Cabin overheat protection?

Cabin overheat protection?

I have received my invite and trying to decide. The car will be for the wife ferrying around the kids and she doesn't want a black interior as we live in Louisiana. I figure the cabin overheat feature may negate some of the trapped heat from a black interior. Does anyone know weather the 3 has the overheat function and whether it works better than the one in the S?


AJPHL | 2018年2月14日

Just wait for white interior it seems crazy to get a dark interior in LA...

Unregistered User | 2018年2月14日

The overheat protection is a feature with the PUP from my understanding. However it’s currently not enabled and will be on a future OTA update.

I’ve been to LA in the past, not with my Tesla, and know it gets hot. I’m thinking the 3m color stable Tint all around and leverage the glass roof shades and you should be good to go.

MarylandS85 | 2018年2月15日

Don’t rely on cabin overheat protection to make the car comfortable for the wife and kids to jump right in. It only prevents ridiculously hot interior temps—the kinds of temps that melt sunglasses or fizzle electronics. My S85 has it, and I still turn on climate control remotely via my Tesla app on hot summer days a few minutes before getting in (if I remember) to keep things cool. I live in Maryland, not the bayou, but I promise it gets hot here too in July (humid and 100). Also, I have black leather interior.

ANTHONYROSEJR | 2018年2月15日

Keep an Ent on the temperature on your phone and adjust from there

ANTHONYROSEJR | 2018年2月15日

Sorry auto correct eye.