Trial Features.

Trial Features.

A lot of people have figured out that Tesla limits some features through software. Including but not limited to battery, autopilot, and speed. (I think it's a good marketing strategy)
It would be cool if there could be trials to test them out though. Tesla already does this but it is somewhat limited.
Instead of time based trials they should be based off a usage amount, for example 10 miles of autopilot. (Could also be amount of times parked, etc.)

Another thing that would be nice would be paid trials. For example if i'm going on trip, I would be able to temporarily upgrade the battery for the trip, without paying the full price.
This would not only make people more likely to completely upgrade, but allow another small source of income for Tesla.

Note: I currently do not a own a Tesla, Pre-ordered a Model 3.

jordanrichard | 2018年1月15日

Since as you say, don’t currently own a Tesla, then that would explain some misunderstandings. The only battery that was limited was the second 60 kWh battery. So it is not as standard issue as you imply. Also, cars are not speed limited as you imply. The only cars that are speed limited are test drive cars and at some service centers, the loaners. No customer cars a speed limited.

EVRider | 2018年1月15日

There have been discussions here before about being able to temporarily “rent” more battery capacity if you have one of the batteries that supports it. I don’t think Tesla has any incentive to do something like that, since any extra income they get is offset by the overhead needed to manage the program; they would much rather have you buy a bigger battery to begin with.

The only free trial I can recall was a 30-day Autopilot trial.

Robertduster1963 | 2018年1月15日

Why doesn’t tesla create a system to charge the battery’s on the fly. They could have a small 5th wheel connected to high efficiency generator to produce energy. They also could use wind to create energy by having tunnels with mini turbines. It easy could double the distance between charges

Frank99 | 2018年1月15日

Robert -
Sounds like a great business opportunity. I'd recommend that you build these as aftermarket add-ons, and make your first billion dollars selling them.

Now, for the bad news: Both of your suggestions would increase the amount of motor power required to drive the car down the road, and Physics says (with no wiggle room) that the increase in motor power will be greater than the power you generate, so your range will be LESS than it would be without these add-ons. Sometimes science sucks, but betting against it is a poor choice.

reed_lewis | 2018年1月16日

As has been said above. The only unlocked 'features' on a normal car is Autopilot and Full Self Driving. The only one that is functional right now is Auto Pilot. Full Self Driving is not doing anything.

The unlocked battery was on the 60 kWh versions that could be upgraded to 75 kWh. No other battery was software limited.

reed_lewis | 2018年1月16日

@ Robertduster1963 - See perpetual motion in the dictionary. There is NO way to increase range with a fifth wheel or windmills or the like. Everything you suggest requires power to move the car forward which means you will use more power to generate less power.

The only time you can generate power then it would normally take to move is by either going downhill or by having a very high amount of wind in the direction you are travelling.

reema6027 | 2018年2月11日

Thanks for correcting me guys. I thought it was more widespread. I think it would still be cool to have temporary upgrades for autopilot (and self driving when that comes out). Wouldn't be too implement, Even though there would be little revenue.

reed_lewis | 2018年2月11日

I think that perhaps the concept of giving auto pilot for a week or two to new owners who have not purchased it might be a good way to increase revenue. But the question is is how many people do not get auto pilot.

bp | 2018年2月13日

Add 72A charging to the list of software upgradable features.

For the early production 100D's last year, Tesla offered 48A chargers as standard and for an additional $1,500 you could upgrade to a 72A charger ($1,900 after delivery). Within a few weeks of delivering the first 100D's, Tesla changed the configurations and made the 72A chargers standard.

After another owner reported Tesla had informed them they couldn't upgrade their 100D to 72A, I checked on our car, and, as it turns out, the car already has a 72A charger - and the $1,900 upgrade is just a software update done by the local Service Center.

Tarla's Driver | 2018年2月13日

The downside to allowing people to rent Autopilot for short periods of time is that it would reduce the sales of Autopilot, as many people would plan to only rent it for trips instead of buying it outright, and Tesla would rather have the sales income. But then many owners who thought they would only use Autopilot for trips now love using it every day, so rentals could convert into sales. Ultimately, though, I think it's a bad idea from a safety standpoint. Autopilot has some shortcomings, so it works best if the driver has the experience to know what to watch out for, and the rental model goes against that.

Tarla's Driver | 2018年2月13日

As a technical nitpick, the above comments saying the second generation 60 battery was the only one that could be unlocked was wrong. The original 40 was a software-limited 60, and the second generation 70 was a software-limited 75. But the important point is that Tesla is not currently shipping any software-limited batteries or other features apart from Autopilot.

ticope | 2018年2月15日

I like the idea. The only thing that I think that would make it better, is if the 6 hour limit was lowered to maybe an hour or two. Seems like post rarely get looked at after 6 hours or so.

reed_lewis | 2018年4月20日

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reed_lewis | 2018年5月18日

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anand.sat26 | 2018年6月8日

Very true. It is the best marketing strategy to just give the customers a glimpse of the features and not totally arm it to the customers. This way the customers may rent it or try harder to own the autopilot features. Thanks for taking the time to discuss this, I feel strongly about it and love learning more on this topic. If possible, as you gain expertise, would you mind updating your blog with extra information? It is extremely helpful for me.

bp | 2018年6月8日

Assuming Tesla can't recognize the revenue for EAP until they've delivered the promised features, and that they may be close to doing that (based on Musk's comments this week), by offering a limited trial of the EAP features, they may be able to get a few more people to activate EAP - and increase the revenue they can report in that quarter.

If they really wanted to get a short-term burst of revenue, they could even offer a one-time discount to activate these features - such as EAP, FSD, battery capacity, high amp charger, … Since those owners have decided against activating those features so far, if there was a one-time "sale" to get those features, it might be tempting to make the purchase - and it would all be profit for Tesla - since the cars already have the hardware for the features...

reed_lewis | 2018年6月8日

I doubt that Tesla would lower the price to some discounted (below initial purchase price), because then new buyers would not buy the feature when buying the car, and then would purchase it at a discount later.

But I could see them removing the after purchase penalty price though.

Rocky_H | 2018年7月2日

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wisam.alrawi | 2018年12月25日

My recommendation would be to just get Autopilot. It's really useful for long trips and in traffic, from a person experience. I had the car for 3 months. You can try it at the Tesla service center and see if you like it or not. Self-driving package will be around $5,000-$6,000 when it comes out, some time next year. You can try it at the Tesla showroom and see. I will.
There are not further speed limits or upgrade limits. (Model S owner).

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