CNBC's Melissa Lee takes on Bob Lutz (and wins!)

CNBC's Melissa Lee takes on Bob Lutz (and wins!)

Of course the day after the Tesla Semi and Roadster unveiling, Bob Lutz has to come out to badmouth Tesla again. This time he sets himself up to look like a fool as Melissa Lee turns his bogus statements against him. Go Melissa!

Have a look:

Al1 | 2017年11月17日

Bob Lutz does look like a fool. He also sounds like a fool. And more he speaks more he sounds like a fool.

SamO | 2017年11月17日

Why doesn't GM or Ford just make a desireable car, Bob?

A: "It's like the Matrix where everyone takes the blue pill."

JESUS . . . everyone takes the RED PILL so they can see reality. Everyone takes the blue pill so they can be put back into the Matrix so they don't actually ever see reality.

Bob . . . totally accidentally . . . told the truth about himself. He's taken the blue pill. And not just the one to make his shriveled caterpillar crawl again.

SamO | 2017年11月17日

Q: Why can't gm produce a desirable electric car

A: "By 2021 GM will have many many electric cars on the road ." - Bob Lutz

LUTZ THE FUCKING PUTZ cannot get his head out of his ass. Answer the question . . . why can't GM make a desirable EV?

SO | 2017年11月17日

1. Why do people keep saying Tesla sells a Model S at a loss?

2. Why doesn’t anyone ever call out Lutz on this?

If Tesla makes over 25% on each car sold but spends that profit into expansion of another product, I don’t call that a loss for the original sale.

SO | 2017年11月17日

Also, why didn’t anyone call out Lutz when he said Model S sales are not that great? Considering they outsell others in the same class, that’s significant. And they almost always go up year over year.

And just because the Bolt supposedly outsold the S in one month means nothing. Tesla shifts deliveries to other countries at times.

I hope Lutz lives another few years so he can see how wrong he is. But his obvious extreme jealousy may kill him sooner than that.

Al1 | 2017年11月17日

I wonder why anybody would even ask this guy about Tesla? He could speak about anything! Best vacation destinations, allergies, land reform in Tanzania.

His days at GM a century ago.

But why Tesla? He never understood Tesla, or electric cars for that matter. He has never created a product that would come even close to the excitement each of Elon's products create.

blue adept | 2017年11月17日


"He never understood Tesla, or electric cars for that matter."

Much the same is the case with each and every other naysayer/short seller, they just cannot comprehend...That, or they do understand and, realizing the ramifications of Tesla's impact on the ICE industry, are trying to belittle what even they can see coming so they might manage to hold on just a little longer.

It's really quite...pathetic...when you think about it.

Coastal Cruiser. | 2017年11月18日

At one point Lutz took the red pill. He pushed for battery powered cars.

Then he saw the truth of how badly the new reality sucked for GM.

And he said: "Why oh why didn't I take the blue pill?"

Then he got a call from Agent Smith. | 2017年11月18日

Poor old Bob (age 85) just doesn't get it.

Tesla gross profits on Models S and X are in the 20-25% range, double those of GM.
They spend all the profits and more to grow the company. They are growing and will continue to grow at a fantastic rate. A few years ago they sold a handful of Roadsters. Now they are already in the area of $10 Billion in revenue.

Tesla is far from perfect. Nuts, bolts and algorithms are flying in all directions but by now most people believe they will deliver on the hype, maybe a little later than they estimate. By this time next year the stumbling to get the M3 launched will be forgotten as they roll thousands per week out the door. And the company will still be growing.

GM's annual revenues are about $170 billion.
Tesla has a long way to go to get into that club. They can only get there by continuing to grow at a rapid rate in the area of 50% year over year. That burns a lot of cash.

Tesla has a worldwide network of high power charging stations. GM? Bob doesn't get it.

GM has the best, lowest cost batteries? Sounds like something he can't back up. I doubt that they can match the Gigafactory internal supply and demonstrably robust Tesla/Panasonic battery performance so far. Pure BS on his part.

He sounds like people who said Apple was just a lot of Steve Jobs smoke and mirrors and would never make a profit. | 2017年11月18日

Oh, and Melissa Lee drives a Tesla.

Tropopause | 2017年11月18日

George- That explains her passion. Thanks!

Coastal Cruiser. | 2017年11月18日

Bob used to be cool. I strongly suspect that his shift to the dark side may be related to a large pile of GM shares he 'may' have. It may just be that the shares are the retirement nestegg, or, even more likely, they may be for his Mrs. (she looks considerably younger than him) for when he has passed to that great big auto plant in the sky.

