Anheuser-Busch is reserving 40 Tesla Semi.

Anheuser-Busch is reserving 40 Tesla Semi.

Another great news. The largest Semi reservation so far. Just like other Tesla cars no matter what pundits want to say customers are voting with their wallets. That's the only thing that matters.

SamO | 2017年12月7日

I guess Budweiser knows how to do math better than the idiots on this board and on Sinking Anchor.

Just like Walmart installing SolarCity on hundreds of stores.

Tesla is just getting the low-hanging fruit.

carlk | 2017年12月7日

"Tesla is just getting the low-hanging fruit."

Yes and there are plenty of low hanging fruits in Tesla's eyes. Those other guys had it so nice and becoming so complacent they are just easy picks.

jordanrichard | 2017年12月7日

It's interesting that we haven't heard from Peterbuilt and Kennworth. Granted their trucks are primarily long haul trucks, but this has to have gotten their attention.

blue adept | 2017年12月7日


It's not just Anheuser-Busch...

Here’s a roundup of all the companies to date that have preordered the semis:

Walmart — Shortly after the release of the truck, Walmart said it preordered 15 vehicles as part of a pilot test in the U.S. and Canada. The company said in a statement that it believes “we can learn how this technology performs within our supply chain, as well as how it could help us meet some of our long-term sustainability goals, such as lowering emissions.”

J.B. Hunt — The trucking company said it pre-ordered “multiple” (reportedly as many as 40) Tesla semis, calling it an “important step in our efforts to implement industry-changing technology.”

Meijer — The Michigan-based grocery chain said the night of Tesla’s semi release party that it pre-ordered four trucks for testing purposes.

JK Moving — Based in Washington, the moving company has ordered at least four semis.

Loblaw — The Canadian supermarket chain pre-ordered 25 semis, saying it’s a part of a “our commitment to electrify our fleet.”

Fercam — The Italian trucking company reportedly pre-ordered a single semi, even though Tesla’s reportedly building the trucks to North American specifications.

Girteka Logistics — Another Europe-based transport company, Girketa reportedly also placed a pre-order for one Teslas semi.

Ryder — The company hasn’t said how many semis it pre-ordered, only telling the Wall Street Journal last month that it was “in the process of placing its initial order for a fleet” of them.

DHL Supply Chain — The logistics trucking company pre-ordered 10 semis, reportedly with the intention of testing them on longer runs and evaluating their driver’s response to them.

Fortigo Freight Services — A Canadian logistics firm, Fortigo told the Wall Street Journal it ordered a single Tesla semi.

All told, by that count, Tesla has at least 140 semis pre-ordered, though the automaker hasn’t officially released a reservation count.

Tropopause | 2017年12月7日

Boulder theory in motion here- slow to get folks onboard but once a few big boys pull the trigger there will be a mad race for the industry to not be left behind.

carlk | 2017年12月7日

"It's not just Anheuser-Busch..."

You are right but Anheuser-Busch will be putting it into the best use. ;)

blue adept | 2017年12月7日

Lol! Cheers!

Tropopause | 2017年12月7日

Seeing Tesla Semi's with "Budweiser" on the side will also make new Tesla fans out of the haters.

Dramsey | 2017年12月7日

Everybody's just dipping a toe in the water right now. Anheuser-Busch's current fleet is about 750 trucks:

So 40 trucks, while a substantial purchase, represents only about 5% of their fleet. However, A-B has been actively converting their fossil fuel fleet to CNG, so they seem committed to the whole "reducing our carbon footprint" thing.

RedShift | 2017年12月7日


Are you aware of ‘evaluation period’ for new and innovative products by established, big customers?

carlk | 2017年12月7日

I just remembered there is a Budweiser distribution center down the street from where I work. I often follow its delivery trucks when I go to work. Looking forward to follow some Tesla Semi with Budweiser sign on the side.

SamO | 2017年12月7日

Yea, NG is the future. LOL.

Dramsey | 2017年12月7日

"Are you aware of ‘evaluation period’ for new and innovative products by established, big customers?"

You should ask the OP. "Customers are voting with their wallets" doesn't sound like "A-B is evaluating Tesla semis". I was just pointing out that this isn't a slam-dunk full-in commitment by A-B to move their whole fleet to EV rigs.

(knock on door)

Just a minute...huh? Say what?

[meaty thwacks]

I'm sorry! Tesla is wonderful, the semi will completely supplant fossil fuel rigs before anybody can figure out what's happening-- probably in the next year or so-- all other big rig manufacturers, including those jokers at Nikola, will be but small, flaming piles on the ash heap of trucking history. And they richly deserve it, because they are evil, bad people for ever having manufactured fossil fuel rigs in the first place.

This is painfully obvious to the most casual observer.

RedShift | 2017年12月7日

While that statement is not accurate, there’s also the reality that so many big names have signed up for the eval. I should know, I try to get those for my own company all the time. It’s really showing the confidence level in this new, unknown product.

To point out the percentage of the eval buys vs what they currently have in their entire purchased inventory is literally meaningless.

RedShift | 2017年12月7日

Looking more closely, I realize that dramsey was just rebutting carlk. I apologize for my comment.

