Interactive Tesla Model 3 design

Interactive Tesla Model 3 design

I created this spreadsheet to help me design some EV conversion projects, but it can be used to fill in the blanks to infer missing Model 3 specs from known public data.

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I've assumed a slightly more conservative max motor RPM than the S, viz 16000RPM, which implies a final drive ratio ~9.5:1 on the 19" wheels for 130mph top speed.

Also implies a motor torque of about 330Nm, motor power ~ 200kW for a 5.5s 0-60, which give a fairly consistent current draw across the rev range

For 250 mile range battery must be around 60kWh for drag of 0.23 and frontal area of 1.9 (cf BMW model 3) and assuming same tyre as Model S.

Battery needs about 30 2170 cells in parallel to get a 4C ~500A discharge rate required by the accel curve

Kept the modules /pack at 96 to maintain the required motor voltage cf the Model S

So total cells would be 2880

Predicts a 0-100 mph time of ~12.5s, and about 24s to reach 130.

Make a copy of the sheet and have a play, see what you can find out!

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jetpax | 2017年8月3日

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drbob | 2017年8月4日