The fear of not taking proper care of his loved ones would tend to account for his buffoonish, over the top, me-thinks-thou-dost-protest-too-much, attitude in these interviews.

PorfirioR | 2017年11月18日

For anyone who has watched "Who Killed the Electric Car?" or "Revenge of the Electric Car", the interview is kind of surreal.

Bob Lutz can't stop talking about Tesla and how he is going to build more electric cars and cheaper, by 2021, for sure....The reality, as the interviewer painfully pointed out, is that they cannot even build any type of car that elicits the emotion that Detroit lost a long time ago.

I can't remember ever hearing Elon Musk talk about GM, or any other car company, the way Lutz obsesses about Tesla.

-- The biggest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist -- Kaiser Soiza.

GM and Bob Lutz thought the electric car was dead. Then Tesla decided to make cars. Not electric cars. Just cars. Better than other cars, and people want them, and people buy them, and people love them. Bob thought the electric car did not exist, but the car never went anywhere.

NKYTA | 2017年11月18日


rgrant | 2017年11月18日

Lutz is a FUD deliverer pure and simple. Tesla is way out in front and the other manufacturers need to scare people off so that they wait for GM and Volkswagen et al. to catch up.

It’s really that simple.

carlk | 2017年11月18日

They want the transition to electric vehicle to be as slow as possible. That can only happen if Tesla is not there.

Pricee2 | 2017年11月19日

At 4:15 into the video Bob Clutz says you can bet GM cars will be "on time with good quality" blah, blah, blah. Does that also include such things as ignition switches?

Pure FUD!

rgrant | 2017年11月19日

+1 Pricee2

Dofpic | 2017年11月19日

Im amazed at how many people they bring on that have failed miserably as CEO's. Lutz is one, Bob Nergrelli ex ceo of home depot is another. Ever since he left the stock has gone straight up yet it was doldrums the entire time he ran the show. The next guy they will bring on is the GE guy who just left with miserable results. Of course they need to fill time but many people they bring on are Ex CEOs who did a miserable job and Lutz is at the top of the heap. Plus he has been wrong about Tesla from the beginning. Go figure.

NKYTA | 2017年11月19日


nadurse | 2017年11月20日

Even the simple stuff he can't get right when criticizing Tesla and defeats his own message with obvious bias. This CNBC call is better than most others i have seen with Lutz, at least they are starting to call him out on SOME things. Unlike others where its a bunch of nutswinging bobbleheads.

"Tesla is using the same batteries as everyone else, there is no Tesla secret sauce" (which in itself is false, they are the only OEM who actually makes batteries everyone else subs it out )

then immediately says " well GM batteries are arguably better and cheaper" OOOOOH REALLLLY Bob, so which is it? everyone uses the same batteries or its possible to have your own battery system and directly effect cost/performance. It also drives me nuts when people say that Tesla sells their cars for below cost, how the ^&* would that be possible after nearly a decade in business and making thousands of vehicles? it makes no sense, plus its not like margins arent reported its a publically traded company afterall.

zanegler | 2017年11月20日

CNBC needs to stop giving him air-time. Virtually everything he says is incorrect. Tesla margins are the envy of the industry. Tesla kWh cost are the lowest and will continue to go lower as the Gigafactory and the alien dreadnaught are deployed and fine-tuned. Tesla has growth, the rest of the industry is flat. GM and other manufacturers are only building electric cars and announcing plans for them as a response to Tesla. Elon's plan is working perfectly. He never wanted Tesla to be the only EV manufacturer, only to lead the way.

TELSA DOES NOT LOSE MONEY ON EVERY CAR THEY SELL AS MANY CLAIM! This is the most annoying, most repeated falsehood. Even by so-called analysts that should know better. I know I am (mostly) preaching to the choir, but I feel better shouting it for all to hear.

grega | 2017年11月20日

I like this from Lutz at 2 minutes:
"I will agree, I think there's nothing wrong with the cars other than they're being sold below cost, which may be great for the people buying them".

grega | 2017年11月20日

It's interesting isn't it. Lutz says that when Musk shows his upcoming cars you never know what's fact or fiction, and that people believe him every time.

And yet I'm sure that it's the Fords and GMs and Toyotas that keep putting out their "Future Car" mockups that never even remotely get made.

I'll give him that Musk is consistently late. He aims for 2 years and takes 4 on many of his goals. While other manufacturers aim for 6 years.

Al1 | 2017年11月20日

I don't buy this whole Musk being late thing. He just unveiled two revolutionary products, both a decade ahead of competition. How can he be late? OK he launches his revolutionary products one year later than previously thought. But hey, that still makes him nine years ahead. Simple math.

