1 day owner thoughts

1 day owner thoughts

Picked up our silver EAP Aero on Friday. I checked hard as I could, but I couldn't find one panel gap. All were consistent and not even a scratch on it. Delivery experience was painless. I signed one 1-page document, which I had already seen with the order agreement. I kept waiting for some other stacks of papers to come out, but nope, simple and easy. They gave the walk-through, had us perform some tasks to make sure we were comfortable with them, and had us on our way in about 35 minutes. Best experience at a car dealership for anything. BY. FAR.

Car observations stream of thought: I didn't realize how crystal clear the screen is. And it's so responsive it's faster than my phone. Slacker is sweet. Took 2 or 3 thumbs up/down and it knew what I wanted to listen to. Only issue I had was getting out of Mars Easter egg. I couldn't find an exit button, so I just reset the screen by pressing both buttons. Autopilot worked well. I started off hesitant with it because it was trying to hug the opposite side I'm used to. I took over a couple of times when it did then, then I remembered someone on here said to remember that it may not drive like I do, so I let it keep going. It did fine. As a matter of fact, after supercharging then getting back on the highway, I had it on Autopilot for about 30 miles straight. When i exited the highway, it had done so well, that i forgot that it was activated, until I took the exit. Before I left the dealership, I covered the front bumper with blue painter's tape in preparation for getting a clear bra. I don't think i covered the Autopilot sensors, but I'm wondering if that could affect it. Is it possible to do a re-calibration of the sensors? The Aeros look good on silver to me. If I hadn't already bought the wheel caps, I would just leave the covers on. I'm considering darkening the wide panels on them with Plastidip, though. I figure it'll make the thin, darker reflective strips stand out

The funniest part of everything so far: I listened to Slacker the whole way home, then today I started looking into the other music options. The first time i turned the FM radio on, the song playing was.....Paint it lie.

Not so funny moment. The car I'm selling normally is in the garage. I took it out to put the 3 in. This morning it rained and rained. My neighbor (Thank You, Lord!) knocked on my door and said "Man, your window's down!" Car would have been much more soaked if I had left with it like that. I'm still airing it out, but I think i'm out of the woods. Anyone know a remedy for that (besides shop vac sucking the water up, and microfiber towels to soak it up)?

Now to put it away for a week so i can get it tinted, wrapped, and ceramicized.

ptcurt | 2018年4月14日

What’s your VIN?

pranfire | 2018年4月14日

Thanks for the review! Just ordered my 3 today, and I was thinking of getting a paint protection film as well. But is it possible to keep the white plastic film from the factory on the car, or do they give something at the showroom/sc?

burdogg | 2018年4月14日

Congrats Brian B!!!

djharrington | 2018年4月15日

I covered all of my ultrasonics with vinyl but checked the distances reported on the screen and there was no change. Clear bra is a different material and thickness, so it could behave differently.

Brian B | 2018年4月15日

@ptcurt 129XX. pre reveal reservationist, invite on 3/22, vin on 3/30 and delivery could have been as early as 4/11 but had to delay until 4/13.

@pranfire I thought about asking about that, but i figured I probably needed to be able to inspect the original paint before i left. I didn't think to ask if they had something. They were on their way out for the day while I was putting the tape on. They thought something was wrong; i said i was trying to hold the bumper up, lol! They didn't suggest anything when i told them what i was actually doing, though. They did suggest not covering the sensors. You could try. I would ask the delivery specialist at the location you are picking up from if they can provide anything for you. They were helpful to me
about getting things ready for pickup.

Thanks, burdogg!!!

@dj Is Xpel ultimate the same as vinyl? I'm not sure if the installer is going to cover the sensors.