xm station menu

xm station menu

With the newest upgrade, I finally was able to receive all the XM station categories (ie sports, pop, rock, talk, news), etc. Now it disappeared again leaving only a few categories and only a few stations in each category. Has anyone else had their categories show up then disappear?

Tjh2 | 2017年8月17日

I have the same problem. I called service months ago and they promised to get back to me twice to no avail. Why can't they fix this bug? Anyone from Tesla executive group reading this?

SoCal Buzz | 2017年8月17日

Same issue. Only 3 or 4 categories show up, but can still access every channel by forwarding 1 at a time.

eric | 2017年8月18日

Same here. The Tesla intern in charge of the XM interface doesn't seem to be very good, and no one seems to review his/her coding before they roll it out to the masses.

bp | 2017年8月18日

Had this problem with our S 100D when it was delivered in March.

The service center installed several firmware updates - and was able to get the station list to populate. The next day, it was gone.

Tesla has been aware of this problem since 8.0 was released last fall - it appears to affect most (if not all) cars produced after 8.0 was released, with XM activated.

It's not a problem on the XM side - and it doesn't appear to matter how often you get XM to re-activate the subscription - the Tesla media player isn't storing and retaining the station list.

And to make matters worse, as part of the user interface "improvements" introduced into the media player for 8.0, someone at Tesla thought it would be a good idea to simplify the XM display by removing the station slider. Prior to 8.0, there was a slider similar to AM & FM, that allowed you to quickly jump to any XM station number. With 8.0, that disappeared.

So now we're stuck with no station list - and no station information - and no station slider.

Changing to a new XM station is a major challenge - since you can only jump forward/backward one station number at a time.

My recommendation is to do this once for several stations - and make them favorites. And use the favorites to get you close to the block where your station is located.

For example, we've saved a favorite for the first MLB play-by-play station, and then we only have to single step from there to find the specific game we want. We'll do the same when NFL and NBA start playing.

It's surprising that we're approaching a year - and this problem still hasn't been fixed...