Giga Factory question

Giga Factory question


I am trying to understand the lithium supply chain that is used in the battery manufacturing.

Is the raw lithium that is used for battery manufacture delivered as dry lithium carbonate?

Where are the lithium mines that are going to provide the Gigafactory ( I know there are some in Nevada, but it appears they won't have close to the production capacity that the Gigafactory will need).

If the lithium will come form other countries (i.e. South America), wouldn't it be cheaper to build the batteries near the factory.

Thanks in advance

Uncle Paul | 2018年2月11日

I am sure that Tesla has done the calculations as where it is most efficient to stage their Gigafactories.

If you build near the raw materials site, then you are faced with shipping all the other necessary production materials over there. Then you need to ship the completed batteries back to Fremont for installation into the vehicles.

I believe that Tesla shops the world for raw materials, gets them shipped from all those places to the Gigafactory in Nevada where the magic happens.

They then assemble the batteries into their aluminum container, and then off to Fremont.

Supply chain logistics is a huge deal for Tesla. They are planning to use their own electric trucks to haul the heavy motors and battery packs from the gigafactory to Fremont. They are considering using the boring company to tunned underground to transport the interiors from one side of the factory to the other, saving loading, driving and unloading all those trucks.

Think they got a handle on all this.