Who is getting the next Model 3s? After July 28

Who is getting the next Model 3s? After July 28

I am sure that more employees and those close to Tesla are getting additional cars.. the assembly line is running.. right?... if you got a car after July 28th.. please post here. Why all the secrecy around the KWH total in the cars.. I am guessing that it is lower than the Bolt.. which is no big deal.. make the batteries and car super efficient to make them cheaper.

I mean the car is released and we don't have any great photos or reviews... When Marques Brownlee drove the car, he was told he could not take pictures..why? why not? I mean, isn't it supposed to be rolling off the assembly line? shouldn't there be 100 more out there in August? They aren't all rolling off at once. Then in September.. who is getting one? Tesla can't make you sign a contract to buy the car and not allow you to sell it on. I am sure at least one of the first 'public buyers' will put his/her car up for sale to the highest bidder.. and someone will pay quite a bit to get it..

hmmm... why not just let a select few.. take a ton of photos.. and post them. (I know some will say that they are, but I don't know what the base model seats look like.. I don't know what it looks like without the glass roof.. and I haven't seen it go more than 30 miles an hour.. and that was at night.

I love it.. don't get me wrong.. but this is no longer a concept car hidden in secrecy, it is supposed to be rolling off the line.. for some.. they have been told that they will receive it in November. uh... that's... 3 months away.

I don't want to be negative.. I am a huge supporter.. not only in the car but in the stock. The secrecy is worrying me at this point.. not really a marketing tool.. but it seems like something is hiding.

So come on.. if you are driving a Model 3 back and forth from home to the factory.. give us a little tour.. please..


PhillyGal | 2017年8月4日

Yes employees, and no, they won't be posting here about it.;

But you will see the first person here who is a non-employee post when they take delivery. Not only because it's awesome but because we have a friendly bet about the date that will occur.

b8schris | 2017年8月4日

I just don't know why we have to wait until someone from the public gets the car.. to really learn about the car.

dsvick | 2017年8月4日

You don't have to wait for someone from the public to get one to find out about it. You just need to wait until an employee that is in to youtubing gets one. There have only been 30 or so delivered so far, it's quite possible none of them are really into videoing everything.

yuriy81 | 2017年8月4日

because this is not really an official release of model 3.Tesla might call it like that but it is not actual start of the sale.
All first 30 employees must have Non disclosure agreements signed. Tesla has "skipped" a step in model development in public. What they now do is really testing it real world before a final release.