Powerwall installation in Virginia.

Powerwall installation in Virginia.

Any Virginia powerwall customers on this forum? I can't get a peep out of Tesla regarding installation. I fyou have any advice or story about your installation do post on this forum thread, thanks.

deweyvt03 | 2018年1月7日

I'm in northern Virginia, and have a signed contract that includes 1 powerwall2. Things seem to be progressing well. I'm at the permitting phase. Do you have a signed contract? Or where are you in the process?

spmeister | 2018年1月7日

My system was installed early last summer, in northern Virginia. I preordered it not too long after they opened preorders.

I already had a 10.5kW solar panel system from another company, as well as a Model 3 pre-ordered, but I think it was just a matter of getting the order in early.

spmeister | 2018年1月7日

Installation was on June 13 2017 to be exact.

shank15217 | 2018年1月7日

This is encouraging, I have a solar installation already and I talked to a Tesla rep last year and they weren't installing in VA at that time. I think it's time I really get this process started by throwing some money their way.

yli62 | 2018年3月12日

Encouraged to see some discussion here for VA. I just got approached by a Tesla rep in Home Depot over the weekend promoting solar and powerwall to me. I will have a sales rep coming to my house this week to do the assessment and estimates. Is this a better solution as compared to other solar installations?

shank15217 | 2018年3月12日

An update, I am going through the permitting stage for installation of 2 power walls in my home. They expect to install it by this summer.

yli62 | 2018年3月12日

shank15217: are you with Dominion Power? Do they offer any buy-back or other incentives? I am not aware of any state incentives either.

shank15217 | 2018年3月12日

I'm with NOVEC, they don't offer any incentives, in fact NOVEC will not allow TOU pricing for net metering customers, however Tesla said they will have financing available for power-wall only customers starting April. You can still get up to 30% tax credit for powerwall installation as long as you charge exclusively from Solar even if you already have an existing solar installation.

yli62 | 2018年3月12日

How long will it take for the investment to get paid off? Any estimate? I did a calculation a few years back with a proposal of a regular solar system and it will take close to 20 years in VA. Are we looking at better picture here with Tesla?

yli62 | 2018年3月15日

I just signed the contract and learned that the solar system is actually going to be installed by solar city, a Tesla acquired company. The powerwall will be from Tesla. I am thinking with the savings on the electricity will get my investment paid off in 12-15 years, plus a backup power solution. I am betting on the Tesla credibility for the rest of the work. I am in northern VA and I have no prior solar installation.

ealmeida212 | 2018年3月15日

Im not in Virginia but I got update today that my solar panels will be installed first and the Powerwall later this year. They said 8-10 months for the Powerwall. Just 2 weeks ago they told me 4-6 months. Kind of annoying but expected with Tesla

yli62 | 2018年3月16日

Right, I was told the solar system will be installed as soon as the permit process is done, possibly in June. The powerwall is on waiting list till September or later.

deweyvt03 | 2018年3月23日

I had the Solar City guys from Maryland for my Northern Virginia job. They were great! Clean, respectful, professional, didn't cut corners. I think you should equally be satisfied by the work. I was fortunate to get in the queue before the waiting list. I was told similar info about the waiting list until September.

Neither Dominion nor NOVEC (or Appalachian asfik) offer any incentives on top of the federal tax credits.

As for the question about Payback or ROI - the solar panels should do that within 12-15 years. The PowerWall solution should not be part of your ROI equation- that is a different product for a different purpose. It isn't designed, per se, to offset your electric costs. It is a no-maintenance emergency power source to keep you powered for periodic grid outages. In VA we are fortunate to have low energy rates, and there aren't much options for those with solar to opt for peak/off-peak rates.

yli62 | 2018年3月25日

I just received the final design and the total size is 8.19 KW. Is this worth the effort and cost to move on?

deweyvt03 | 2018年3月26日

I guess that all depends upon your needs and usage and goals in regards to cost and return on investment and length of time you plan to be in the home. For me, it was a decision I was good with. Over the past weekend I have offset 40% of my home's electrical usage with my panels. Sounds good to me.

If this is your first solar quote, I would encourage you to get others. This will give you a feel for the market, but also give you the opportunity to hear from another solar consultant to see if they jive in advice. I was very happy with my Tesla person in terms of giving me honest advice and straight scoop. I felt that AltEnergy and Prospect Solar would be two other Virginia companies worth hearing from. Although, they can't offer anything that compares to the performance of the PowerWall2.

Tesla does have some flexibility in price matching, so it would be worthwhile to get a comparable quote from those companies on similar sized system with similar rated panels.

yli62 | 2018年4月13日

An update on my system: I did get three more quotes through and the Tesla rep was able to adjust a tiny little amount, to me it is "better than nothing". Today the installation started under a perfect sunny sky. It has been whole day and the 4 people crew are still busy installing. Things are progressing much faster than I anticipated.

deweyvt03 | 2018年4月18日

yli62- Did they sneak you a PowerWall2 with the install job, or was your 4/13/18 install project just for the solar panels and inverter?

shank15217 | 2018年4月20日

Power Walls are taking much longer to install, my permitting got pushed back from April 17th to May 1st. I think they are doing that because they wont realistically be able to install them till September or October and they do want to re-permit the install.

