21” forged Arachnid wheels for sale

21” forged Arachnid wheels for sale

I just received an email to redeem the 21” forged Arachnid wheels and tires,I would like to sell them for $3500. I don't need them, just let me know.

minervo.florida | 2018年1月4日

great price

brian_b | 2018年1月4日

What color?

msavouray | 2018年1月4日

I do believe they are silver.

Lawrence5165 | 2018年1月5日

I would be willing to take them for $2700

Lawrence5165 | 2018年1月5日

if you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area that is.

brian_b | 2018年1月5日

@msavouray - okay, thanks.. looking to buy some black arachnid wheels.. if you find out they are black in color, let me know


msavouray | 2018年1月5日

The wheels are sold.