How long is the wait for Tesla Powerwall 2?

How long is the wait for Tesla Powerwall 2?

I am currently in Michigan. I already have a solar array on my home. Given that we have net metering in our state, I was mostly looking to have a Powerwall installed for energy backup. We had a 2 week power outage this past March. I ordered a Powerwall in March of 2017 and really haven't heard much at all from Tesla. I called in the summer of 2017 and they said there were no certified installers yet in Michigan but they were working on it. I received an email from Tesla in fall of 2017 that said they were going to begin installations in area in 4-8 weeks and someone would be contacting me. Still no one has reached out to me. I inquired at the Tesla store where they are advertising to sell Tesla Powerwalls and the salespeople had no clue. Anyone have a similar story?

larjam73 | 2018年4月10日

I live in South Carolina and reserved a Powerwall 2 in February of 2017 and have not been contacted by Tesla at all, not even an email. This seems to be a common story, depending on where you live.

ealmeida212 | 2018年4月10日

8-10 months is what solar city told me. Easier to get information on these when you have solar panels ordered along with the power walls. I'm also in NY and i'm assuming they have installed these in NY already

Dougclemmer | 2018年4月10日

I ordered in October 2016 and have heard nothing.

ACDC 2GO | 2018年4月10日

I just had a power wall 2 installed with my solar about 2 weeks ago in San Diego. The rep told me that installs with solar are getting priority. However it is also dependent on having certified installers in the area.

Tesla-David | 2018年4月11日

I hate to chime in with my story, but I have been trying to get Powerwall installation for 3 years now, starting with the PW1 and then waiting for more than 2 years for PW2 in Edmonds, WA. I finally got them to come out an give me a site assessment in February, but they are telling me that they have no installers in my area, and can't give me a timeline on when I can get my installation. They have a serious problem in ramping up their installation efforts in certain parts of U.S. They seem unwilling to train local solar installers up here, who are interested in getting trained. I have been complaining bitterly to Tesla-Energy, but so far have not had much success. I have a 13.2 kWh solar system installed in 2012, and want to install 2 PW's to complement that system.

getsolarizednow | 2018年4月15日

I'm in the process if installing a 4.3KW system on my home in Wisconsin and was told by Tesla that I could maybe get a powerwall sometime mid 2019!

george | 2018年4月15日

I live in San Diego and reserved two PowerWalls in October 2017. Just had my home inspection, plan is completed, and purchase agreement is ready to sign. With permits required to be obtained and waitlist Tesla is promising early summer all installed and operational.

Tesla-David | 2018年4月18日

I am happy to report that after much complaining to Tesla-Energy, where I requested that someone from management respond to my concerns, they have finally listened, and I expect to get my PW2 installation soon. They are working on the design/plan, which I hope to see in next couple of weeks, and then proceed to installation. It has been a long arduous process, but hopefully this nightmare will end soon.

I am interested in communicating with anyone who has their PW2 installations, and how things are working out, especially how balancing the HPW2 with home electric/demand versus EV charging. We have MS and M3 and are averaging 6.5 kWh/day for both cars relative to EV charging.

artisjr | 2018年4月18日

I placed my order for one Powerwall in mid March 2018. I received an email from Tesla energy on March 26th stating a technician will come to my house on Friday April 2018. I will let everyone know what happened.

artisjr | 2018年4月18日

By the way I live in Maryland.

jimp7 | 2018年4月20日

8-10 months is what solar city told me...
spanish dictionary

artisjr | 2018年4月21日

I re read my earlier post. I apologize for the missing date. My post should have read “The date was Friday, April 20, 2018.”

I would like to share just a few quick comments for the initial site survey:

- My appointment was scheduled at 7:00am. The tech was outside my home at 6:50am. He got started right away (I wish my cable company could just arrive within the “2 hour window”, but I digress!).

- The tech took photos of three possible install sites. I knew beforehand that the install must be on an unfinished wall and the room must be as well. I decided that the install will be in the garage. By doing it this way, the wiring has a much easier run to my panel, verses other options which may cost more.

- Like most of the above comments, there will be a wait for the PW from anywhere to 4 to 8 months. The tech told me that Tesla sent more PW’s to Puerto Rico.

Good luck!

