Regarding Robotic Arm welding at the gigafactory

Regarding Robotic Arm welding at the gigafactory

Recent advances have been made in the realm of machine learning through simulation. One advance was Nvidia releasing the Jetson platform and the Isaac virtual robot. Through iterative learning virtual robotic arms in a simulated environment were able to properly grasp all sorts of objects. This learning was able to be transferred to a real world robotic arm. It would be interesting if Tesla was able to take that tech and use it towards letting the robotic arms program themselves when it came to optimum movements, most efficient/strong/cost effective/timely /alloy type of welds. Simulating million of permutations might alleviate some the growing pains the gigafactory is currently having.

Tropopause | 2018年3月8日

Use those arms to grab and shake some sense into the shorts. | 2018年3月8日

@schulzb5 - It's possible Tesla is already using such tech. Tesla has a close relationship with Nvidia, and the president of Nvidia owns a Model S. Most Tesla robots are quite new, so they should have the latest capabilities too.

Interesting side fact - much of the welding is done with friction - no arcs, gas, nor extra material feed. It's very quick too. Here's more if you're interested:

rpjfnfn | 2020年3月31日

In fact, it would be very cool if a driver-robot system were introduced in Tesla cars. However, such welding is very difficult and with such work all details must be taken into account. My brother worked as a welder and this is one of the most difficult and dangerous professions. He worked as an ordinary welder and even thought about retraining and starting to do underwater welding. He trained for a long time, prepared for this ... He studied all the information on the website for several weeks. It was a complete guide about underwater welding. When we asked him about the motives, he said that he wanted to follow in the footsteps of his grandfather, and besides, underwater welding is one of the highest paid jobs. As a result, unfortunately, he could not get a job because of problems with pressure, and this work is filled with risks ...

encoupejas1985 | 2020年5月8日

I think that such an opportunity could make life easier for many people, saving time and costs in monetary terms, although this technology would not be cheap, I suppose. In addition, these robotic hands could take away the work of many welders, because the demand would be great for them. I was somehow interested in new technologies in this area and found this guide Here you can find out about the latest. I think if Tesla could work with them, then the world would see a lot of cool and useful things