Especially I don't buy Musk being late from somebody like Bob Lutz. The guy is the definition of mediocrity.

rgrant | 2017年11月20日

+1 grega. I, for one, love that Tesla doesn’t bull%^&& us with concept car crap. Tesla’s cars ARE the concept cars for the other manufacturers!

Tesla gives test drives in working prototypes and the others show up non-functioning mockups with sexy models to distract the eye.

dmm1240 | 2017年11月21日

Lost in the past. According to Inside EV's sales figures, Tesla sales:

U.S. Sales Model S
2017 Thru OCT 20,750
2016 Thru OCT 21,946
2015 Thru OCT 18,900

U.S. Sales Model X
2017 Thru OCT 16,140
2016 Thru OCT 13,448

Tesla delivered 76,000 vehicles in 2016 worldwide. Estimates call for 100,000 deliveries, primarily of Model S and Model X so we're talking apples to apples, in 2017. Other carmakers are not faring nearly as well.

The Model S is outselling the Mercedes S-Class, Porsche Panamera, and BMW 6/7 Series combined in 2017.

Think GM would love to be able to say that, Bob?

He talks about how GM is going to flood the market with terrific electric vehicles when it wants -- notice that the delivery date is always 3-5 years out there. They just have to decide to do it. Well, Bob, why haven't they gone ahead and done it with governments around the world moving to eliminate sales of ICE vehicles? Wouldn't it make sense to do so?

Every time I turn on the TV I see car ad after car ad spaced between drug ads. Tesla doesn't spend a dime on advertising yet they have 500,000 deposits down for the Model 3. According to Bloomberg, which tracks several people with reservations, none have cancelled their orders with only two considering doing so because of the one-quarter production delay. Think GM might like to have that kind of interest out of the gate on a new model, Bob?

Bob complains Tesla has no dealer network. Well, Amazon has no stores yet has most major retailers on the ropes. Tesla does have stores, but not franchised dealerships. I bought my Tesla after visiting a store to take a test drive and learn more about the car. That 80% of sales are custom factory orders is a bit unique, but to say that Tesla has no retail presence is nonsense. Ever hear of a new business model to create sales, Bob? Ever wonder why Americans, in particular, hate dealing with the car salesman with 18 gold chains around his neck? Think about it.

Mr. Lutz complains about Tesla's cash burn. As others point out, Tesla makes significant profit on the Model X and Model S's it sells, far higher than Detroit. What Lutz fails to acknowledge is it takes huge bucks to build out manufacturing capacity while at the same time installing a network to provide a new kind of fuel for its vehicles. GM benefits from other companies digging up and refining all that oil. Tesla has a lot of charging stations to build. It uses different materials to build its cars. What Tesla is doing, as has been state, is plowing money back into the business to take it beyond being a niche player. I know you want Tesla to stay an interesting little niche player, Bob, but it's not going to happen. IBM once thought the same of Steve Jobs and his garage computer company that now far eclipses IBM in market value.

Lutz goes on and on about Tesla's cash burn rate. See above. Mr Lutz, please note that the same things were said about Amazon in its early years. Internet sales were never going to take off. Customers wanted to see and touch the merchandise. Blah, blah, blah. Tell that to Sears, Target, Waldenbooks... oops you can't they're bankrupt, Tower Records... uh oh bankrupt again. You do get the point, Bob?

Thes negative nellies are always with us. They're best ignored.

grega | 2017年11月21日

He also said Tesla was moving to China to reduce production price. Which is missing the point of multiple gigafactories, Chinese tariffs and increased volumes.

I wonder whether "Tesla is lying about a future making cars in America" is the next tesla put-down.

Pricee2 | 2017年11月21日

@dmm1240 you left out one minor point: GM's ability to engineer bankruptcy and then get the tax payer to bail them out.

carlk | 2017年11月21日

Tesla will only be manufacturing cars in China for that market. GM is importing cars made in China to the US now. What a joker he is.

finman100 | 2017年11月22日


carlk | 2017年11月22日


The GM spokesman said :“The Envision did not replace an existing US-made model or eliminate any jobs in the US,” Ha!

carlk | 2017年11月24日

These two guys had a good take (@19:10) on why Lutz and likes all came out the day after the unveil to spread the rubbish that Tesla won't be around for long? They are really really scared.

Tropopause | 2017年11月24日

Zack and Jesse are awesome! Thanks for the link, Carlk.

Mike83 | 2017年11月24日

A great video. Thanks Carlk.
They covered some stuff that should scare the pants off the shorts. Wonderful. Lutz is a putz.

SO | 2017年11月24日

Wow! Someone who is bullish on Tesla from seeking alpha.