Control that they can apply.

Unlike the Model S (and X), Tesla has focused on controlling costs, supply chain, and simplicity of manufacturing for the Model 3. I believe a big part of the reason that the Model 3 is coming out close to the predicted date (w/ some feature caveats) is that Tesla has focused on the delivery goal instead of incorporating each new idea.

Unlike the Model X, Tesla came up w/ some great ideas, but instead of pushing out the Model 3 Release Date to incorporate these ideas, they will incorporate them instead in the Model Y (Model X's smaller cousin).

So in many ways you should get the best Tesla you can afford right now. In fact, if you can afford solar, drive a gas guzzler, or take long road trips w/in the Supercharger Network don't delay.

I think the core of the OP question is why are you buying now instead of waiting for these new ideas to be put into practice. After all, the Model S today is in almost every measurable way a better car than the original Model S--Autopilot, range, acceleration, many other small features like power lift gates. So why not wait?

Some above have given some great practical reasons, like the full tax credit. Also, even the original Model S is better than itself bc. of over-the-air updates.

The final reason. Life is short. You don't know what tomorrow may bring. The pure joy of driving w/ the famous Tesla Grin is the ultimate reason.

carlk | 2017年7月22日

"Also, even the original Model S is better than itself bc. of over-the-air updates."

The original S was better than any other 12' cars and probably is still better than any current models you can buy except ones from Tesla. The Model 3 sure is better than equivalent 17' BMW or Merc and most likely will be still better than their 20' models even if they could come out with an electric car by then.

hsuru4u | 2017年7月22日

Unlike the Roadster, Tesla will not be re-using components even from themselves, MS/MX. The Model 3 uses new cells, new BP, new screen, and new drive units. But they have learned BP Management, Autoplilot, Traction Control that they can apply.

so the 3 should technically be a better car then the s??

JAD | 2017年7月22日

I plan on buying gen 1, then probably get gen 2, and then the new Roadster should be ready. I do not expect it to be very hard to sell a 6 month old Model 3 as the demand will still far exceed supply unless the extremely unlikely event occurs that the car falls short of promises and demand tanks, in which case AWD and P versions will not likely solve the bigger issue.

MKM3 | 2017年7月23日

Until I'll be asked to configure, there will be pretty much all options available. I made the reservation only about a month ago, because I'm not in a hurry and a explicitly don't want a car out of the first production year.

My current car (2003 Toyota diesel without any cheating filter system) will probably make it until mid 2019, so I'll stay clear of first production years anyway. I fully trust Tesla to fix everything that might be wrong, but the service center is pretty far away from where I live and I'd have to take a day off every time I'd have to get something fixed.

As I've said, I fully trust Tesla, but I've already bought two new cars from the first production year in my life, I'm not too keen on that overall experience again.
2001 Peugeot with diesel filter, sold it after about 1 year, due to electrical and diesel filter problems no one cared to fix (thanks PSA!) and the 2003 Toyota (first model to run off a new UK factory) which visited the service center about 40 times in the first 3 years because everything rattled like crazy.
I still drive the latter and I absolutely love that car, but would never have to live through that stress again.

Having trust in only a hand full of car manufactures (Toyota, Volvo and Tesla), my choices are limited to begin with.
Toyota refuses to sell bigger plug in hybrids or non SUV hybrids in Europe and all other EVs on the market are just as expensive as the Model 3 (€35-40k) while at the same time, offering less.

The M3 - without any government incentives - is still competitively priced here (assuming it'll start at €40k including taxes).

MKM3 | 2017年7月23日

Just to make my point clear, I didn't mean my post as criticism, it's just my personal preference to avoid first production years.

Tesla will blow the competition out of the water with even the first model year of the 3. The drive train and batteries have proven themselves many times over while the rest of the industry still tries to figure out charging and cell chemistry.

Placing Tesla on the same level as Toyota and Volvo is meant to be the highest praise I'm able to come up with.
I'm not a "car guy" (I don't give a flying f... about 0-60 and top speeds), I'm a tech guy who has to drive cars to get where I want / have to go with the least possible hassle and faults.
Comparing Tesla to other car companies, that steered clear of innovation for the last decades would feel like an insult.

