i will sell a limb

i will sell a limb

to own this tesla

inconel | 2018年2月26日

Which one? :-)

carlk | 2018年2月26日

A supercar with handicap placard. That would be a weird sight.

steven | 2018年3月2日

Surprised anyone has yet to come forward with the suggestion to sell his wife or her husband to own this car :-D

cole.andy | 2018年4月2日

no thanks i don't need it

israel_melendez | 2018年4月29日

According to this article, a leg is about $44,000 so you would need about 2.5 people to cover it.

2018wesm | 2018年9月5日

lolihondawko thanks

Test-La | 2018年9月13日

I guess soon or later forums will have to be mod'd. Thanks to lolihondawko , this forum is going the way of

kenwayboss | 2019年5月1日

Lol check out:

vafike | 2019年5月3日
Aerodyne | 2019年5月15日

I could afford it, but afraid my Wife would have take her pound of flesh ...

Not worth a divorce.