yli62 | 2018年4月24日

deweyvt03 - No, the powerwall is still on waiting status. I just got an email today from Tesla to confirm my powerwall order. My solar panel has passed the county inspection and is waiting for Dominion power to give the final blessing. To my surprise the powerwall order for me to confirm is at much higher price than I anticipated, with a $2,000 + $200 additional powerwall installation. I don't think this was explained to me when I first met the sales. So the total cost for TWO powerwall 2 will be over $15K. This will be a hard bullet to swallow. I am waiting for the sales guy to get back to me. Funny thing is I don't have a hard copy contract on powerwall when I try to find it...

shank15217 | 2018年5月7日

I'm stuck at a holding pattern supposedly waiting on Novec to approve my permit to install a battery backup system. It was supposed to be finished by May 1st

shank15217 | 2018年5月12日

I have an update, all permitting is completed however Tesla said no installation till Q4 because they are booked solid for the next 6 months. People think Model 3 is a long wait.. ohh boy

yli62 | 2018年6月11日

Wonder what your wait time is for the power company to approve the solar system. Mine was submitted the end of April and now is June, there is no word still. My power company is Dominion power. I called them once and they directed me to a generic website with no case related info.

shank15217 | 2018年6月11日

It was about 3 months, mine is NOVEC

yli62 | 2018年6月18日

My call to Dominion Power last week was very effective. Two engineers showed up this morning to install the net meter. They said their part of the job is done. I am now waiting for a formal approval to turn the solar power on, 9 weeks after the submission of the completed work... For the powerwall, I am still waiting for my sales rep to come back from his vacation to look into the quote difference on installation. I may end up going with two PW2.

Vaomega | 2018年6月22日

yli62 - Do you live in Northern Virginia? Tesla just submitted my permit request and I want to check out the system if anyone lines in the DC area. I also ordered the PW2 but worried it might take a year or so to get it and more concern now that Tesla announced lay offs in their solar energy division.

yli62 | 2018年6月25日

Vaomega - Yes, I live in Northern VA, Fairfax County. I just literally turned on my solar system an our ago, FINALLY, after 10 weeks of waiting on Dominion Power. I started seeing solar power being flowing into the power gird, very excited anyhow. Everything went pretty smooth with SolarCity/Tesla except the last step waiting too long for Dominion Power. As for PW2, I ordered 2 when I signed the contract in March and was told expecting September time frame. I will work on this part next with my sales rep as there are cost discrepancies between his original quotes and the sales confirmation notice I received from Tesla.

Happy to see solar power flowing after 3 months of waiting...

shank15217 | 2018年7月2日

Expect major delays for power wall installation.

yli62 | 2018年7月16日

An update - my solar system has been running since June 25 and it has shown very impressive numbers. I did notice, however, that the peak production is about 80% of the designed capacity. I was told by Solar City that things are looking normal on their end. On PW2, I did get a dedicated energy consultant as the point of contact. I just emailed him and he responded to me right away saying "Because of the nationwide hold on Powerwall projects, there probably won’t be any updates given on the website for customers who are looking to get installed."

marketingstuff | 2019年1月7日

I'm going to build soon in Amelia County (close to the Glen Allen store). I'm wondering what cost would be for either a roof mounted solution and a ground mounted solution. I will be able to position the home for the back roof to face south too. I'd assume that monthly bills will be about $150/month. What was the size and cost of systems for people here? Thanks!

dvcpro50 | 2019年4月9日

Well I have waited over a year of my system thus far I have the 10.4 KW panels installed but currently I am missing the two power walls. I had my generator removed as I was told I was getting the entire system installed at once. That was not the case. Now the Power wall is held up with something about Dominion VA not permitting the Battery system to Back feed to the grid. I can understand not back feeding during an Outage but not back feeding excess / surplus to an active grid sort of defeats the object of having the ability to sell surplus back to the grid. Still waiting for them to great the code to prevent this before I get my powerwalls. I hate not having back up power in my house.

shank15217 | 2019年4月20日

Powerwalls don't backfeed to the grid, solar would, Dominion is being a dik

herve.billiet | 2019年4月21日

For the people in Northern Virginia that want a Powerwall installed: Ipsun Solar recently became a certified Tesla Powerwall installer and we're happy to serve our region: Northern VA, DC and MD.

nodejsquiz | 2019年5月2日

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yli62 | 2019年5月10日

Good news, after waiting 11 months when solar panel was installed, I now just had two powerwall 2 installed. It took 3 people crew 6 hours to finish the job. I can see the power flow into the powerwall with my app. Can't wait to have an power outage to test out... lol

scottflesch | 2019年5月15日

Is it cost -effective in NOVA to net-meter and get 2 Powerwalls? 10.3 KW system. Dominion Power. Any down falls? Should I switch to TOU pricing with Dominion?

hannah | 2019年7月8日

I had solar installed by this company in Northern Virginia earlier this year and they now offer Tesla Powerwall installations!

rathodshiv04 | 2019年10月8日

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johndude835 | 2019年11月1日

I hate not having back up power in my house.

nguyenmaiphuong... | 2019年11月3日

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ezrondavid95 | 2019年11月7日

I have read all the comments shared by the costumers about the Powerwall. I was really impressed. I like to install it in my home. Please do share the details of the shop or site from where I could order it.

johnsmithfrr | 2019年12月2日

Northern Virginia earlier this year and they now offer Tesla Powerwall installations!

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