Non-leather seat feature

Non-leather seat feature

I reserved the model 3 and I am wondering where I can choose the interior features to have non-leather seats.

Does anyone know about this?

jwbrewer89 | 2017年11月14日

They've said that will be an option when they launch the base model 3 (textile seating). Theoretically you could still get the long range battery pack with textile seating at that time. Currently, they are only producing the long range model with the premium interior, which includes the vegan leather seats.

Electric_Sheeple | 2017年11月14日

I recently drove a Model S with standard "cloth" seats. They were the nicest "non-leather /standard" seats I've ever seen. If you're choosing the standard model (like I am), just remember you're purchasing a TESLA standard model. Every detail will be much nicer than any other auto company.

JPPTM | 2017年11月14日

No leather is used on the seats--just a synthetic (like MB-tex).

eeb9 | 2017年11月14日

I actually would prefer cloth over the leather (fake or otherwise), but the leather-ish seats are part of the PuP bundle, unfortunately | 2017年11月14日

Yep, JPPTM is right. Leather was dropped for all Tesla vehicles earlier this year. The ultraleather type material they use now should have about 10 times the wear resistance over leather and is far harder to stain. To me it also feels softer - a very nice alternative (and I have leather on my S).

Haggy | 2017年11月16日

I remember not so many years ago when a leather jacket cost hundreds of dollars, but these days I can get a decent one for $75 at Costco due to the glut of leather on the market. Had leather stayed expensive, then intrinsically "better" seats might have seemed like a cost cutting measure and less premium than real leather, but these days leather is seen as premium only because that was the case back when cheap vinyl seats were standard on non-premium interiors.