Tinting windows -Model S

Tinting windows -Model S

Has anyone gone and gotten their S windows tinted? I live in FL and a majority of people get their windows tinted (after market). I've read that the tinting on the Model S and X is very difficult. Appreciate any thoughts... thanks

stevew737 | 2017年10月5日

I live in South Fl and I got the windows tinted on my S. They look almost black, I wanted the darkest possible shade, and it was not at all difficult for the tinting shop to do them. The work was done while my girlfriend and I went out to lunch .

NomoDinos | 2017年10月5日

Hi Rudka,

The X is definitely tricky to do in one piece, but a really good installer can do it. The S isn't nearly as bad, but if you have a glass roof and would like to do that, of course it adds to the difficulty level.

I had Spectra Photosync placed on all the glass surfaces on my S, and my wife had Llumar of some kind. The windows do have some degree of UV protection and heat rejection, but we are very happy with the results.

Don't know any in FL, but just make sure they've done some Teslas, and it should be all good.

Silver2K | 2017年10月5日

My CPO has all tinted windows. The guys are mt kisco were in awe of my MS. I asked service what's the big deal with my car and they said tesla doesn't offer factory tint

Silver2K | 2017年10月5日

I'm glad because in N.Y. they have to remove them now during inspection.

eztider | 2017年10月6日

I got everything tinted - front, back, sides, pano roof. Rear windows darker than the fronts. Very light on the windshield and the roof.

the.hulk | 2017年10月6日

I had Huper Optik appiled to all windows and the rear windshield, 30% all around. So far so good.

SteveZzz | 2017年10月6日

The company that will be detailing my new S-100D has suggested a 30% tint on all windows except the front. His thinking is, it will help to add to the total range during the summer, since there would be less need to run the air-conditioning.

Does anyone on this board have a view to how effective this might be?

Silver2K | 2017年10月6日

The a/c does effect range, but not as much as you might think.

kerryglittle | 2017年10月8日

Use a high end shop that uses a laser cutter so all the window sizes will be perfect. I think its better than shops that just use an razor blade to trim around the edges. I actually had mine done through Tesla. I know they will only use the best shop to do the work. You should get a warranty with the workmanship and materials in case you have problems with bubbles or another defect. Don't cheap out on it as you will be looking at your windows every day. :-}

Tldickerson | 2017年10月8日

kerryglittle, I've been in the auto glass business since 1967 and never heard of laser cutters for window tinting film for cars. Can you imagine just how many patterns they would need to have! A good installer can do wonders with a mini xacto knife. If you don't know of anyone in the business then I'm sure your local Tesla shop will recommend who they use. No since in having them get it done and marking up the cost.

pks | 2017年10月8日

Yesterday 10-7-17 I had my Model S tinted with Photosync (35% doors & rear and 75% windshield) done in San Diego by Monumental Workx. It was expensive ($ 1,100.00). They used a cutter and the tint was installed perfectly.

The tint is still drying, on the car, so I would have to do an update as to value.

Jeff Hudson | 2017年10月8日

I hope anybody reading this thread realizes heavy window tinting is dangerous. Heck even moderate window tinting is dangerous. Dangerous how you ask? Any obstruction to seeing the driver from outside the vehicle is dangerous. Most people do not realize how important and useful eye contact between drivers can be, e.g., at at 4 way stop.

It is worth noting that my Tesla does not get any hotter with the windows rolled up than any previous vehicle I've owned in Alabama during the summer or winter and the climate control works as well or better than any previous car as well.

Chris365 | 2017年10月8日

Has anyone in CA gotten all windows tinted at 70% (meaning 70% of light is let in)? That’s the legal limit for front driver/passenger tinting in CA. I’d like to see what 70% all around looks like if you don’t mind posting a photo. Thanks!

kerryglittle | 2017年10月9日

@Tldickerson yeah we have them around in Canada anyways. They look like a huge printer and yes many programs they use for them to get the perfect for for your car. I had my 911 Porsche done by the one in town. It was pretty slick and did a great job.

sylhaney | 2019年9月15日

Looking to get our 2019 Model S windows tinted in Arizona. Anyone have positive experience with a particular company and tint type? Is going through Tesla the best way to go? Thanks for your help.

PrescottRichard | 2019年9月15日

Where are you in AZ? If you’re in the Phoenix area there’s a AZ Tesla Enthusiasts group with lots of opinions on what to get and where to go.

Here in Prescott I went to a place in PV that does good work, not sure if they have all the options there are in Phoenix.