$7500 tax credit question

$7500 tax credit question

we have tax married filing jointly and our combined income is above $300,000.

Do we still qualify for $7500 tax credit?


reed_lewis | 2018年2月2日

There is no upper limit on income for the tax credit.

Here is the form:

Model X Guy | 2018年2月4日

Point of information. The 2017 IRS form is not available yet. Tried to file taxes early as suggested by IRS and others but it's a no go at this point.

garyjtate | 2018年2月5日

Model x guy

Just turned mine in today. Hope cpa has form

stevenmaifert | 2018年2月5日

The 2017 IRS Form 8936 is due for release on 02-08-18. Ref:

EVRider | 2018年2月6日

The draft versions of the 2017 form and instructions are available here: (form) (instructions)