E-Zpass Tag Placement

E-Zpass Tag Placement

I've read that the windshield on the Model S is not "friendly" to E-Zpass tags fastened to the windshield. My son is now using an external tag that attaches to the front license plate on his Model S.

Do I need to do that for my new Model 3? Or are there instructions on where to best place the transponder on the windshield?

andy.connor.e | 2018年3月5日

Where in the hell did you read something like that?

Goodman.Larry | 2018年3月5日

The owner's manual suggests that the EZpass be placed to the area to the immediate right or the rear view mirror. There is even a diagram.

mark.ritter | 2018年3月5日

I have used my EZ-Pass one time and I just held it up to the windshield. It worked fine.

MarylandS85 | 2018年3月5日

Also, I have had a Model S and have always had my transponder on the inside front windshield to the right of the rear view mirror without issues. I’ve seen others post about it not working for them there, but I have no idea why. Maybe they didn’t pay their bill. :^)

vmulla | 2018年3月5日

FOR MODEL 3: EZPass can be placed anywhere on the windshield, and it will work fine.

About Model S; Not all Model S winsheilds are the same.
1. It is true that earlier Model S cars have a windshield that blocks EZpass, these cars need to have their EZ pass transponders installed on the front number plate, or inside the nose cone
2. Later Model S cars have a specific area on the windshield that will allow the EZpass to work, they will not work anywhere else.
3. (Unconfirmed info) Current generation Model S are like the Model 3s, EZpass transponders work anywhere on the windshields.

This info is widely discussed in the Model S forum.

Anyway, FOR MODEL 3, EZpass works fine anywhere on the windshield.

Silver2K | 2018年3月5日

The issue I believe has been resolved on the S. In the past there were metal particles in the model s windshield causing transponder issues. I have my transponder velcro'd to the frame behing the nose come. The transponder did work well to the right of the mirror mostly but it works much better behind my nose cone.

PhillyGal | 2018年3月5日

@andy - It's very true!

@bill - We've had plenty of times in our 2014 Model S where the EZ Pass did not work, even with optimal placement.

Imagine my surprise when I tried to pay cash on a bridge recently in the Model 3 and the poor tool both operator had to "confront" me about how my EZ pass already registered. It was in the closed glove compartment!

That being said, I'm led to believe there is no dead zone on the M3 like some MS vehicles. Someone posted a pic here about affixing it onto the back of the touch screen, after having spray painted it almost an identical color to the plastic back of the screen. It looked really sleek - barely perceptible.

Haggy | 2018年3月5日

You have tool booth operators?

With the Model S, the first few thousand didn't work with toll transponders on the windshield. That was fixed, until AP1 came along. Then it stopped working again. Then it took a while until Tesla came up with a black area to the right of the mirror mount for transponders. It has worked since then.

The rear window works for any Model S. Sticking a transponder to the bottom of the parcel shelf should work just as well, and assuming that the transponder has the hook side of Velcro on it, it will simply stay in place there.

For the Model 3, Tesla got it right from the beginning.

PhillyGal | 2018年3月5日

Failure to proof read. I blame the delirium from my new office being, no joke, what I assume to be 80-82 degrees inside. I will *NOT* be wearing a sweater tomorrow.

RichardKJ | 2018年3月5日

Tomorrow the office will be too cold. That's the way of the world.

SCCRENDO | 2018年3月5日

I have a classic Model S and the Cal passes work just to the right of the rear view mirror. I have placed my passin the same place in the model 3 and it works

cafutter | 2018年3月5日

I saw a post recently where a model 3 owner painted his/her EZPASS device black and stuck it to the back of the 15" video screen. Not easily seen and it works.

EVRider | 2018年3月5日

Has anyone tried mounting an RFID tag inside the Model 3 windshield, the kind used to open gates? Those don't work on Model S windshields either (at least not in my 2016 pre-refresh Model S85).

skygraff | 2018年3月7日

I've been saying it for a long time and I really hope this latest news raises Elon's hackles enough to integrate another antenna and make all roads completely accessible to these future FSD vehicles. Check out Car and Driver's blog and search for Bye Bye, E-Z Pass about how Audi is launching ITM (Integrated Toll Module) technology later this year.

