Seven Cameras??

Seven Cameras??

I might have been hallucinating at the reveal (surrounded by fellow M3 enthusiasts and SpaceX and Tesla employees), but I could swear Elon talked about FSD and seven cameras. The MS/MX have eight cameras for FSD when it ultimately happens.

Did I mis-hear? Was it "seven ADDITIONAL" cameras? (That would be strange since the M3 never had just one camera.)

liftsrock | 2017年7月30日

At 22:30 of the Model 3 Handover Event video Elon mentioned that all Tesla models have 8 cameras.

Bighorn | 2017年7月30日

I saw an article mention 7 cameras as well.

Bighorn | 2017年7月30日

From Business Insider:

The Model 3 comes with seven cameras, one radar sensor, 12 ultrasonic sensors, and a new Nvidia Drive PX2 supercomputer to support Tesla's second-generation Autopilot system, dubbed Enhanced Autopilot.

baliga | 2017年7月30日

I believe there are 3 cameras in the front windshield along the rear-view mirror stalk, 2 on either side where the "T" logos are (one might mistake them to be side indicators), and 1 on either of the B-pillars. That does add up to 7. The 8th might be the rear view camera.

AmpedRealtor | 2017年7月30日

8th camer is the rear view. Front-facing is a triple, two on either side in the Tesla log lights, two in the B-pillars and one in the rear.

Tropopause | 2017年7月30日

Is it possible rear-view cam is NOT tied into the HW2/EAP/FSD suite?

rxlawdude | 2017年7月30日

So it sounds like it's 8 cameras total; it's equivocal if the rear-view camera is integrated into EAP/FSD. | 2017年7月30日

@Tropopause - Possible, but unlikely. The Model S/X pages both indicate 8 cameras for FSD. Specific text in FSD "This doubles the number of active cameras from four to eight..."

teslamodelx | 2017年7月30日

Tesaltap Certainly correct there! 8 cameras in total, like the MS & MX. They all will be sharing the same hardware technology. Kind of hard to justify paying 8k more to activate full self driving capabilities on a 35k Tesla!

Tropopause | 2017年7月30日

" Kind of hard to justify paying 8k more to activate full self driving capabilities on a 35k Tesla!"

True but would a person rather spend $80,000 + $8,000 or $40,000 + $8,000 for a vehicle with autonomous driving capability?

ir | 2017年7月30日

When it is raining even lightly, you're really down to 7 cameras as the rear camera will be looking through a giant water droplet.

The other cameras seem to be placed where there is enough air flow to theoretically keep them clear.