Tinted glass roof

Tinted glass roof

Hey Guys

Does the interior become hot because of the the glass roof ? I live in florida where it can get the really hot. So trying to decide whether I should get glass roof or metal roof (currently unavailable)
The forum does't have search option so I apologize if this is a repeat query - in which case if you'll can share a link I would appreciate it.



carlk | 2018年4月21日

It is highly tinted already, You could tint windows and especially windshield if internal heat is a concern to you. Although Tesla has a feature that will keep it stay at a preset internal temperature when parked under the sun.

TranzNDance | 2018年4月21日

With the app, you can tell the car to cool off by the time you get there. You don't even have to do the shade seeking behavior anymore.

stevenmaifert | 2018年4月21日

The Cabin Overheat Protection feature is not yet available in Model 3, but with summer approaching, I suspect it will come very soon in an OTA update.

I live in sunny San Diego. We've had our Model 3 since January. Although the glass roof is highly tinted, midday sun does heat the car through the roof and the glare is enough to where both my wife and I were wearing a ball cap to shade our eyes. My recommendation is to purchase a good windshield sunshade like this one offered at Amazon:

and the Model 3 Front Glass Roof Sunshade:

On a recent trip through the desert to Tucson, both made a big difference in keeping out the heat and no more need for the ball caps.

ColonyGolfer | 2018年4月21日

I set up an appointment today in SWFL for tinting. My MS is wonderful with tinted side windows and windshield tinted. (steel roof). My wife's Model 3 is unbearable with glass roof, no tint on side windows and black interior. The MS loaner I had for a week from Dania Beach (sunroof, no tint on windows) was unbearable to drive. I kept moving my left arm to find a shady spot. Put a towel over my knees. Get the tint in FL I recommend Rayno window film, Phantom S9 for Florida cost is $418 for windshield (different coating) side windows in S9 and rear portion of roof window in S9. Suntamers, Bonita Springs, Cape Coral, Sarasota, Ft Myers, Naples.

Teslaguy | 2018年4月21日

If you let the car sit for hours in the sun, it will get very hot inside regardless of what protection you provide. Best to use the app to cool it just before use.

jlvota | 2018年4月21日

I just got my M3 tinted with ceramic all the way around including 50% on the windshield and past the tint line on the rear window all the way to the seam of the glass.

It hasn’t heated up enough here in Chicago yet but the heat reduction on the ceramic should help considerably. The only section I didn’t do was the piece over the front seating and I will purchase the cover if necessary. The factory tint seemed very dark so I didn’t find it necessary to have it done yet.

TranzNDance | 2018年4月21日

Of course, after I extolled the benefit of using the app, there is an outage so I couldn't access the car remotely to pre-cool my car.

Studentid | 2018年4月21日

By any chance would rock crack it? Obviously without it you don't need need to worry if it somehow got damaged...

JustSaying | 2018年4月21日

98° and sunny today in Rancho Mirage CA,I installed the front section sunshade and parked outside. Even after a 2 hour "happy hour" on El Paseo the car was comfortable and not yet over heated.

Alex_SD | 2018年4月21日

I live in San Diego and even with 75F weather the car was getting up to 120-125F after only 30 minutes. I tinted the windows (not the roof) and i purchased a windshield reflector on Amazon. Now the car goes up to 105F even after three hours of parking in the sun...

Frank99 | 2018年4月21日

The last time I checked the temperature of my interior, it was 170F, with the steering wheel in the sun registering 195F. You guys complaining about 120F are just wimps.

Phoenix, AZ

avanti5010 | 2018年4月21日

Amazon has a 3 piece set of "cling" sunshades (Amazon Basics) for under $3.00. The large piece is almost a perfect fit for the area of the glass roof over the driver and front passenger. Just put on and smooth it out and it clings beautifully!

H271 | 2018年4月22日

Do you have an Amazon link or item number?

aminecartinamin... | 2018年4月22日
avanti5010 | 2018年4月22日

The item number at Amazon is: AMX1709

H271 | 2018年4月22日

Any pictures of what it looks like on the car? Does it cover the whole front part of the glass? Would rather spend $5 than $75 lol

H271 | 2018年4月22日

AMX1709 is not valid

avanti5010 | 2018年4月22日

@H271 - It is called "Amazon Basics Car Window Stick On Sunshade for Rear and Side Windows." The larger one is 30.3x19.6 - covers most of the front of the glass roof. It sells for $2.31.

M3forMe | 2018年4月22日

@avanti - ah it the ones with the frame. I was hoping just a static cling tint sheet. com/AmazonBasics-Window-Stick-Shade-Windows/dp/B074KBHW17/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1524434263&sr=8-1&keywords=Amazon+Basics+Car+Window+Stick+On+Sunshade+for+Rear+and+Side+Windows

H271 | 2018年4月22日

Avanti can you share a picture of it in your car?

avanti5010 | 2018年4月22日

Actually the frame helps hold it in place and keeps it from sagging. I'll take a picture but I don't know how to put it on here. If you want to send me your email address, I'll email it to you. | 2018年7月19日

I'm having trouble with my Tesla Glass roof. I live in South Florida where is very sunny. I get skin cancer easily. My concern is with the glass sun roof-Can It be tinted to block UVA rays??
What kind of glass is on the s 75 2017 model?
Please help