(no link, sorry - still not an "owner" - tried a lot of different methods with no luck)

Gentex is the mirror supplier already but I'd expect Tesla to incorporate this technology wherever they put the other antennae for best functionality (along with XM our brethren so desire).

Yodrak. | 2018年5月29日

"I've read that the windshield on the Model S is not "friendly" to E-Zpass tags fastened to the windshield."
"Where in the hell did you read something like that?"

I took delivery of my Model S this past Saturday, May 26, 2018. (Decided I was too far down the reservation list to keep waiting for a Model 3.) One of the items in the information packet I was given is this:
Front License Plate Mounted Transponders
The windshield of your vehicle has a coating that blocks harmful UV rays. It may also prevent signals from passing through, like those of your toll transponder. We highly recommend installing a front license plate mounted transponder to your front license plate bracket. To order, please contact your state's toll authority. ...

I haven't tried my existing windshield-mounted transponder yet.

Beagle | 2018年5月29日

We mounted ours fairly low on the screen. I'll probably paint it gray. FYI if you're in the SF Bay Area, they have a new smaller Fastrack. It looks like one that has been cut in half into a long rectangle.

dave.m.mcdonough | 2018年5月30日

A lot of tolls have some lag, if it's the type with a gate then slow down and prepare to stop over the sensors that are approaching the gate (a full car length from the gate). If you impatiently roll right up to the gate before it has chance to scan then there's a chance it'll spit out a ticket that you have to grab. It also might not scan properly if you're right on the bumper of the person in front of you. Most people seem to drive impatiently anyways without a clue and it USUALLY works, but they are taking a chance. I drive a work van were the pass is mounted higher than average so these quirks are exaggerated and I learned them pretty quick.

EVRider | 2018年5月30日

@Yodrak.: Depending on the model year, Model S definitely has restrictions on using windshield-mounted transponders. My 2016 S85 has a dark patch to the right of the rear-view mirror, along the top of the windshield, and that patch is where you're supposed to mount windshield transponders. I've successfully used my windshield-mounted Florida SunPass and EZPass (formerly MA FastLane) transponders in that spot.

I was under the impression that Model 3 didn't have this issue, but I'm not sure.

Haggy | 2018年6月1日

Model 3 works fine with transponders. The first few thousand Model S had a problem. Tesla changed the windshield so the area to the right of the windshield worked. Then autopilot came along, the windshield changed, and the problem was back. Then they changed the windshield a good deal of time later to have that black area. Things worked again.

I'm surprised they are telling anybody to get an external transponder. They won't work in California, at least for carpooling. Since the cars are eligible for carpool lanes I don't see why people would want a plate mounted transponder and pay a toll instead of a windshield mounted one that's toll free.

In the Model 3, I have a FasTrak flex (the new candy bar model) to the right of the mirror mount. It works fine every time. With the Model S, I have it under the parcel shelf so it's read through the rear window. It works maybe 90% of the time. Plate readers take care of the rest and it's worked fine in toll lanes. Older equipment at bridges is the issue.

philipandsylvia11 | 2018年10月23日

I placed mine to the right of the rear view mirror. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I'm not worried about getting a ticket, since my license plate is registered with MD EZPass, and I just get billed that way, at the same rate as if the EZ Pass were working. It's just weird that sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. The EZ Pass placement is not changing, since I attach it to the two velcro stickers which are not moving around. I guess I could try holding it out the window (or letting my passenger do that)--would just hate to drop it going through a toll booth.

ModernTriDad | 2018年10月23日

I obviously wouldn't switch vehicles for the 2019 Audi, but this is a really nice feature. I hate, hate, hate attaching an EZ Pass to cars. I will especially hate affixing to the minimalistic Model 3! Maybe I'll try it in the frunk, when I get mine. I just can't attach that ugly, white box to the inside of a Tesla! Worst case scenario is that I hold it up manually for the occasional thruway trips.

ODWms | 2018年10月23日

I use the much smaller, less obtrusive EZ Pass sticker for my cars. I just installed in on my new Tesla.

