Homelink stopped working (doesn't seem to be transmitting)

Homelink stopped working (doesn't seem to be transmitting)

My MX is 1 week old (today). It programmed both of my garages no problem and worked great for a few days (including auto open and close). Then a day or 3 ago it stopped working. Even manually pressing the garage door on the screen did noting.

I reprogrammed it (which worked and shows the garages will open and respond to the command) but after that it stopped working AND doesn't show that its transmitting (the green sideways bars that show when the code is being sent). Even manually pressing each door that is saved does not show thats its transmitting (and doesn't open/close the door)

I deleted the garages last night completely and reprogrammed them again, same thing. Worked fine while programming and then this AM, nothing (and manually pressing the homelink button does not show the transit signal)

Whats even more nuts is that when I deleted the garages to completely empty out the system, it actually opened the garage as I was deleting it which shows that it had the codes and could work.

I think its just not transmitting.

im on 2017.38 f87c64d5 which was updated Tuesday and may have been when this stopped working but im not 100% sure.

Really need a solution here.

Im gonna try telling it to NOT auto open and close when I get home to see if that helps in any way...

sameerdmc | 2017年10月6日

I am facing the exact same problem too.. Have a service appointment today..will update when I know more.

lpjakob | 2017年10月6日

I have the same exact problem on new MX 100D delivered on 9/29, same software version as you. After three days of homelink working perfectly, it just stopped working. I had to go through the whole reprogram sequence to get it to work. Auto open and close does not seem to be the reason. I agree with your assessment that it is simply not transmitting the signal since even clicking on the homeline icon results in no signal. When I clicked on "reprogram", like you, my garage door opened. However, no signal was transmitted with any other choices. So far after reprogramming, it is working. Will see if it reappears again after three days. This may be a software issue with 2017.38 since no one else is reporting this issue and only the newest vehicles seem to have this version. I put one of our transmitters in the MX just in case.

douglux | 2017年10月6日

Interesting that we are all seeing this. Sameerdmc please keep up updated.

lpjakob | 2017年10月6日

Another member reported the same problem on a different thread, also has new MX. See copied below:
Tdreamer | October 5, 2017
Interesting report on the Homelink issue. I’ve had my MX for almost two weeks now without issues. Yesterday I started having connectivity issues between my phone mobile app and the car. Also noted homelink didn’t transmit to close garage door as I was leaving -even with multiple attempts. A reboot of the center console cleared both issues. It happened to me again this morning for the second day in a row. Other than that, loving my X.

douglux | 2017年10月6日

Interesting that it seems to be exclusive to new cars. Maybe the an issue with the homelink unit? (100% pure speculation).

sameerdmc | 2017年10月6日

My Air conditioner stopped working too with in 2 weeks of ownership. So dropping it off tonight at SC. Will update when I get it back.. | 2017年10月6日

I've helped owners with a lot of Homelink issues in the past, but these sound quite different. Hopefully service will identify the issue. I suspect a possible software bug, but perhaps a bad batch of homelink modules. The modules are made for Tesla by Gentex, the company that owns Homelink and has a ton of related patents.

Here's a troubleshooting guide I made for Homelink (which I don't think will help anyone here, but may give some better understanding of the system):

BmoreTesla | 2017年10月6日

My X worked just fine until the most recent update. It was actually pretty flawless since then end of July when I got it. However, in all candor, it has been in and out of the shop for a total of over month (A host of issues, and fixing delivery flaws), so my data set is not complete. But part of the most recent service visit was the system not updating, it turns out due to a faulty sensor. My X was updated to the latest software version, and Homelink did not work when I got it home. I reprogrammed it, but it seems wonky, and I could not even get it to manually close or open (by pressing the icon on the screen) the last couple of days when it failed, although sometimes it worked. I did notice it was not giving the little send symbol (looks like --))))). I think it is the latest software update.

cowtown | 2017年10月6日

First comment on the forums...

We just picked up our X a few weeks ago. We started having problems with the Homelink too.

