Tesla PW survey email

Tesla PW survey email

I have just responded to the PW II survey email. The input boxes are not large enough to contain all the improvements I would like to see but I've managed to squeeze a few suggestions in.

patrick40363 | 2017年11月8日

Where do you live? I am still waiting for a survey.

Tesla-David | 2017年11月8日

Yes, where do you live? I live in NW Washington State and have not received any survey!

sashton | 2017年11月8日

UK but it did not appear to have any regional restriction :-

Congratulations again on being one of our first Powerwall 2 owners and joining the energy revolution. As with any new product rollout, we are eager to learn about your experience and improve the customer journey. We value your opinion and thank you in advance for your time.

....and a button to start the survey

patrick40363 | 2017年11月8日

I am looking for the site survey where you send in pictures of the area to use for installation.