When they make bigger purchases, then we can claim ‘voting with the dollars’. Until then, it’s a pretty promising start.

carlk | 2017年12月7日

No one is going to replace the entire fleet all at once. No one would buy 40 of them if there is no intention of eventually replacing a significant part of the fleet with it. Where is your brain Dramsey?

SamO | 2017年12月7日

Hydrogen 10 years away, and always will be.

Whale oil, the fuel of the future.

NG . . . faucets on fire and earthquake clusters, what could go wrong.

Coal . . .where to put the mercury.

Dramsey, serious question: if you weren't shilling for fossil fuels, how would you make it through the day?

carlk | 2017年12月8日

Add another one to the list. Dramsey would it's only another 50. Yeah right.

KP in NPT | 2017年12月8日

Haven't really heard from any of the US semi truck manufacturers - not only Kenworth or Peterbilt, but Freightliner or International. Daimler and VW have said they have plans, besides the startups - but have I missed any US manufacturer even if just a press release?

Fredbob711 | 2017年12月8日

I actually used to work for A-B at their HQ in St. Louis right next to the brewery, nothing like going to work to the smell of hops and beer in the morning. I hated that smell for about the first 6 months I worked there, then you get used to it, and now I kinda miss it. Left years ago but still have friends that work there. Would be cool to see some Tesla Semis in the area.

I'm curious what they'll be using these for. When I worked there, they contracted out all of their trucking for the beer business to companies like J.B. Hunt. I don't know about their other subsidiaries (metal container corp, busch agriculture, etc.). But in the past couple of years I've started seeing A-B logo'd trucks on the interstates around here so I wonder if they've started bringing the beer business trucking in house?

carlk | 2017年12月8日

What are they going to say? I'm sorry Tesla has us murdered but there is nothing we can do about it?

Cummings did unveil a "concept" semi in September but it's just a class 7 semi with no production plan. It's not even known if the concept vehicle in display was a working model or not. Yet all headlines you see is Cummings beat Tesla to the punch. Pretty laughable isn't it?

carlk | 2017年12月8日

Was to reply KP in NPT's post.

TabascoGuy | 2017年12月8日

@Fred "I wonder if they've started bringing the beer business trucking in house?"

See Dramsey's post (the one with the link) above. I'd say with a fleet of 750 and an order for 40 Tesla semis, that's a pretty good start.

blue adept | 2017年12月8日

Everyone is clearly evaluating the viability of Tesla's semis for replacement of their fleets given the calculable savings they can realize by fuel and maintenance costs elimination alone, and the potential for networked caravan'd fleets, I'm sure, is also not an unappealing prospect either.

Just evaluating all of the potential savings for OTR shippers by switching to Tesla's EV semis can enable you to begin to realize the boost to their profit margins and just how wise it would be for them to adopt the platform for their shipping needs.

carlgo2 | 2017年12月8日

Not to forget that charging is part of the deal. In fact it might literally be part of the deal, with Tesla promising to put chargers in the most favorable locations. And the early buyers probably have repetitious routes that can be served by relatively few chargers. E-Trucks won't be useful for random long routes for awhile.

blue adept | 2017年12月14日

PepsiCo ups Anheuser-Busch with 100 truck pre-orders:

Al1 | 2017年12月14日

This is the future. Nobody wants not to be part of it.

Al1 | 2017年12月14日

I find it mind boggling that these orders are for trucks that are yet to be built (two or three years away) on production line that is yet to be built, charged at mega chargers that are yet to be built.

TabascoGuy | 2017年12月14日

I'm betting that Coca-Cola ups the ante even higher.

jordanrichard | 2017年12月14日

Not to be too cynical, but this may in some part be those respective companies to seen as doing good for the environment.

SO | 2017年12月14日

I think once the economics prove to be true, the driver’s realization that they are easier to drive, and that the public prefers quieter semis with no engine braking/loud initial acceleration, the Tesla semis will really sell.

finman100 | 2017年12月14日

well, that "no loudness when accelerating" is what some in my area will never get. The louder one's truck is the more cool it is (to the driver that is). I have no idea how to fix that. Quiet equals, well, less than 'manly'.

Also, the whole coal-rollers attitude is way too prevalent out there. More smoke equals I'm better than you and your zero tailpipe whiz-bang cars.

Seriously, it's a basic human right to some to be able to make noise and pollute the same air their kids and friends breathe. Human beings are just not very smart sometimes...

carlk | 2017年12月19日
carlk | 2017年12月19日

@finman100 I actually have a different take on this than yours. Truck drivers are professionals. They perform the stressful job in the so called outdoor sweat shop to survive not to have fun. The foremost thing in their mind is safety and their well being. If the Tesla Semi could make their life easier I think they will welcome it with open arms.

NoMoPetrol | 2017年12月19日

@ carlk "...125 Semis from UPS."

If Elon isn't careful, he could end up with 400,000 reservations for the Semi and find himself in a level of production hell that even Dante had not imagined. Certainly worse than what he's currently experiencing with M3. | 2017年12月19日

"Quiet equals, well, less than 'manly'."

As smart people already realize - "Noise equals stupidity". Sooner than later, I expect most people will figure it out. Those that don't will continue to waste money and become highly uncompetitive in the real marketplace, out of business or unemployed.