Have appt with SC next week to resolve a few minor delivery issues, Homelink was on my punchlist.

I'll see what they say.

We Love our X!

Tdreamer | 2017年10月6日

@lpjakob, thanks for adding my post here. Yes, I’ve now had this issue happen three days I a row. I did not have to reprogram Homelink. Rebooting the center console solved it each time. Another odd, but probably unrelated issue today ~ was on a two hour highway drive and about 30 minutes into it the center console became unresponsive and media stopped playing. I got brave and rebooted the consistency @ 80mph with AP engaged. Problem resolved and I’m still here. I guess the AP control is independent from the central display compute.

douglux | 2017年10月6日

Rebooting center console worked (for now). Certainly not a permanent fix.

Bonlaw | 2017年10月6日

9/29 deliver of X. Stopped transmitting after 2017.38.4.

lpjakob | 2017年10月6日

When leaving our home this morning, the Homelink failed again. Same problem, it is not transmitting the signal, no chime and no ))))) We noticed that at both times the failure occurred, I stopped the car once it was out of the garage to load luggage and passengers before proceeding down the drive way. Was wondering if anyone else had a pause to take on passengers/luggage before the failure? We are on a road trip so I won't know until next week what happens when we return. I will take Tdreamer's solution and reboot the main screen instead of reprograming Homelink. Have traveled about 700 miles with no other problems. Looking forward to hearing from those who have SC appointments.

Bparekh19 | 2017年10月7日

I picked up my model x 9/23 and facing the same homelink issues. Rebooting the center console has helped. Another thing that has helped is to get out of the car lock and turn it off completely then walk back in and try.

skip8jones | 2017年10月7日

Maybe related, maybe not. Yesterday afternoon, we stopped in Santa Fe, NM, at the SC for electrons and noticed that we could not get a charging update on our Tesla AP. We took delivery of our MX on 9/26, same time period as cars noted above. By late evening, the AP was able to connect to report charge level.

douglux | 2017年10月7日

Happened again this am when I left. Reset worked and it still held when I got home. I’m assuming it’ll be broken when I leave again.

Tropopause | 2017年10月7日

It's not just X's having this issue. I picked up my S on 9/26 and am having same results. I'm hoping a bad OTA was the culprit.

SteveMost | 2017年10月7日

Should a thread on 2017.38 be started?
Seems like a few of us with new deliveries and the new FW are having similar problems.
@TeslaTap/@Burdogg ?? | 2017年10月7日

I don't have 38 yet (still on 34). This seems like the right thread for it - not sure there are any other issues with 38 yet.

lpjakob | 2017年10月7日

May be another issue with 2017.38, not consistent but it has happened now three times. After reversing, driver mirror stays in the down/reverse position, not returning to saved driver setting in profile that is active. I have to manually reposition the mirror and save again in profile. We were driving around today with multiple stops, reversing three times. This problem occurred two out of the three times. Also, media being played does not resume when returning to the car. Again, this seems to happen at the same time as mirror not returning to driving position. When the mirror did return to driver position, the current album that was playing previously continued to play. When the mirror stayed in down position, no music played. Could Homelink not transmitting, mirror staying in reverse position, and music not continuing for active profile being used represent the same failure in the software? Seems all these issues are related to saved profiles. Just a thought. Maybe a new thread for 2017.38 problems should be started.

GoTeslaChicago | 2017年10月7日

Picked my new Model X 100D on Saturday 9/30/2017.
(courtesy of Climate XChange

Within 3 days, the air conditioner stopped working, and then the Homelink. Homelink works sometimes after changing the settings, but mostly not. Tried rebooting to solve the air conditioner issue with no luck, have not yet tried rebooting to cure the Homelink issue.

Software version .38

Will be going into the Service Center soon.


NetBear | 2017年10月7日

Confirmed that this issue started with the latest software upgrade. The prior version was 100% accurate with HomeLink on my MX. Since the update, Homelink stops transmitting after a period of time. Resetting the main screen will fix this issue temporarily. The codes are still there. But within 24-hours my MX again loses its ability to transmit HomeLink codes.

