Autopilot activated post purchase?

Autopilot activated post purchase?

Leading up to the reveal on Friday, I was anticipating that I would likely get the base version and put up an extra $5K for autopilot. However, one of the features I have to have and was hoping to be standard isn't: power seats with driver profiles. Given that there will be multiple people driving the car, this is a must have for me, so I'm willing to pay $5K for the premium package instead of autopilot to get the other perks it comes with as well.

Has there been any indication that the current price structure of being able to activate autopilot after purchase for $6K would be different for the 3? Would still like to have it, but $40K is my limit for the time being.

JAD | 2017年7月30日

I would expect it to be the same as the S/X, all other options seem to be. they will want your $6k whenever you can pay it :)