Tesla-David | 2018年4月24日

I just signed the PW2 contract yesterday, $15,255 total cost for 2 PW2 installations and gateway. Hopefully, after getting approval from my electricity provider (Snohomish PUD) the installation will take place soon thereafter. I am very excited to get this done.

bmzweig | 2018年5月23日

I recently got an e-mail from Tesla stating that Tesla Energy is currently not servicing my area (Michigan) and they would let me know when Powerwalls would be available in my area. No timetable though. My solar installer stated they were trying to get certified to install Powerwalls but were not getting anywhere with the company. Tesla sometimes makes it hard to give them my money.

Tesla-David | 2018年5月23日

I got my utility provider approval earlier this week, and am currently scheduled to have my 2-PW2's installed on 18 June. Can't wait to get this done. My solar provider (A&R Solar) will be doing the PW2 installation. I live in Edmonds, WA and will be the first PW2 installation in Washington State.

@bmzweig, I went through a similar exchange with Tesla-Energy, and finally elevated my concerns to management as I was not getting any positive action. My solar installer and several other solar installers in WA have been trying to get certified for several years now, and just recently went through the training and are PW2 dealers now. I think they are trying to ramp up and reduce the bottlenecks you are experiencing and that I experienced as there is a lot of demand for their batteries. I think their efforts in Australia and Puerto Rico have reduced the availability of PW2 batteries. They initially told me there were no batteries available, but they located two for my installation. Good luck and try and elevate your concerns to management like I did.

bmzweig | 2018年5月23日

Tesla-David, thanks for the info. I will make an attempt to elevate my concerns. You posted a quote of $15,255 for cost of two powerwalls. Does the 30% federal tax credit apply for powerwalls? If so would that make your final installation total cost around $10,000?

Tesla-David | 2018年5月23日

Yes @bmzweig, as I understand it we will be eligible for the 30 percent Federal tax credit.

ripatriot | 2018年5月24日

@Tesla-David looks like we're on approximately the same timeline (signed agreement 4/16, authorization from utility this past monday) but I don't have an installation date yet. i just want mine before the end of the summer. They told me september timeframe when i started this process in mid-march.

30% ITC applies to the powerwall installation only if you have solar or are getting solar installed at the same time. this is also the reason that the powerwalls can *only* be charged from the solar panels to make the credit easier to claim. 100% solar charged, 100% of the tax credit. i wonder if when the ITC eventually goes away for good, if tesla will allow us to keep the batteries topped off from the grid (like when a hurricane or blizzard are coming).

Tesla-David | 2018年5月24日

@ripatriot, hope you get your installation soon. I raised holy hell with Tesla-Energy management, and once I got their attention, things moved fairly quickly for me. The bottleneck initially was lack of installers (solved that problem, as our solar installer will be doing the install), and then lack of PW2's. They were finally able to locate two PW2, and I now have firm install date of 18 June. I will post back after the installation is done and let everyone know how it goes. It has been one long process for me, close to 3 years as I started with the PW1, which is now discontinued.

Kykevinlau | 2018年5月25日

In Northern CA
Signed contract and ordered PV system + 1 PW2 November 2017
Installed April 2018
The delay was due to "Tesla sending PW2s to Puerto Rico" to help them rebuild after the hurricanes.

Try contacting other Solar vendors? One of the "other" companies quoted me PW2 battery with their PV system. Might still be an issue of finding "certified installers" in your area though.

bdowne01 | 2018年5月25日

Getting a Tesla solar system + powerwalls installed, started the whole process the beginning of May 2018. Talked to someone on the Powerwall end earlier this week and said the wait is currently pushed out to early 2019. Solar is moving super fast, however.

shank15217 | 2018年5月27日

I have all the permits ready and just waiting for installation, they said Q4 at the earliest. Model 3 reservations have nothing on PW2 reservations lol.

Tesla-David | 2018年5月28日

Yes, the availability of PW2's is certainly a bottleneck right now, and articles like this reinforce that the demand will be continuous as they attempt to fill the orders in Australia, U.S. and Puerto Rico. This article highlights how intense the demand is in Australia, with $800 million contract to install solar/PW2's on 50,000 homes.

briancapps | 2018年5月30日

I ordered a PowerWall for my home in Washington Sate in early April of 2018, but never received a follow up call. I checked in on the order yesterday, and was informed that Washington State is considered "out of territory" at the moment, and all orders for the state are on hold. Didn't seem to stop them from taking the deposit, but evidently, I'll be notified once Washington State is a service area once again and be back in queue.

