Hang Out Thread

Hang Out Thread

This is the official BS hang out thread :) There are times you just want to talk, or say what is up, or just connect with other X owners on a level other than just the X. We used to do this on Silvers Referral thread, but that got flagged away, and I miss my space to BS with others and have some fun.

So come and enjoy and share your fun times with us all.

If there are several that think this is wasting space, please speak up and we can discuss removing it too. I don't want to create a problem with others that feel it should not be here, but as there are not 20 new posts each day on this X side (at least not yet) I didn't see the harm of having a hang out post.

Again, please if you think this should disappear, I will delete it. I just miss having places to not detract from others posts but yet connect with other owners and have fun :)

Silver2K | 2018年10月29日

flag the schmuck above @jimglas!!

oh, this one gonna be good!! :)

Silver2K | 2018年10月29日

I agree @burdman!

do Toyota customers ask for money back if there is end of year sale?? NO!
if they asked, would Toyota refund me? NO!

Hey Tesla can I have money back due to pricing structure? NO!!


lilbean | 2018年10月29日

Just driving X for the first time since August. Still works. Haha!

burdogg | 2018年10月30日

The Popcorn on the 3 side is so good right, I feel like we are reliving Oct 2016! Except I feel like we are dealing with even more entitled people now then ever before...I want, i deserve, even though I already got...Where is mine! What recourse do I have? I should get $1,000 too!

I am actually more upset at Elon though - what were you thinking offering to give back money! You never did that once to your true loyal supporters, the ones who ever made this even possible. Not even a nod of I'm sorry to any of them...and yet your low end model - you are bowing down to them?? So sorry, but right now, kind of upset with Elon for not just staying the course he has always chosen. Prices change, I mean, even the AWD on the 3 has changed 3 times now! Can of worms opened now, thanks to Elon giving way to one whiner with a blog!

burdogg | 2018年10月30日

Sorry, just venting a little - I just can't believe that I actually co-exist with these same people on this planet. Mine mine mine, me me me, I have been wronged, even though I got what I wanted and agreed to. The only person wronging any of these people are themselves - living such a low life...

Ok probably venting too much, I may need a break from here so I can see the good in humanity again :)

jjgunn | 2018年10月30日

It's Saaaaad. I'm sorry you had to read that crap.

This is the world we live in now. Yes, it sucks.

burdogg | 2018年10月30日

Yeah, its my own fault, and I just need to laugh it off and say, sad for you, and move on :)

lilbean | 2018年10月30日

I agree, burdogg!

jjgunn | 2018年10月30日

Here burrdogg - let's see if I caught your style.

bob | 2018年10月31日

@burdogg - as a kid I vividly recall elders stating that our generation would doom the world. Either that’s exactly what we’ve done or I’m convinced this next generation will do it. Or thinkiking positively all generations piss off thier elders. It’s the way it’s been for all eternity and how our society evolves. I choose to laugh.

Triggerplz | 2018年10月31日

Happy Halloween to all

Triggerplz | 2018年10月31日

My MX did that crossing over the yellow line auto pilot thing and met up with “IT”

burdogg | 2018年10月31日

Very nice jjgunn! ;)))))

burdogg | 2018年10月31日

Triggerplz - ha! That first image just needs to be pasted at the top of the forum on the Model 3 page.

Triggerplz | 2018年10月31日


Silver2K | 2018年11月5日
jjgunn | 2018年11月5日

Seat heater on...Cold??

Silver2K | 2018年11月5日

Syracuse :)

Tropopause | 2018年11月7日

Now I got that song in my head! Thanks a lot, Silver!

Oooh, give you up!

Silver2K | 2018年11月7日

You got Rick roll'd too, trop!

jimglas | 2018年11月8日


Tropopause | 2018年11月8日

I flagged it too. Those girls said they never heard of Tesla. Airheads!

burdogg | 2018年11月8日

That makes three flags - come on been, bob, silver...jj...anyone...we need two more!

burdogg | 2018年11月8日

been, ha, bean is welcome to flag too :)

jjgunn | 2018年11月8日

I still do not have owner permission on the forums.

Tesla hates me

burdogg | 2018年11月8日

ha :) - Have you emailed them stating that you don't have owner privileges on the forum and would like to have them?

With great power, comes great responsibility...

lilbean | 2018年11月8日

Me flaggy already.

jjgunn | 2018年11月8日

Yes - multiple times.

Any other emails to try? Maybe

Triggerplz | 2018年11月8日

My flag knocked his azz out :-)

burdogg | 2018年11月8日

Took you long enough.... | 2018年11月8日

Off this thread for a few weeks. Anyone else notice the forum does not require a refresh when returning to the parent forum? Nice that someone fixed the bug!

As for whiners, one solution would be to have a new "complaints" category open to owners only. Instead of the "Flag as Inappropriate", each post would have a drop down to select "Flag as Inappropriate", "Spam", and "Move to Complaints". If three owners select "Move to Complaints" on a post, the post would be moved to the Complaints section. If the thread title didn't exist, it would be created too. As a bonus, if the poster was not an owner, the post should just disappear. Ah, one can dream, of course they do need to get better at identifying owners (sorry jjgunn).

Triggerplz | 2018年11月8日

@burdogg. LOL

burdogg | 2018年11月8日

Agreed :)

Silver2K | 2018年11月11日

High speed charging in lake placid....!AihnWpuO55swiLpi4hkUD_YFMxvTZw

Silver2K | 2018年11月11日
Triggerplz | 2018年11月11日

If there’s a tv in that room you may already know the Jets just kicked a long field goal as the first half ended, now they only down 31 to 3 to the Bills of all teams..

Silver2K | 2018年11月11日

I hate you...

Triggerplz | 2018年11月11日
bob | 2018年11月11日

@TeslaTap - that would require slightly sophisticated forum software. Oh yeah this is Tesla, don’t they have a couple of guys that write code?

@ burdogg - flagged several earlier today. Candidly I’ve been spending way less time hanging here since most of the fun has left the building. I miss the forum from when there were only 40k owners. Now that there are 100k M3s I’m with you that the M3 forum is beyond hope. The MX has stared down the same slippery slope (at least for me).

Saxman | 2018年11月12日


I tend to agree with you about the current Forum State of Mind. I too miss the good ol' days.

Triggerplz | 2018年11月14日

Where is everybody

Silver2K | 2018年11月15日

We're all here helping

Where have you been?

Solarman004 | 2018年11月15日

My early New Year's resolution- I refuse to open any post, especially on the Model 3 forum, that has more than zero exclamation points in the title. (Or "OMG" ...)

jjgunn | 2018年11月15日

Ok, I'm about to go create a "ZOMG!!!" thread on M3 forum

Triggerplz | 2018年11月15日

@Silver I sure hope all those people showed up and helped that squirrel out of its situation too.. What happened to that poor squirrel was Nuts

Silver2K | 2018年11月16日
Silver2K | 2018年11月16日

No one wanted to touch the nuts, trig

jjgunn | 2018年11月16日

Welcome to Syracuse!

markcohen | 2018年11月16日

I imagine that most of you have already done it, but I was in the Bay Area last week and took the opportunity to take a factory tour. I highly recommend it. It was very interesting. I requested it a few weeks in advance by sending an email to

Silver2K | 2018年11月22日

Happy Thanksgiving peeps!