100d actual range ???

100d actual range ???

We are getting a 100d, and rated range is 295. What are you guys getting in actuality on the freeway going 79/80?

Also, what are your whr/mi running?

DaddyP713 | 2017年8月11日

At that speed, I recall getting 210-230 miles on our trip out west.

Wh/mile depends a lot on terrain. I think we saw close to 400 at that speed.

scabello800 | 2017年8月11日

270 miles to 0. Not sure if there is more range below 0. This is driving long distances going 65-80mph. I never got to 0 but I have gotten to 20-30 enough times to extrapolate. I got a warning once to slow down to 55mph or I wouldnt make it to the next SC. I slowed down for 5 miles to make the car happy (warning disappeared) and went normal the remaining 15-20 miles. Also this is recognizing that I need range so I sometimes wouldnt pass where I otherwise would. I think if I never exceeded 65-70 I could have gone 290 miles. But speed limit on I5 is 70mph so I always try to go 80 or so.