ModernTriDad | 2018年10月23日

Wow. That's great to know! It looks like NY doesn't have a sticker option, but did slightly reduce the size of the tag a couple years ago. I think I'll stick with a Frunk trial of the tag once I get my Model 3 in Nov. Maybe in the next S/X models there will be an ITM for tolls, or maybe the states I travel through will decide they don't want our money via tolls... right.

eplaskett | 2018年10月23日

My Peach Pass transponder sticker is mounted to the right of the rear view mirror, pretty much as high as possible, as suggested in the Model 3 manual. It's completely out of the view of the driver, and essentially invisible to the passenger as well. (It helps that it's a mostly transparent sticker.) I have been driving on toll lanes with it for a month, and it appears to be read consistently along with my license tag.

cafutter | 2018年10月23日

I saw thread on this forum (I think) but could not find it using Volkerize, but I remember someone put it on the back of the video screen.

SolArray | 2018年10月23日

E-ZPass administration is in multiple states, multiple jurisdictions so the rules for what type of tag you'll be issued may vary for that reason alone (regardless of which model, what tint, etc.). In NYS, the "NYS Thruway" administrators required me to get plate-mounted tag for Model 3 ("and all Teslas") just as a rule. The NYC Metro area E-ZPass may not have that requirement. Just bear in mind that although the passes are honored in multiple states, they are issued by your area's "state DMV-affiliated" offices.

jacklondon413 | 2018年10月23日

Can the EZ pass be mounted under the hood and still be read?

ODWms | 2018年10月24日


Just_Ted | 2018年10月24日

+1 Phillygal. I saw that same sleek application of the EZ-Pass and was like, "must have!" I registered my plates to my EZ-Pass account, spray painted my pass (after photographing the serial number) with a flat black rattle can paint, and then affixed it to the back of the monitor (wind shield side, dead center, left to right, top to bottom). Works perfectly each time I blast through the Harbor Tunnel in B-More. You can not see it from inside, and it is barely noticeable from the outside.

njelectric | 2018年10月24日

I am having the same issue in my 3 as in my previous model s. I mounted the transponder right where the manual recommended and I had one hit and two misses on the tolls that display your status. I don’t want to reuse the external pass but I may have to.

stevenparker | 2018年10月25日

Here are my experiences with E-ZPASS.

PLACEMENT: I moved my windshield E-ZPASS transponder from my old car to my Model 3, placing it on the passenger side behind the mirror (ie high on the windshield). Result? Many, many missed readings. I then moved it to my least favorite place, the lower corner of the windshield (driver's side). Result? In over 55 passes, it has failed to read only 4 times. (Since E-ZPASS installations are excellent at reading plate numbers, the charges still ended up properly reflected on my bill). My uneducated guess is that the angle of the transponder may be too horizontal when it's high on the windshield. Who knows, but at least I’m now getting an acceptable read rate.

GREEN PASS: When I submitted my request for a windshield Green Pass (for discount with NYC Port Authority tolls), I was frustrated to receive a license plate (external) transponder instead. I can’t stand the sight of those ‘bricks’ on the front of the car, particularly on the clean look of the M3. After calling the service center and speaking with a supervisor, I lost my argument that I should get a windshield unit. As he said, windshield units don’t work properly in Teslas and that’s their policy. Period.

Not giving up, I visited an E-ZPASS service center in person. When I was told that Teslas only get external units (because of “windshield thickness” it was explained), I showed my transaction success with the old windshield unit. When a supervisor was called over, she reviewed my argument and agreed: I will get a windshield-mount Green Pass.

