What a garbage forum site: please call in professionals

What a garbage forum site: please call in professionals

Surely no one has seen a less professional site: why would I bother, but I need to learn all about Powerwall, grids and panels.
Why would I bother with this sicko site?
Tesla: wake up!
I can get you a decent forum producer, same as you can.
Get with it guys, this forum site is USELESS

zubinanary | 2017年10月2日

TMC has another user forum for Tesla Energy production in which you can connect with a larger audience of current customers, future customers, those learning before making the purchase, and those drooling over the idea who can't get one at this time.

grabapencil | 2017年10月4日

I also find it pretty difficult to navigate here, when searching for concrete information.

bruceplmail | 2017年10月8日

This maze access to the forum is absurd. Click through several web pages to get here after login. Tesla is not interested in receiving input from cutomers. That is clear. They don't have the knowledgeable staff to deal with any challenging input.

Ross1 | 2017年10月30日

Got a surprise when I found it was me wrote this OP.

And it is still useless.

Ross1 | 2017年11月30日

bump. it is still worse even than the other fora.

AMCLIAO | 2017年12月6日

You are a TWAT Ross1

harrye | 2017年12月7日

@amcliao, there is no need to be rude. Please go somewhere else - thanks!