Tesla-David | 2018年5月30日

@briancapps, I live in Edmonds, WA, and will have 2 PW2's installed at our home on June 18, so your contact at Tesla-Energy is uninformed. Tesla-Energy is ramping up in Washington State. My wife and I will be attending Tesla-Energy seminar tomorrow at 6 p.m. at Bellevue Square Tesla. For me I have been trying to get PW installation for almost 3 years, so your April 2018 order is nothing special IMHO. I finally demanded that a manager call me back as I was getting nowhere with the Tesla-Energy rep I was talking to. That call back got action and finally my installation is on the horizon. There is a currently a shortage of Powerwall-2 batteries, primarily due to Australia and Puerto Rico demand, but they were able to find two for our installation, and our solar installer (A&R) will be doing the install, as they are PW2 dealers now, and could do your installation in the future. You need to check back with Tesla-Energy and get your misinformation clarified, as it is not correct.

noel.smyth | 2018年6月3日

I ordered my powerwall with deposit on March 4th during a power outage (I have grid connected solar Panels which are useless in a grid outage). Tesla was very responsive and they sent over a technical for an onsite inspection, did the design and all documents were loaded. They are in process of gaining the approval from my electric company. The first estimate in March was for a June install, then in April when design was complete, they moved to a September install, then in May I was told it would be sometime in 2019. Its disappointing for sure but i am guessing all batteries are going towards ramping the model 3 production.

terry.clark63 | 2018年6月4日

Artisjr- Pls share where in Maryland, your PW2 installation contractor, are you getting a tax break, and any hints on the process. We’re in Chevy Chase and don’t have solar yet. I plan to just use it as a power back-up and potentially to sell back on peak demand. Thanks

Tesla-David | 2018年6月4日

@noel.smyth, keep pressing your Tesla-Energy contact. I was initially told there were no PW2 batteries available, but they were finally able to locate two for our installation. I know they can't produce them fast enough right now with so many being diverted to Australia and Puerto Rico, and installations in U.S. and elsewhere backed up due to insufficient PW2 availability. I fully understand your frustration, as someone who has been trying to get our installation for almost 3 years now. Hopefully they will find some batteries,, and you can get your installation sooner.

Bitjockey | 2018年6月6日

I reserved my PW2 with a deposit on Nov 7 2016, with initial installation set for May 2017. Well, that never happened. In January 2018, my local Ontario installer (Greenside Electric) asked me to pay them the full price of the PW2 unit so they could firm up my order with MPower Energy Solutions, the Canadian distributor for the PW2. I was somewhat surprised, as I've already put money down in 2016, now they want me to pay it in full up front?

That was January, this is now June, and I still don't have a delivery date for my PW2. I was curious to see who was sitting on my full PW2 payment; was it Greenside, was it MPower, or was it Tesla? I learned that it was MPower who was sitting on my funds for the past 6 months. When I confronted them about it, they told me I didn't want to wait anymore they could refund my money and then I would join the back of the line!

I wouldn't mind it that much if it was Tesla sitting on my funds, but I'm not happy to be held hostage by MPower.

Tesla-David | 2018年6月6日

Wow, @Bitjockey, your story about MPower demanding upfront funding of your PW2 is very unsettling, strange, and unacceptable IMHO. I am slated to get our PW2 installation in 13 days and our installer (A&R solar) has made no such demand, and I expect to pay only after installation is completed not before. I would lodge a complaint with Tesla-Energy about MPowers actions. They need to get rid of distributors that act as MPower seems to be doing, especially up front payment and not honoring your installation date.

AIA304 | 2018年6月8日

Only a hand few of solar systems provide power when the grid is down. Most vendors will tell you it’s not possibly because of regulations or the power companies won’t allow that so to keep line crew safe.

However I found SMA inverters allows this. It’s not automatic, on grid outages, you must flip a switch to get at least 1.5kw or more of power provided sun is shining. But in your case, you could have had power during your long grid outage.