I hope this helps others who are experiencing the same challenges.

aus1ander | 2018年10月25日

Interesting tidbit -- our I-Pass transponder which we did not windshield mount (which we share between two cars since we only use it when driving to Chicago as we live in Minnesota) worked perfectly fine when it was just sitting in the cupholder. There were 4 tolls on our drive back when I never held it up to the windshield when passing through the toll plazas and it charged my account perfectly fine. I really wonder if it could be placed in other areas of the car (like the frunk or glovebox) and still work reliably.

pimvanhemmen | 2019年2月10日

I hated what that little white transponder would do to our beautiful white Model 3 so after reading all of your comments I grabbed some black gaffer tape (it's used by gaffers in the movie industry and photographers and videographers as well. It's matte black, sticks to anything, but comes off cleanly if you change your mind. Kind of like duct tape, but without the residue). Using the provided EZ-pass stickers I glued it to the top of the mount that supports the control panel, right behind the wood trim. I haven't tested it yet, but it should be a crystal clear shot for the transponder to be read through the windshield and it is invisible from inside or outside the car. Will let you know if it works.

hector | 2019年2月10日

I placed my transponder on the steering column, high enough so it doesn't interfere with its adjustments. works every time. Pretty invisible to me.

Though I like the idea of installing it on the display screen stem.

DanFoster1 | 2019年2月10日

I have a 2015 Model S 85D. It has the spot to the right of the mirrors where transponders are to be placed. Never worked well. Tried under the rear hatch glass—also inconsistent. Now I have a front plate exterior transponder. Sometimes, it too scares me like it’s not going to register, but as far as I know, it always has. Mass pike is the real test…

kevin_rf | 2019年2月10日

Just did a round trip Boston DC and back. Transponder was hanging out on the dash. Missed a little over half of the time ... Glad they read the plates when they miss.

dtesla | 2019年5月23日

History of the issue:

Tesla had a production error on the first Model S's (I have a 2012). They coated the entire windshield with their anti-stuff coatings. The coating blocks heat so the AC doesn't work so hard in the summer to give you better range with AC. This coating also blocks the EZ pass signal. The problem is Tesla coated the entire windshield and didn't leave an uncoated portion of the windshield for the EZ pass signal. They intended for this to happen... but it didn't happen. Somewhere in along the line Tesla corrected this problem (Late 2013 if I remember correctly?). So newer Model S cars don't have this problem.. See your owner's manual for the location of the now uncoated spot on your windshield.

Also at some point my windshield cracked (yet another early production issue) and of course Tesla replaced it with a corrected windshield. I still have a problem once in a while with the transponder, but way better than original windshield.

Jabstep | 2019年12月16日

OK, so try this one on for size.
Since in NY the MTA/Tesla Model 3 really requires an external transponder attached to your front license plate.
Works like a charm...HOWEVER someone figured out that Tesla Model 3 front license plate holders for Tesla Model 3's are NOT BOLTED onto the bumper, but rather stay on with the use of 3M tacky material, so if you want to STEAL someone EZ PASS all you have to do is PULL OFF the ENTIRE license plate holder along with the license plate along with the EZ Pass!!! Happened to me 2 nights ago. So I had to spend hours at the DMV to replace my license plates/registration, STOP the old EZ PASS and ORDER a new. But HERE'S the BEST PART: TESLA does NOT even sell the front license plate holder that comes with the car, and standard ones cannot be installed on your Model 3 unless you wish to DRILL THROUGH your front bumper to attach a standard license plate holder.

Jabstep | 2019年12月16日

So right now my new front license plate sits on my front dash as I await an AFTERMARKET license plate holder that will affix to my Model 3, but I now will be living in fear for the next time someone simply rips the whole assembly off again to steal my new EZ Pass and I have to go through the same dance all over again.

EVRider | 2019年12月16日

Why not use a windshield mounted transponder? Unlike the Model S, the Model 3 windshield doesn’t interfere with transponders.

Jabstep | 2019年12月17日

In NY with MTA tolls the Model 3 does often get fails when you pass through. I started with a standard windshield version as I had used with all my previous cars, but had to switch to the external.

Pg3ibew | 2019年12月17日

@Jabstep. My transponder is in my window. Under the mirror. I live in NYC. I never have an issue with the MTA/TBTA or the Port Authority or NJ turnpike or anyone reading my tag.

Jabstep | 2019年12月17日

Interesting. I have heard so many conflicting things about this.

95dawg | 2019年12月17日
bjrosen | 2019年12月17日

EZ Pass works fine, just mount it next to the right of the mirror. I've had zero problems. I can't imagine why there would be a problem in any car.

Jabstep | 2019年12月17日

Thx. I'll try it again in that specific location.