Wall Connector Daisy Chain question

Wall Connector Daisy Chain question

I have a 50 amp circuit on which I installed two Tesla Wall Chargers in a daisy chain. If I hook up both Tesla's to charge at night, with one starting at 11 PM, and the other at 3 AM, I expected the first one to charge at full power (40 amps) during 11 PM to 3 AM, and then charge at 20 amps each after 3 AM. However, I am finding that merely connecting both chargers to the cars, even when the second one is not actively charging cuts the power to 20 amps on the first vehicle.

Did we set these up wall chargers incorrectly? Or is this the way it works, and I should set both vehicles to start charging at 11 PM - and let them charge at 20 amps each through the night.

rxlawdude | 2018年2月17日

Seems to me the simplest solution is letting the TWCs split the load and charge each at 20amps, and set the start of start charging to the time your cheapest per kWh rate starts.

I do agree though, that if one is plugged in and not charging then the other car should get all 40A.

Rocky_H | 2018年2月18日

It sounds like they may not be configured correctly if they are doing 20 amps like that. I have heard in a couple of threads about this that the J1772 protocol signals a minimum level of 6A, so sometimes people see 6 reserved for the non-charging car, and 40 - 6 = 34 for the charging one.

But really, the point of chaining them properly is to not need to offset the charging times. They will automatically shift the loads as the cars need them.