Most people are not aware of this, and solar vendors tell you otherwise, if their inverters don’t support “islanding”.

That was the first thing I checked after our install while the install crew was still here.

ohkawadk | 2018年7月10日

I have a signed contract with Tesla from Feb 20, 2018 for an 11.97 kW solar panel system with 2 powerwalls. Before we signed, I had inquired about the availability of powerwalls, and was assured that they are available in my area (near Pittsburgh, PA). We got utility approval for installation around the end of March. Tesla started dragging their feet. In May I was told that there was a delay in the availability of the powerwalls, and would I be willing to split my contract into 2 phases to allow for earlier installation of the solar panels? We said yes and signed a new contract for just the solar panels. However, I was never presented with the other half of a new arrangement for powerwalls, nor has there been any cancellation of my February contract. However, I recently noticed on my Solar City account that the February 20 contract has been moved to an "invalid document" group. And now that my solar panels are active, my Tesla account shows that I have a powerwall reservation that looks much the same as my 2+ year old Model 3 reservation -- a vague promise that I'm in line, but no commitment on time frame or cost. BUT I HAVE A SIGNED CONTRACT WITH THEM THAT INCLUDES 2 POWERWALLS. I have asked a number of people at Tesla/Solar City about my powerwall status, and totally get the run-around. I want to love Tesla, but feel like I'm dealing with snakeoil salesmen. So frustrated right now.

Anyone out there in the Pittsburgh area who happens to already have powerwalls installed? Does anyone know if they truly are available in my area right now?

dortor | 2018年7月11日

I'm under contract with Tesla for a Powewall system as of May 2018 - they are quoting me "sometime in early 2019" - we'll see - I was originally going to enter contract in Feb. 2018 at that time they said Oct/Nov 2018 - but I bailed out due to install complexities - we've redesigned the system and made it simpler, and so now I'm going to try again...

I'm not very hopeful that I will actually see this system ever - but we'll see.

Tesla-David | 2018年7月11日

@dortor, I finally got our PW2 installation completed and turned on 6/22/18, after an almost 3 year wait. IMHO after 18 days of operation, I can say that the wait was worth it. We have been operating in self-powered mode and have not drawn any grid electricity since turning on our two PW2's, and have been exporting ~63 percent of our solar generated electricity back to grid from our 13.2 kWh solar system. I am totally blown away with the performance of our two PW2's and think it was well worth the wait to finally get them installed.

Two Tesla-Energy representatives (Nicholas, Evan) were out to our home today to evaluate our installation, and told me that they are doing everything they can to ramp up PW2's generation. The M3 production has definitely had an impact, but hopefully things will get back on track soon to get more PW2's produced, for customers like you who are waiting.

Bitjockey | 2018年7月11日

After more than 18 months of waiting, I got notified that my PW2 is finally being shipped, with installation scheduled for July 24-25. Installation will be done by Greenside Electric (Huntsville Ontario Canada). After I expressed my frustration on this forum, I was contacted multiple times by my distributor (MPower), and also got a call from Tesla Energy in NJ. My original deposit for the PW2 was refunded in the process.

Looking forward to finally having a PW2 at my vacation home, along with 6+KW of solar panels, net-metered.

eatonlau | 2018年7月16日

Ordered my PV system with 3 Powerwalls December 22 2017. PV system installed on April 12 2018 but still not turned on because of issues with permitting process (Tesla's fault) when they had to split the system. Got another update from Tesla that said they are putting all Powerwall production on HOLD as of July 16 2018 (from a Tesla Energy advisor) and current ETA is at least 6 months out - this will clearly put about the 1 year wait period.

Unfortunately, even after the milestone of hitting the 5,000/week for Model 3's, it seems Tesla will focus on maintaining that production rate and leave Powerwall reservation holders "in the dark."

I own a 2017 Model S 100D, a 2018 Model 3 (yes, I received delivery in March 2018), and a Tesla/Solar City owner (but yet to be turned sucks major league!!!) - but Tesla reps I speak to give me the "hand," and no care to help escalate the issue.

I understand this is probably a 1st-world problem, but I wish someone from Tesla can give more care about LOYAL customers!