Yeah, and I'm not a robot!

Shock | 2017年7月23日

tons of hearsay about this and I bet the options are not as limited as some may think out of the bat.

A better question is why wouldn't you get the first vehicles if you could? Absolutely they will have higher defect rates but this doesn't mean they'll be unacceptably high. And you'll have an extremely unique car that others can't get at almost any price.

HWF | 2017年7月23日

... because I just turned 77.

SamO | 2017年7月23日

Because I already waited 6.5 hours in a line on 3/31/16 and I'm done waiting. :-)

mamafuzbot | 2017年7月23日

Because I just put in my res today and by the time I get to purchase one I'm expecting the initial kinks will have been addressed. Plus I don't mind taking a risk here and there... adds to the excitement! :)

Shesmyne2 | 2017年7月23日

I'm not so sure I do.
With all this - still - speculation I'm reserving judgement until I actually see one live.
Our '12 S has some amazing features, but is lacking in certain areas as well.

We'll see-trying to contain myself...

Still Grinning ;-)

AJPHL | 2017年7月24日

Ready to ditch my ICE and break the gas station habit. Tesla has learned from making three other vehicle models, so I'm not concerned about waiting for kinks to be ironed out etc.

garyjtate | 2017年7月24日

I'm 69 and don't want to wait any damn longer!

andy.connor.e | 2017年7月24日

For me, its not about whether i get the 1st, 2nd or 3rd generation of this car. Its all about the new technology.

The way i see it, currently i own a 2009 Yaris, and i figure by the time my Model 3 is delivered, my current car will be ~10 years old. Granted, in the last 2.5 years i've owned it nothing has broken or needed to be replaced. But that goes without saying, the new technology is a better investment for the long term.

The sooner i can get out the better, because EV does not need oil changes, or any fluids for that matter. Obviously no gas, and there are many less engine components that are not present that an ICE vehicle has. I see it as, the sooner i can get rid of my gas car, the better the investment. A 10 year old EV vs a 10 year old ICE, is the difference of the EV just has some battery capacity degradation. The way the cars ware down is no where equivalent.

I think that the second generation would be the best in terms of quality vs time period. 2nd gen gives Tesla time to work out small details they may have missed on the first generation. But like i mentioned before, the sooner you can get involved in this new technology the more beneficial it will be for you in the future. Technology will inevitably change, so the sooner you can invest in it the better. You dont want to be the person who is in a state of desperation to get an EV because the entire global infrastructure is changing. Whereas, you'll already be a part of it.

Another long term investment potential to consider, whether you own a house or not, theres another step in which you can provide power to your car from solar panels. So imagine investing in technology that you could one day install a "personal gas station" in your garage.

LA-Fohlen | 2017年7月24日

In Tesla terms what is a first generation and a second, third... generation car. The improvements of Tesla's are different than with other manufacturers. Some of the early adopters might see more issues. But Tesla is very good making quick changes. For myself, I would have to wait until the later part of 2018. Is that still considered first generation?

neil.weinstock | 2017年7月24日

After driving a Prius for 9 years an EV is the next logical step. The M3 is the first potential car purchase I've actually been *excited* about in a looooong time.

I'm ready for the future right now, even though I'm not a robot.

cessna182 | 2017年7月24日

cars are now just transportation for me, (I am way beyond impressing people with my sled). I would have gone electric decades ago had the points of reliability, range, and cost had been met. The 3 is the first vehicle to do this. Once the reservations are filled, more people will want to abandon ice.

PhillyGal | 2017年7月24日

Because it's replacing a Hyundai. Need I say anything more?

dberto | 2017年7月24日

Because I'm not getting any younger and the '99 Acura I'm currently driving is old enough to vote in the next election.

Rutrow | 2017年7月24日

Voter fraud!!!

Acura wasn't born in this country! Probably voted for Crooked Hillary!!!

lilbean | 2017年7月24日


Ehninger1212 | 2017年7月24日

Because.... Tesla...

up north | 2017年7月24日

Hopefully it will have the new 4416 battery cell.

up north | 2017年7月24日

Will the model 3 have the col d weather package standard?