Separate Solar Panels provider and Tesla Power Wall 30% federal credit for both?

Separate Solar Panels provider and Tesla Power Wall 30% federal credit for both?

I am going to install solar panels from SunPower, just because they are a lot better then those Tesla installs.
However, I am still interested in installing powerwalls. If installation is from two different installers, can I get federal 30% credit for both?


wiboater4 | 2018年2月4日

Shouldn't make any difference. You don't have to have everything come from the same place. No different than installing Geothermal heat and solar panels. Each qualifies for the rebate seperately.

redwoodhillfarm | 2018年2月4日

Can you explain why SunPower is better then tesla panels?

vburenin | 2018年2月9日

redwoodhillfarm:sunpower panels less fragile, degrade less, produce more overtime, fault rate is less and I got a better deal from sunpower when tesla. Tesla representative laid about that tesla doesn't negotiate, however, it was not true. as soon as I got a better deal tesla dropped price from 3.30 per watt to 3.00, however, sunpower is still cheaper at 2.92 per watt. sunpower panels are also a lot better looking than tesla's panel. As well as warranty 25 years instead of 20 years from Tesla.

irpete | 2018年4月1日

I had 30 SunPower panels installed in December and just had two PW2s installed this week. I'll claim the tax credit on the panels on this year's taxes and apply the credit for the PowerWalls on next year's tax return.

zoomej | 2018年4月3日

@irpete - is it ok to split your ITC (panels /17 and storage/18) even though both purchased in 17? (Carry forward?)
I too purchased panels (Panasonic) from Sullivan as Solar City wouldn't guarantee install if anything else (solar pool heater) was also on roof. Understandable but Sullivan had no such concern. Then came back to Tesla to get Powerwall.