I've had to put a backup garage door clicker in the car. How embarrassing.

onigame | 2017年10月7日

My Model X is about 6 months old and this started happening to me about a week ago.

MX75D VGK | 2017年10月8日

Had my MX delivered on on September 22; EXACT same issue.

browjeffk | 2017年10月8日

Same here - New X 100D , (9/6, 2Kmi, software up to date) Homelink worked without any problems for over three weeks, but is now going out at least once per day. After rebooting it will work once or twice then go out again. Have to reboot every time I come home to get into the garage. In addition, the Nav system freezes every several days; rebooting usually also temporarily fixes that problem.

browjeffk | 2017年10月8日

Same here - New X 100D , (9/6, 2Kmi, software up to date) Homelink worked without any problems for over three weeks, but is now going out at least once per day. After rebooting it will work once or twice then go out again. Have to reboot every time I come home to get into the garage. In addition, the Nav system freezes every several days; rebooting usually also temporarily fixes that problem.

PS V -2017.38f87c64d5

Evan | 2017年10月8日

This is unscientific but the problem does not seem to happen if I turn off power save mode, presumably because it is related to waking up from sleep mode. Turning off until they fix.

Singh.jaspreet | 2017年10月8日

Exact same issue on my two week old MX

No transmit every morning, reprogramming opens the garage. Reboot fixes it temporarily. I have two gates configured as well.

Please report if the service visit fixed it for anyone.

Rtthomassatx | 2017年10月9日

On October 4, I sent the following e-mail to :

“I have a 2017 Model X 75D Vin 5YJXCBE27HF063864, took delivery on Sept. 20. The delivery person showed me how to set up the Homelink for my garage door, and it worked just fine. Then I did the software update 2017.38 f87c64d5 a week ago.

My Homelink no longer worked. I called the Tesla support line, and he had me do a reset (hold down both steering wheel buttons together until the touchscreen went blank). I then deleted my old Homelink definition and added a new one. The garage door then worked on pressing the Homelink button. I pulled the car into my garage and left it for the day.

The next morning pressing the Homelink button no longer worked. So I deleted that definition and added another. That then worked fine until I turned the car off again. Then it stopped working.

I’ve noticed that when it does work, it shows a “broadcasting” image on the button as if it was sending out the signal. Now when it doesn’t work that signal does not appear.

Can you help? Thanks! “

As of today, I’ve not heard back. I have no other problems with my car, and now carry my garage door opener in my console. Seems like there is a bug in the latest software update.

lpjakob | 2017年10月10日

Just an update, (MX 100D, delivered 9/29, software V 2017.38 f87c64d5). Confirmed when Homelink fails, music also does not resume. Left on 4-day trip Friday, Homelink did not close the garage and music was silent when we left. We did not do any reset or anything else during our trip. When we returned home, we had the music playing and Homelink opened the garage right when we turned into our driveway. This morning, Homelink did not close the garage and again, the music was silent. When returning home, again music was silent, Homelink did not open the garage. During all these failures, Homelink showed active on the Touchscreen, chime was given but no transmit icon ever showed. After manually opening the garage door and parking, I performed a Touchscreen reset...guess what, the music started to play right where we left off the day before and Homelink worked. Obviously this is not a Homelink problem but a problem with software v 2017.38 f87c64d5. I sent a support request to Tesla 10/5 through My Tesla but have had no response. Has anyone had the SC correct this issue or given any information that Tesla is aware of this issue? Would be great to hear any SC guidance. I don't want to take the car in when there is no fix as of yet and I'm happy to say with almost 1K miles, this is the only problem we are having.

