Level 1 charging in Europe?

Level 1 charging in Europe?

I will park my M3 in a garage where I have access to 220V cca 16A max.
It is clear that in the US you get a standard 110V charging cable for free
which is very slow but better then nothing.
I was wondering if we get the same cabe for 220V in Europe then it must
be faster then 110V so maybe no need for NEMA? (I commute 3 km daily :) )

MKM3 | 2017年7月23日

Nope. European UMC Schuko chargers offer pretty much the same speed of about 220V at ~10A which is around 2kW per hour, you may also have to reduce charging speed if your wiring isn't up to the task (old sockets).

If you want to get higher speeds in Europe, you'll have to use the "red adaptor" on the UMC and get a "camping socket" (IEC 60309) installed. It offers 400V at 16A on 3 phases which on the 230V charger of the Tesla equals ~11kW, speed equivalent to your NEMA, but with more complicated installation and wiring since it's 3 phased.

European Models have 3 phased 230V chargers built in, so swapping the US UMC with an EU one for a US car won't help at all.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 2017年7月23日

Yes. I believe the three phase 220V Level 1 ordinary power outlets in Europe are faster for AC charging than the 110V version used in the U.S. And yes, the supplied UMC that comes with the car should have the appropriate adapters for use in your territory. I'm not an electrician, and I don't know the math, so I can't tell you precisely how much faster it would be at charging for you than here. But certainly 'better than nothing', especially if you only commute 3 km per day.

Scuffers | 2017年7月25日

From Tesla website (UK):

What comes standard with your Tesla?

Tesla's come standard with a Mobile Connector, a cable which can be used for common outlets. The cable can be mounted with the following standard adapters:

Blue adapter for an industrial socket to charge the Tesla up to 22 miles of range per hour.
An adapter with domestic plug to connect to the Mobile Connector and to charge up to 6 miles of range per hour.
A separate Type 2 charging cable for public stations is included with the vehicle at delivery.**