MJDs S | 2018年7月16日

I've been an investor for 6 years and a MS owner but after two years I got tired of the lies and canceled PW2. Told them to let me know when they stop sending everything to Australia and Puerto Rico and will be happy to order then. There's plenty of installers in my area just no product.

Tesla-David | 2018年7月17日

@eatonlau, sorry to hear that your PW2's while installed are still not turned on/operational. Ours were turned on the day they finished installation, and have been operating flawlessly over past 25 days. Absolutely incredible product which works extremely well coupled with our 13.2 kWh solar system. I am also an MS and M3 owner. In our case our solar provider from 2012 installation was our PW2 installer, after becoming a distributor for PW2 through Tesla-Energy. I totally agree someone like you who is a loyal customer deserves to be given better care and your delay at getting everything turned on is unacceptable IMHO.

eatonlau | 2018年7月19日

@Tesla-David - thanks. in my town, the "process" is too much. Good news, as of yesterday, July 18, we got a notice from Tesla that the utility gave us the permission to turn on - so i did!!! first full day of solar production on a sunny day in NJ yielded 73.5kWh - wow. I just need to wait another 6 months for the PW2's !

Mikael | 2018年8月23日

I made an order roughly a year ago (2017-09-25) on PW2. Now I got curious about when the delivery was gonna happend.

After a few calls I recive note that it will take atleast one more year before.
Two years delivery time? I never heard of that before...
So to all Swedes out there. We will have to wait for a "while"...

Tesla-David | 2018年8月23日

@Mikael, sorry to hear that your PW2 installation has been delayed. I sincerely hope you get it sooner than that, because it is one incredible product, and for me it was well worth the almost three year wait. They need to ramp up the battery production, which the M3 production ramp has definitely had a negative impact. There are way too many people like you waiting. There is tremendous demand, and Tesla-Energy has to do much better to satisfy waiting customers.

Patrick | 2018年8月24日

FWIW I spoke to a Tesla Energy rep while visiting the local service center yesterday and he says current PW2 lead times in the US are running at least 12 months. Same (or worse) with PowerPacks.

Apparently they just can't build enough batteries to satisfy demand. Perhaps this will change if/when we see Model 3 backlog reductions....

jlhm | 2018年8月24日

We picked up our M3 last week so now Tesla can drop manufacturing to around 1000 cars/week so I can get my 3 PW2 without any more waiting :-)

cjgdiver | 2018年10月3日

I don't know if all the systems are going to Australia however they are NOT all going to Puerto Rico. Live in Puerto Rico and decided to invest in a solar system with 3x Powerwalls. Power was out for 4x Months and 1 day after Hurricane Maria and over a year after the storm the power goes out almost every day for an hour or two. 6x Months and counting on the Power Wall order with absolutely no end in site and yes I know many people here have waited much much longer. Already looking at competitive products as cant wait any longer for this company. Very frustrating.

poke6164 | 2018年10月12日

I ordered my power wall with my 9.11 system March 2018. They gave me an upgrade to my warranty after I was told that it would be by the summer 2018. Well summer is here and gone no wall or emails.
I'm like the other guy. I want to love Tesla but this is very frustrating.

lilbean | 2018年10月13日

I got an email saying it would be fall of 2019. Not happy sitting here with another power outage. Boo.

ripatriot | 2018年10月17日

i'm going on 3+ months of back and forth with my utility for approval to install. tesla partly to blame (not submitting the correct drawings, not fixing issues with docs immediately) and i'm convinced no one at my utility knows what these things are. i've been sitting on the sidelines waiting patiently.

when i purchased in april they said sept-oct install. i think i'm on the home stretch towards getting my permission to install. very curious what my install date will be. will not be happy if they tell me 12 months from now.

Tesla-David | 2018年10月17日

@ripatriot | Wow, very sorry to hear that you are still waiting to get your PW2 installation. Looking back to your May 24 posting, we were on similar timelines at that point. I got my installation on June 22nd, and have been very happy with everything. I hope you get yours soon. We were the second installation in Washington State, but our electricity utility provider did not impede our installation. BTW, where are you located?

ripatriot | 2018年10月17日

i'm in rhode island.

groovygravy10 | 2018年11月1日

My order got submitted on March 8th, and was also told August/September install but those months came and gone. Been trying to find out status but Tesla is not responding.