Vawlkus | 2017年10月10日

The music not resuming is likely independent of the Homelink fault. I do not use Homelink, but I do have the music failing to resume regularly. It’s not EVERY time, just most of the time.

lpjakob | 2017年10月10日

I don't believe the two our independent but that is up to Tesla to figure out. What I have recorded is that every time Homelink fails, the music resume also fails. I have never had the music resume and play and have Homelink fail. I agree the two are separate functions but I believe the failure in software v 2017.38 f87c64d5 code is related. It would be helpful for anyone else to comment on any common failure with music resuming and Homelink not transmitting.

lpjakob | 2017年10月10日

Sorry, typo, should be "are"

Tdreamer | 2017年10月10日

I would be curious to hear if anyone has had a response from Tesla after submitting something using the web form on MyTesla. I submitted two general questions using MyTesla, and then one “management escalation” (asking why I had not had a response to the first two) and not one reply yet on any of the three. I presume the reply would be via email or phone call to the contact info on my account. The two issues were basic new owner stuff - something I probably could get easily answered here in the forums. But I wanted to “test out” Tesla support as a new owner and am disappointed with the lack of response so far.

gatordoc | 2017年10月10日

Same problem here with Model S purchased in March. Homelink stopped working after many months, and now won't let me re-program. Music resume is also affected. Seems related to last update.

gatordoc | 2017年10月10日

Same problem here with Model S purchased in March. Homelink stopped working after many months, and now won't let me re-program. Music resume is also affected. Seems related to last update.

nutner | 2017年10月10日

Same homelink issue, reboot works for a short while. Also had the AC die after 3 days, chiller replaced, but homelink still not working.

DannyB | 2017年10月11日

My car is a 2014 Model S, delivered in September, 2014. All worked perfectly well until the latest update. First, audio tracks didn't load from USB (and occasionally streaming radio), and now Homelink stopped working.

lpjakob | 2017年10月11日

Tdreamer, I left a question regarding Homelink not working as covered in this thread in My Tesla on 10/5, I have not received any response. Since no one has posted a response from Tesla yet on this issue, it seems we have no official answer.

sameerdmc | 2017年10月11日

So, I just got my MX back from service and they said this homelink issue is affecting owners nationwide and is likely a software glitch which TESLA engineers are actively working on as of now. When I reached home tonight, my car shows an available update. Who knows if this might fix the issue..We shall see..

SoCalTimmay | 2017年10月12日

Same issue here... Took delivery of a new X100D on September 29th, running s/w version 2017.38 f87c64d5. Homelink worked flawlessly for the first week and a half, and then stopped working all together the past couple days. Now carrying an old garage door clicker for backup... :-/

sameerdmc | 2017年10月12日

Nope! It has not fixed it..

douglux | 2017年10月12日

Yup. I can 2nd the motion that the latest update does not fix it.

Rtthomassatx | 2017年10月12日

Per Evan’s post above, I turned OFF Power Save three days ago, then rebooted via the two button steering wheel method. I didn’t do any reprogramming, because the homelink started working immediately. It has continued to work just fine since, like before I upgraded to the current software. I’ll leave Power Save off until Tesla gets us a fix.

NHKIM | 2017年10月12日

New update tonight, will check tomorrow to see if it solves the issue. Exact same symptoms as OP. 75D, delivered mid SEPT but built 28 AUG.

santhu_pp | 2017年10月12日

I had the same problem with my 75D. fixed after reprogramming homelink.

lpjakob | 2017年10月13日

Just an update to this thread. Software v 2017.38 f87c64d5 was updated last night to 2017.40.1 e29b97f. I am out of town (driving MB S550e) for the next couple of weeks so I cannot comment on the changes. If anyone else has received this new 2017.40.1 update, perhaps they can comment. The only issue we have had with our MX 100D delivered on 9/29 with the .38 version has been Homelink stops working and music resume stops working. Now that we have received our first over the air update, we really feel like Tesla owners.

MX75D VGK | 2017年10月13日

Here is what I heard from the SC on this issue: "Your Homelink issue has been traced back to a firmware problem, which we can push to the car on-site but this could take 2-3 hours to successfully install the firmware"

Tdreamer | 2017年10月13日

Can you remotely initiate/approve the installation of an update? I’m out of town and would be happy to return home to an updated 2017.40.1 X.

douglux | 2017年10月13日

to be clear

2017.40.1 e29b97f does NOT fix this