16 stall!!! supercharger in Manchester, CT (UPDATE)

16 stall!!! supercharger in Manchester, CT (UPDATE)

Just learned and saw it with my own eyes, there is a 16, yes 16 stall supercharger site currently being built in Manchester CT. It is right off RT 84 and is a real easy on and off. This has not been listed on Tesla SC page as a future site nor was it on the site.
As for the lack of it being on Tesla's SC plans, there may be a reason. Currently there is an 8 stall site in West Hartford, yet they indicate that there will be another site in West Hartford. One of our Tesla Owners Club members reach out to Tesla and they said it was on their plan to be online by the end of 2017. So if they planned on having another site in West Hartford and then it would make no sense to add this one in Manchester, which is only 18 miles from West Hartford. So, I suspect they misplaced the gray dot. With this location, and the soon to be finished site in Danbury, RT 84 will be completely covered in CT for those traveling to MA. Danbury to West Hartford, 54 miles. West Hartford to Manchester, 15 miles and Manchester to Auburn, MA site 50 miles.
As for what is near by food wise. There are 2 burger places, Five Guys and Artisnal Burgers as well as a noodle place within a 2 min walk. Within a 5 min walk there is a Taco Bell and Boston Market. For those needing a serious nap, there is a Hampton Inn Suites.

Just a quick up as of Oct 6th. Everything is seemingly done with the site. All that appears to be missing is a "minor thing" and that is the transformer. The cement pad is there with a whole bunch of wires/cables sticking out.

Such a pretty sight seeing 16 shiny white/silver/red in a row........

ReD eXiLe ms us | 2017年10月1日

Congratulations to those New England travelers who will make use of this site!

Shameful that a joint named 'Taco Bell' doesn't actually serve food. Weren't all restaurants supposed to be Taco Bell by now?

jordanrichard | 2017年10月1日

you are correct, I should have left Taco Bell out as food and just labeled it as subsidence.......

This will help those traveling from NY to Boston. If one were traveling on 84 from NY would be bee lining for the MA pike. The distance between the existing West Hartford site to the Auburn MA site is almost 70 miles. Having this additional site in Manchester should give people an option to skip other chargers. Again if coming from NY and one charges in Danbury (once finished of course) and the West Hartford site is full, they can press on to Manchester with an overall distance of only 70 miles from Danbury.

I am really curious though on how they determine the number of stalls to put in. Previously the record for the largest number of stalls on the East Coast was the 14 stall site at the CT Post Mall in Milford.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 2017年10月1日

Probably determined by a combination of factors. How many vehicles take that route. Suggestions or demands by current owners. Distribution of local interest in Model 3, or growing sales of Model S and Model X in the region. The number of parking spaces at a shopping center or parking structure that could be set aside for vehicle charging only. Yeah, lots of stuff.

Hi_Tech | 2017年10月1日

Excellent news.
Especially important since the rest area near New Haven only has 2 spots... now I should be able to skip it and get to Manchester.
Know what exit it's off of?

KP in NPT | 2017年10月1日

@Hi_Tech are you referring to the Milford I95 rest area site? 2 stalls in each (N/S) direction, but a new 14 stall Milford site at the CT post mall opened a few months ago - just another option. ;)

Hi_Tech | 2017年10月1日

@KP, yes. But, it can be a pain to get to the rest area, find it with 2 cars, with heavy traffic, so you don't want to go backwards (when going north/east bound).

noleaf4me | 2017年10月1日

More to guess is Tesla may someday sell these off to Exxon as no one will be needing their distribution system in 10-15 years.....

Vikman | 2017年10月1日

Maybe I should drive around the proposed spot in Old Lyme to see if anything is going on there. Next town over for me

jordanrichard | 2017年10月1日

Hi_Tech, KP was talking about the 14 stall site at the CT Post Mall that is literally within sight of RT 95. It is an easy on and off.

For this Manchester site, if you are traveling East on 84, it is exit 60 for the Buckland Hills Mall. At the end of the exit, turn left. At the second traffic light, turn left onto Pleasant Valley Rd. The plaza is on your right, but the chargers are at the far end. So once you have turned onto Pleasant Valley Rd., go to the second traffic light and turn right, you will see the chargers.

If you are traveling West, it is also exit 60 but at the end of the exit, turn left onto Pleasant Valley Rd. And then at the first light, turn right.

Oh one other food option within sight of the chargers, but across Pleasant Velly Rd., is Hooters.

jordanrichard | 2017年10月6日

I had thought by updating the original post would have bumped this thread up, but apparently not.

Site is done except for a "small detail" and that is the transformer. All the signage is in place, the area has been cleaned up. Just the fencing around the site remains. BTW, the signage says "Tesla Vehicle Charging Only". All 16 signs say this versus some allowing general parking.

Anyways, I will check in on the supercharger site on a daily basis, awaiting the all important transformer.

dyefrog | 2017年10月6日

"I am really curious though on how they determine the number of stalls to put in. Previously the record for the largest number of stalls on the East Coast was the 14 stall site at the CT Post Mall in Milford."

They opened up a 20 stall a month ago in Albany at Crossgates Mall.

Rocky_H | 2017年10月6日

Why is there another of this same thread in every single section of the forum?

dyefrog | 2017年10月6日

My guess would be that not every owner or would be owner reads the General Forum.

jordanrichard | 2017年10月6日

Because I put the same thread on every forum except the Roadster just so that word got out.

Dyefrog, 20!!!! In Albany? I knew they open a supercharger site there but didn't realize it was that big.

Garyeop | 2017年10月6日

Taco Bell is preferred grease coat for the wood.

I would also like to know which supercharger sites are powered by Solar and power walls. That is dream, after all. Cooling the world.

Hi_Tech | 2017年10月7日

@Jordan Richard- thanks for the details. I'll have to check out the site once they've opened.

jordanrichard | 2017年10月16日


So not much else has happened since I posted last except that they landscaped the area, placing tall evergreen shrubs in front of the white charging cabinets. The put blacktop sealant on all of the spots and re-striped it. there are two cement mounts for new parking light poles. The fencing is down and people are driving by to get a closer look. This site is located at 1 of the 2 entrances/exit points for the plaza, so there is a lot of visibility especially at night with the name TESLA brightly lit, 16 times.

Still no transformer and obviously that is the key component.

Just a heads up, we (Tesla Owners-Connecticut) will be holding a meet up at this site once it is powered up/working. So be on the look out for that announcement. We certainly welcome anyone to come by, especially Model 3 reservationist. Our goal as a club is to help new/soon to be owners adjust to living in the future.....:-)